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Apr 23, 2018
The Death Buster's arc in the manga AND Sailor Moon S is my favourite season of the 90s Sailor Moon, and after finding out that Crystal was doing adapting this arc and seeing the mess that was Sailor Moon Crystal, I was nervous. The art and animation, and story changes were both awful in SMC, the characters had little to no personality and everything was just a slap in the face to SM fans and felt like nothing more than a cash grab on Toei's part.

But from the first official art release and then the trailer, I had a feeling season 3 would be different. read more
Nov 16, 2017
This manga was a pleasant surprise for me. When I first saw the cover, I almost groaned as I thought it might be a harem between the main girl and the four boys but I was wrong - though spoiler alert, there is a love triangle mixed in because it's not a shoujo manga without a love triangle, right?

The manga follows Haruno Mitsuki, a loner girl who struggles to make friends. She finds solace in her work, which is across from a basketball court with she holds precious to her as that was where she met her childhood friend, Aya. The cafe where read more
Nov 12, 2017
Toradora was the first anime that EVER made me cry hard and not many others have made me cry the way Toradora did. Toradora, while it can be a bit ridiculous at times, feels very grounded to me and the first time I watched it, I was the same age as the characters and I could feel the way they did - it's why the anime resonated with me so much and why it still does. It was the first anime that made me go, huh, I can relate to that.

It's simple at first, Taiga and Ryuji make a deal to help read more
Nov 12, 2017
Dragon Ball Z is one of my favourite series, it has been since I was a kid. Growing up watching Goku, Gohan and Vegeta fight Cell and Majin Buu is still one of my most prominent memories (because they didn't show anything earlier on morning kids TV lol) and when I finally got around to watching DBZ when I was older, the 291 (I think) episode run which is rampant with pointless filler did make it harder to want to rewatch after the first time (and it took like a month), so I was so happy when I was Dragon Ball Kai. I really enjoyed read more