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May 13, 2019
An extravagant show-piece of 3D rendering technology that's unfortunately bogged down by a needlessly convoluted plot, filled with TV-soap drama and characters who didn't know what they were doing.

If you don't care about making head or tails of a story, and only want the first 5 minutes of space carnage in Revenge of the Sith filling an entire feature film, this is your jam - Harlock repeatedly rams a cheat-enabled auto-healing battleship head-first into swarms of pleasingly weighty metal behemoths, crunching, crushing huge complex components amidst a light show of ray weaponry triggering chain explosions. Releasing endorphins in a primal part of our brains that read more
May 4, 2019
There are much better ways to tackle a nihilistic existential crisis. EVA, Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou, Ergo Proxy all do it effortlessly, this, just doesn't make sense.

To get the objective assessment out of the way, the film scores well in technical aspects, cell-shaded 3D isn't that comical (bar's pretty low anyway), action sequences pack satisfying punches, sound and atmosphere befitting a major production.

But the frigging screenplay...... (spoilers)

The creator of Psycho-Pass focuses on one aspect of humanity in this trilogy - an insatiable desire to own, and control, be it oneself or the planet. The first film sets up like a shonen manga, hailing the main character's read more
Apr 7, 2018
First and most importantly, regardless of how generic the film itself was, I will forever cherish it for introducing me to Good Luck by Basement Jaxx.

OH GOD GOOD LUCK IS PURE PERFECTION... THAT 30s INTRO WAS ONE OF THE BEST INTROS OF ALL ANIME, yes, up there with Evangelion and Cowboy Bebop, I said it!

Aaannnnd after Good Luck ends it's all downhill from there.

Set in a world where more stable bioroids take the reins of governance from emotionally unstable humans, the philosophical conflict serving as the basis of the plot is a solid one, with very believable motivations for the villainous human military staging a read more
Apr 7, 2018
This dystopian flick can be summed up in two words - implausibly childish.

The film initially casts the hook with mystery and intrigue surrounding an technologically advanced but sealed Japan - a Pandora's Box! How exciting! We're enticed with glimpses of fancy gadgets Japan exports to America, Logic dictates the country itself must have something even better hidden behind its doors worthy of all the hype, right? Giant robots? Flying cities? They've been done before but hell we can never get enough of 'em!

What's the extraordinary secret it all builds up to? Drumroll.....


No, seriously, the film's imagination goes read more
Apr 6, 2018
This genuinely captured the ambience of vast desolation common in Tsutomu Nihei's manga, which is a definite recommend if dystopian flicks are right up your alley.

The main protagonist has a genuine reason to be broody and silent for once - he roamed a Dyson Sphere for 3000 years by himself. The aloof female char. isn't a traitor for once, the girl char. genuinely injects some humanity and warmth without coming cross as immature (unlike his whiny teenage male friend).

And the environment, OH THE ENVIRONMENT, is beautiful in its vastness and desolation, it stands in perfect contrast to emphasise the fragility and helplessness of tiny read more
Apr 6, 2018
Gantz:O (Anime) add (All reviews)
This 3D reboot is SO GENERIC... weak female character portraying fragility & hence emphasise horrors by contrast? Check. Helpful old man? Check. Arrogant kid getting slapped in the face due to his ego because irony? Check. Arrogant adults that "will never die" but dies anyway to make the monsters look more terrifying? Check.

"You have XXX (insert younger family member) to live for, right?", "I have to do this! Because (insert previous family member/courage/world/pedestrians)!!!".

Some contrived love relationship that's totally not a red flag for the inevitable death to feel heavier? Check. Protagonist finding fury/strength to counter-attack from said death? Check. This final fury as a read more
Apr 6, 2018
Oh Goro, you'd be a decent director anywhere else, but you had to have Hayao Miyazaki as father and comparison for eternity...

Earthsea feels like Ghibli trying to do a serious Tokien-esque high fantasy, if it went all the way dark & gritty it might've left more impression, but it didn't, it's just... BLAND... and boring, with a vague script that went nowhere, no clear lore & context, no clear goals, no likeable characters to root for, PLENTY of vacuous "mood" shots that showed nothing and contributed nothing to the story, making what's supposed to be a rich fantasy world into a total borefest...

Why did Arren read more
Apr 6, 2018
Nature vs. machine, yes it's THAT again, yes, it's THAT predictable. What's the problem? The message doesn't work because 1 - the characters are downright annoying in their attempt to force their own beliefs on others, and 2 - "nature" which we're "supposed" to side with is actually the greatest EVIL of all!

Why does the best friend's little sister have a rivalry with the female lead? It adds nothing to the plot and only makes her appear whiny and immature! Why did the Colonel sabotage the lunar project? For vanity? Personal belief? Hell if I know!

And the main male lead, oh boy, what an obnoxious read more
Jul 2, 2017
The relatively short 12 episodes Chinese-made anime garnered plenty of hype pre-release, largely due to its quality of animation, and in the end that may be its only selling point, as everything else are just... okay.

The series revolves around an ex-pro e-sports gamer, with the very opening scene kicking the protagonist from the height of his game down to the gutters. Before you immediately raise the "revenge story" red flag, the series does explore a BIT of that successful revenge adrenaline, but far less effectively than your typical shonen like One Piece that would make you punch the air. The protagonist doesn't seem to get read more
May 25, 2017
In one line, watching Shinsekai yori is like seeing a really obtuse comment - not sure whether it's deliberate, intelligent sarcastic critique, or simply dumb and I'm giving it too much credit.

Post-apocalyptic screenplays seem to be confined to a line segment - either ultra futuristic or ultra primitive, foreshadowing things to come, SY chose the tiresome pit of the latter - in the first few minutes we were succintly told of the destruction of current world order via the emergence of an elite 0.3% posessing telekinetic powers. The pacing was air-tight, no tiresome exposition (in fact no repetitive openings at all, a GREAT plus!), the read more