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Tetsuwan Birdy
Tetsuwan Birdy
Nov 9, 9:20 AM
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Uchouten Kazoku
Uchouten Kazoku
Nov 9, 9:19 AM
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Aoi Hana
Aoi Hana
Nov 9, 9:19 AM
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Vendemiaire no Tsubasa
Vendemiaire no Tsubasa
Mar 10, 12:29 PM
Completed 8/8 · Scored -
Mikai no Hoshi
Mikai no Hoshi
Feb 28, 1:56 AM
Completed 11/11 · Scored -
Juuni Kokuki
Juuni Kokuki
Feb 25, 11:28 AM
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Comic_Sans Nov 9, 3:00 PM
Remix Mar 15, 10:24 PM
Hard Agree. Mushishi is only a 10 cuz its the insomnia cure I needed at the time.
Remix Mar 15, 4:07 AM
You must really love SSY
Karhu Mar 14, 6:39 AM
Thanks, I chose them myself.

Nino is underrated only because Arakawa Under the Bridge is underwatched. weh

I finished the 7th book of Zeroth Maria bout 3 months ago and can't stop thinking about it. It contains lots of stuff which I usually dislike by default, but its details and "do much with little" approach are also lovable. I hate the series and I love it.
literaturenerd Mar 13, 12:50 PM
What's your goodreads account? I could maybe make a couple recommendations. MAL also has some literature clubs. My MAL book sensei is Fleure. She's pretty damn well read.
literaturenerd Mar 12, 11:48 PM
I actually LOVED Mrs. Bernard! The main character reminds me of myself back in 6th-9th grade. Then I read some essential classics and because I live in the most poorly read region of a poorly read country, I grew arrogant when none of my classmates or teachers had read books I read. This continued throughout high school and college. Then I encountered actual diehard readers online and found out I'm actually just a complete amateur! Sadly, this was after I chose the pretentious online handle literaturenerd, but it's kind of late to change it after all these years.

It was a little disappointing that even in medical school surrounded by top 5 percent American students, nobody liked classical literature! In medical school I encountered the smartest person I've ever known. She was a child prodigy from Hyderabad that skipped 4 grades and graduated college with a biology degree at only 17 years old. She got into medical school at age 18 with a 34 MCAT and she couldn't even study that hard for it because she was working full time. Her favorite book was Harry Potter and her taste in film, books, and music is considered astoundingly "bad". I learned that you REALLY can't use taste as any sort of metric for intelligence. Judging by taste I would have thought she had an IQ of 95 and would have been a full 50 points too low!

So who are some authors you like? I know I have some basic bitch favorites, but I'm working on it.
literaturenerd Mar 12, 1:52 AM
That was very well said! I can see why the movie is so precious to you! It's true Takahata's art for facial expressions and subtle detail is amazing. I personally don't think Millenium Actress is Kon's strongest film, although I do like it. Millenium Actress felt like more of a "high concept" work. The idea of a girl who endlessly pursued a man, not for actual love, but for the thrill of eternal longing. Millenium Actress is a film of ideas, whereas Only Yesterday is a film about people.

Both of my grandfathers were born to farmers, but became ministers. My father works in budget analysis for a hospital company. My brother is an aerospace engineer, whereas I'm kind of in between careers. I had to withdraw from medical school (long story) and now I'm interested in medical informatics. Farming in America is still tough, especially with the ongoing tariff wars. I guess it varies from state to state though.

Also that's fair enough it should be seen as more teen oriented than children oriented. I think that's probably a much better way of looking at the film.

That literature short anime looks amusing! I'll check that out! BTW, where are you from? I'm just curious and end up asking nearly everyone on MAL.
literaturenerd Mar 11, 10:01 PM
So Takahata adapted Only Yesterday from a Josei manga from the early 80s. The manga was a semi-autobiography that focused only on Taiko's childhood. Takahata decided to expand on the manga and give us an adult Taiko who is unhappy with the day to day grind of an office worker and cubicle life. She reminisces about childhood and ultimately abandons a shitty corporate life and its higher pay for a simpler life as a blue collar farmer.

I feel there is a lot of potential here. I think as a 13-26 episode Josei anime, you could do a lot with this story. You could flesh out the romance more between Taiko and Toshio. You can spend more time showing how unhappy and unfulfilled Taiko is at her office job. You could make a strong commentary on what society has lost by turning solely towards capitalism and putting up with shitty, meaningless jobs to try keep up with the Joneses. Perhaps focus on the isolation of city life vs. the tight community of a small town.

I guess my biggest problem is that I think great children's movies are ones that you can enjoy as a kid, then come back as an adult and get an entire different level of understanding and appreciation. I think I would HATE Only Yesterday if I watched it under the age 18. What do kids know about the day to day grind of office life? Why would you make an unfunny Office Space into a kids movie? Is it responsible to tell kids to go out and get one of the hardest and shittiest paying jobs in existence? Three of my four great grandfathers were farmers. There is a reason my family stopped farming. Hell, my great, great grandfather who gave me my last name only moved to America because being a farmer paid like shit back in Prussia. Then again, I'm only looking at the movie from one narrow perspective.

So what are your thoughts on the movie? What are some of the things that make it your favorite?

literaturenerd Mar 11, 7:52 AM
I'd be happy to let you know my thoughts on the film in greater detail though. Maybe tonight after work. I saw it's your favorite anime and that's awesome! I think it's a very strong film overall, but I had similar issues to those I had with The Wind Rises. Both are ostensibly for young audiences, but I really don't feel they work well as children's films. Pacing is also an issue in both films, which is why Disney didn't want it and Americans had to wait for Universal to release it on DVD. This made it one of the very last Ghibli available to own in the US, despite it coming out in 1991!
literaturenerd Mar 11, 6:25 AM
I liked it, but it wasn't one of my all time favorites from Ghibli. I want to complete the Ghibli filmography this year.
Karhu Mar 10, 11:39 PM
Your profile pic is so cute I wanna fall asleep while hugging it~

Here's your meme,
Karhu Feb 28, 4:44 AM
Never finished writing my manga tags and haven't maintained them in 5 years or so. Might look into that once I finish updating my anime list tags. Which will be done somewhere between WW3 and never.
literaturenerd Feb 24, 4:50 PM
Remix Feb 23, 1:19 AM
Ranxomare Feb 18, 11:29 PM
It´s the problem to be an older man! The classics are my favourites animations when I was a kid! ;)
You dropped a lot nice series, it´s possible now you don´t like but in the future, you can recover it! Usually, we go through phases, phases of action, phases of drama, phases comical ;)
Nice to meet you 5tein!