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Jan 12, 2014
i love comedy...but I rarely watch a anime with girl protagonist, as there would nothing to relate to but this one with these 2 episode just made me hysterical ....THIS anime catches essence of a loner person just about everything ....a geek wannabe popular has never been portrayed so well....but it also make it miserable for someone like me who can relate to the the girl so perfectly."her friend just knocks the ground out of her feet" simply sold it ....and it always the fault of of others that i cant be popular haha
Nov 27, 2013
ITs complete opposite of captain tsubasa as author takes the point of view of underdog rather than winner like tubasa or his elder brother ...this anime focus on the orange head (kyouske) whos drive for football with his bullet shoot and instinct alone makes his way through losses ,uncooperative team,injury(glad they play it only once didnt go "major" ),and a protagonist who faces lots of setback despite all his hard work and taking his team on his back alone ...the main problem of this anime is that it doesnot have many great opponents ...but every opponent tactics are different and fascinating and whole read more
Aug 14, 2013
THIS is the light novel that just keeps you at edge of the seat.....the story revolves around wish creating box .simple but main point of the story is about what u gain and what you lose after being granted those you strive for.These box also opens up negative side of your wish ie curses to be granted aswell. this is a story about a guy who loves his daily life and doesnot want any change to it and a girl who sacrifices herself to give other wishes .this is a story about clash between rationality and irrationality.IN THE END THIS IS STORY ABOUT PPL WHO read more