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Jan 21, 2013
(sorry for my bad spelling) I am not a troll, and i may sound like im degrading the anime, but i did like it. The story is basicly a princess escaping her castle runs into a mercenary, and through some magical thing, they switch bodies, so now the mercenary is the princess and the princess became a maid. then theres some stuff about a midget old man butler or somethin who is pointless to the story, and some monster things that are just there to look cool and do all the fighting with the new princess. the character development was not the best, and the read more
Apr 26, 2012
uhhh.... wtf did i just watch.... thats all i can say...... but i need to write a longer one in order for this to be posted.... in episode 1, i already HATED that main chick, story dont seem to be that good, the whole thing is just messed on every level... she pukes whenever shes happy? the dudes addicted to the chicks spit? i have seen some strange stuff, but this is the strangest yet.... read more