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Jun 21, 2019
There’s been a lot of great stuff this season, and Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu is up there. If you came here expecting a serious show, then this isn’t what you’re really looking for but if u came here for a heartwarming experience than this is it.

In the beginning all i really expected was a boring slice of life probably filled with cringe and a monotonous plot, but it ended up getting more interesting and funnier every week. The comedy and jokes are actually good, and it has a fair share of cute and heartwarming moments which will easily put a smile on your face. The read more
Apr 28, 2019
I was originally going to write a review after it had finished but seeing such low ratings i decided to write one now.

Every season there is an anime that is completely underrated and gets ignored by majority of the viewers. for me Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin is that show for this season.

STORY/Charachters: 8
The story has been pretty interesting so far, i cant really think of anything too negative about it. Every episode the crew has a new challenge/Adventure to deal with, The characters alone are all pretty interesting and unique. Every new episode a new character is introduced which is equally as interesting as the read more
Mar 28, 2019
I discovered the manga before the anime was announced but after seeing the 'Harem' tag i decided to not get into it and i was pretty hesitant getting into the anime as well.Needless to say, watching this was a great decision.

Its the same old story every time smh. Futaro the mc is asked to tutor 5 girls who are all sisters. All 5 of the girls end up developing feelings for futaro and face their own challenges in trying to take him for themselves. Id rather not spoil the story since it woukd be better pt watch and enjoy for youreself. Unlike most Harem animes read more
Mar 28, 2019
The first thing i want to say is that its a huge improvement if we compare it to the previous season even the animation is better.

I actually discovered the game first and ended up loving it to the point where i decided to give the anime a try and im not going to lie, I was pretty disappointed with season 1 because it just wasn't good in any aspect, unless you just want the backstory on poppin party. Since the first season was bad i was pretty hesitant going into the second one but to my surprise it turned out better than i expected.The story read more
Mar 26, 2019
I see a lot of the other reviews/posts and i am confused as to why everyone thinks miyao is a pedophile, which i really don't agree with.

When i started watching, honestly there wasn't much i expected because i thought it might be similar to uzamaid, which a lot of people thoughts as well and ended up completely misjudging the whole anime just becaus of the first episode. The story was filled with so many cute and funny moments, every episode miyako evolved more as a person through the hep of hana noa and her sister. The story started out with miyako being a shy Neet read more
Feb 10, 2019
I really cant find any fault in this to be honest and seeing such a low rating for such an amazing anime is hard to take in. This is that one underrated show that didn't get the attention and praise it deserved and is definitely worth the watch.

Story/Characters 10
The story isn't really that intense or serious (atleast so far), since it revolves around the daily lives of the main characters, Grea and Anne, who experience different things as their friendship slowly deepens. The bond of friendship between Anne and Grea is just beautiful and so calming to watch that it'll turn your mood from good read more
Jan 13, 2019
I thought this might finally be the perfect time to write a review on this since it finally got an anime adaptation and many people might be interested and coming to the manga for more context.

The story is pretty amazing and can get very frustrating sometimes but if you love romance,drama and some good ecchi you'll end up getting hooked to this in just a few chapters. I only began reading this because the art style really fascinated me but later on ended up falling in love with the story and characters. This manga really gave me alot of different feelings that many other manga's read more
Dec 28, 2018
Every season theres tons of new shows airing, and among those many shows theres always one underrated show which doesn't get the attention it deserves and in my opinion Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara was that.


Its an emotional bittersweet anime and the story is a bit slow paced because our male lead (yuito) is terribly dense. The story was good but it had a lot of room for improvement, it had a lot of potential and could have been better in my opinion. to sum it up Its about a girl (Hitomi) who is sent back 60 years into the past by her grandmother (Kohaku), read more
Dec 28, 2018
Bloom into you isn't just an average shoujou ai anime, theres alot more to it

it was recommended to me a lot since id read citrus, and i put it off for quite a while until i finally decided to watch it around episode 8 and i can say without any hesitation that it was a good decision i made.

the story is about the two main characters yuu who is the kouhai and nanami who is the senpai, both of them struggle to understand the feeling of love until they meet each other. so, basically both of them have been looking for a strong feeling of read more
Dec 27, 2018
Im sure theres a lot of high school romance anime's out there and most of them have the same old generic plot, but to me this anime articulacy stood out a lot over the rest of the stuff that was airing, there were other romance anime too but this was something else.

i like many other people came to watch this anime because of the cover art and title but sadly its not really what it seems on the outside, its actually a pretty great and wholesome show.

Bunny girl senpai is about a high school boy names Sakuta Azusagava who has suffered from puberty read more