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Nov 1, 2012
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I came into this expecting a great plot, story and a couple of cool death scenes. It was able to deliver for the most part but where it fails is the convoluted story and plot. The anime doesn't know how to tell the story or where to go with it.

So we got our main character Sakakibara Kouichi who falls ill and has to stay in a hospital just after he recently transfered to a new school. Some of his classmates show up to say whats up and see how he is doing. There is an akward silence between them and you call them something read more
Jun 1, 2011
WHAT NO ZOMBIES ! Yeah I said it! Well almost but all jokes aside I really enjoyed H.O.T.D. I am intrigued with the idea of a zombie apocolypse but this OVA did nothing for the anime. It might have even knocked it down a peg.

Lets face it, H.O.T.D has alot of zombies and blood but if anything else it has more breasts out and about. This OVA was just on the border of almost being porn. There were so much cleavage I was almost a tad bit uncomfortable. The whole episode was nothing but a dedication to fanservice. There's nothing wrong with that but I read more
Aug 20, 2009
So check this out Happy Lesson is comedy anime but wasnt on my scale for the best anime i've seen but then again theres worse. Basicly the plot is based on 5 teachers who live with an orphan and all try to become his mother and try to make him a better student through different methods. So nothing new right. Seen this in countless anime where a male character lives or are surronded with a bunch of female characters ex. Love Hina.

Main characters are Chitose, the orpahn who moves in the house of his deceased parents. He trys to hide his feelings about his read more
Jul 27, 2009
This anime was top quality. No other anime has ever caught my attention like this one. I was sucked in from begining to end but I digress. Toradora is a drama, romantic comedy which revloves around 2 main characters, Ryuji and Taiga. Ryuji is a nice guy who is a bit of neat freak who is also known as a delinquent due to his eyes which make him look like a murderer and has a crush on Taigas best friend, Minori. Tiaga has the nickname of palmtop tiger and is easliy gets angry and has a reputation as a delinquent. Same goes for taiga read more
Jun 17, 2009
Chocotto sister is a good anime to watch if you have time to spare. It follows a girl named Choco who is given to a college student named haruma by a female biker santaclaus after many years ago wishing for a sister. Chocotto sister story follows the everyday life choco and haruma. Anytime there is trouble choco refers to a little tiny book for answers which at most times doesnt help. Some of her troubles include discovering what a bra is, taking a jaguar as a pet and this doesn't count as a trouble but the neko-nyan dance. Choco seems to have a lack of read more
Jun 17, 2009
When I first watched Pani poni dash online it was interesting. I got up to episode 4 but then all the rest of them had subtitles so I decided to look for the dvd. At first when I popped it in my laptop I was a bit worried. I know this isn't life changing anime but then agian does such a thing exsist but I digress, I was a bit worried. I seemed to go in and out of the plot if there is one. It wasnt until I got disk 2 that it recaptured my mind. After that I knew this was a read more