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Oct 3, 2008
even though the animation quality isnt that to boast pale cocoon sure did give its story quite a boot.

taking place on a post-apocalyptic setting, pale cocoon deals with the lives of two humans under the excavation department whose jobs are to excavate old records encoded into software. while this job had some enthusiastic employees early on, it later lost its vigor as one by one, people began resigning. Ura, the only one dedicated in finding out about history decided to go on and unravel the mystery behind one archive. true to what the intro say about this anime, his finding would eventually change the read more
Sep 29, 2008

i would say that aside from having much of fanservice, i really liked the romance and development of Nogizaka Haruka's story. it may be a typical slice of life but it touches sensitive topics related to otakus especially that of discrimination and i gues that's the reason why i got myself hooked since the start of the series.

although there are some cliched events troughout with the aspect of first-love and destiny and romance, i still liked how they developed every episode neatly. some episodes entertain the viewers with factual akiba-ke information while other deal with how people are to deal with their inner demons and read more
Sep 28, 2008

taking place 1 yr from where season 1 trailed off i really anticipated this series' return but was a bit disappointed by how everything seemed to restart just the way everything began with geass 1. the only difference is that the catching up isnt far off since lelouch already have that military might he didnt have when code geass began. aside from that, i was a bit disappointed with how geass 2 somewhat deviated itself from geass 1 in the sense that the focal issue of geass has been resolved within 2 episodes, leaving some other secrets about it uncovered making the series lose the read more
Jul 5, 2008
double arts is basically a typical shounen manga that starts with a chance encounter that ends up with a mix of romance and adventure.

it starts with a plot of an incurable disease with one boy holding the possible cure. the boy doesn't want others to be harmed because of him and thus, aspires to be much stronger. despite this common initial plot in every shounen manga, double arts has its own unique style that differentiates it from the others.

the art style of double arts gives off a hip look which makes, somewhat reminiscient with naruto's art, but gives of an entirely different feel. comedic plots read more
Jul 5, 2008
if you're wondering why this manga deserved straight 10's then please, read it first (even the first 3 chapters would do) then read my explanation.

one thing that makes this manga unique is that it breaches the boundary of real world and online gaming. who would've thought that an approach in the game world can be made possible even in the real world?

in order to spare his head, keima must use his mastery of visual novels and sway the hearts of spirit-possessed girls to his side. aided by elshee, the spirit capturer from hell, he embarks on one wacky, romance-filled adventure.

one thing that makes this manga read more
Jul 5, 2008
Doubt (Manga) add (All reviews)
when members of an online game went on for an offline meeting, everybody started to end up dead. the plot of this manga is cliche with any other thriller plot but unique in its own sense with the application of newer trends. so to speak, the manga is so good that readers would find themselves involved at the story and its characters, questioning what these people have in common? why should they die? how the story would end. what secrets would be revealed.

it's too early to comment on possible endings with how the story is progressing and always catching the reader's thoughts but if you're read more
Jul 5, 2008
on the shell, kure-nai is a very dull anime. the music is boring especially when the next episode is previewed and there are lots of local fanservice made to mention. however, after watching it, you would surprisingly find the anime deep. every episode rarely has relation with one another but it features lots of things reflecting culture, beliefs, change, and resolve. take the simple squabbles between murasaki and shinkurou. they always quarrel over petty things but they are only acting on their belief of their own right. they who live on different cultures and circumstances, when given before a problem or a point of discussion, read more
Mar 31, 2008
maybe you've read it from somewhere or heard it before but let me state it again, Gundam 00 makes me reminiscent of Gundam Wing, one of the best Gundam series (in my opinion) with regards to story, character, and mechas.

However, Gundam 00 have developed its own form of respect that made it surpass some other Gundam series in its own field.

for one, this is the best series so far that excelled much in art style, making efficient use of modern day technology to improve the graphic quality of this anime. from the sleek coloring and the defined mech designs, i believe that this series reeled read more
Mar 20, 2008
a manga that tackles a sensitive subject. it's quite rare for me to be attached so much to this kind of manga.

i believe that bitter virgin's story gives color to the lives of those women that had their rights violated, to women that continue to fight, and to women that would always repent for the sins they made on their past.

this also explains to the reader how such cases are viewed by other people.

hinako who had undergone hell through her step dad and by aborting her child twice suffers the pain and anguish of her past. the pain and anguish that continues to torment her read more
Mar 20, 2008
one of the reasons that i began reading his manhwa would definitely the gorgeous art. the other would be the complications between forbidden romance.

to lose oneself over love means to give up ones' dignity in the eyes of the many. i guess that would be the lesson that unbalance x unbalance is trying to tell the reader. the dilemma comes in the form that a student, jin ho, is in love with his teacher, hae young.

will love prevail over morals or the thoughts of other people? for a teacher that lives on morals and abides by the rule, hae young is troubled by read more