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Xnovazero Yesterday, 1:52 PM
Yeah, I also hope success of this experiment.
My elder brother has compatible models for VR. I experienced VR of Star Wars in his room last year. That was awesome :)
I felt like stay on the spot. It's realistic anyways. I enjoyed brandishing lightsaber so much.
Xnovazero Yesterday, 1:05 PM
Good news for you. SpicyTails announced Spice and Wolf VR. Check it out. This group is author's creative circle.
I'm so glad. Anime version was great. As I told you before, I have this series Blu-ray collection.
What do you think about this news?
King_Slash Jul 4, 6:53 PM
A vida é uma correria mesmo, só para quando tá de ferias e olha lá...
Terminei Megalo Box e agora to vendo Rakugo Shinju a primeira temporada, gostei muito do anime mesmo ele tendo um ritmo meio lento no inicio. Tem algum anime ou manga pra me recomendar?
King_Slash Jul 2, 2:31 PM
Eu sei que já te perguntaram isso antes mas como você consegue ver tantos animes?
zeha Jun 30, 3:18 PM
i watched anime "Shinsekai yori" :D then i will watch"Nodame Cantabile" .
thank you ^-^
zeha Jun 29, 12:48 PM
Hi , how r u ^^ ?
please give me two animes with 24 episodes .
Xnovazero Jun 21, 3:33 PM
It's been a long time. How have you been?
I'm doing well. I've missed you.
SrClone May 21, 5:55 AM
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk eu sei mas é por educação mesmo!!
SrClone Apr 23, 1:17 PM
Primeiramente parabéns pela quantidade absurda que você assistiu, depois ''kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk'' pelo comentário de nível de putaria! Obrigado pela dica de filtro vou tentar usar isso aqui! Em relação, eu gosto de vários gêneros, com o raomce em segundo plano, mas não aquele romance infantil, aquele que vai pra frente! Em relação a te recomendar algo vai ser foda kkkkkkkkkk, mas faz o seguinte entra na minha lista e vê se algo lá você nunca viu na vida, que eu faço questão de responder kkkk
Xnovazero Apr 21, 9:52 PM
Thank you very much. I’m glad to hear that :)
Xnovazero Apr 21, 6:45 PM
On a different note, What do you think about I own animes? Blu-ray or DVD Animes that I bought. See my Blog Posts.
My elder brother once told me. "Anime that you thought good is good anime. It's not possible to determine by others. It can only be judged in yourself. Don't bound by public reaction. Think out of the box. It is best to watch the only anime you want to watch."
He has a point. The old me had wavering mind. Whether I was right I bought discs of the anime. It's different now. It is supremely fun for me to collect discs of my likable anime.
I would like to get your frank opinion. Please ignore other categories.
Xnovazero Apr 21, 3:13 PM
I also sincerely wish that.
Xnovazero Apr 21, 7:35 AM
I understand that I can watch movies in theaters completely.
Yes, it's just as you say, almost countries don't screening anime. What a shame.
But there is rare cases. For example, Kimi no Na wa., Koe no Katachi, Ghibli movies etc.
Especially Ghibli movies have a long history. It was not top form from the beginning.
Brazil should change values against anime. Don't you think so?
Xnovazero Apr 21, 5:15 AM
I watched "Liz to Aoi Tori" (Hibike! Euphonium's spin-off) in theater today. That was extremely beautiful movie. Loved it!
Story focuses Mizore and Nozomi as described. Two girls are depicting thoroughly. Fairy tale named Liz to Aoi Tori inserting in everywhere simultaneously.
These balance are really good. Such a breathtaking. Along with superb voice acting, composition definitely success.
Compared to Original series, the atmosphere is very calm and heartwarming. Mizore and Nozomi's conversation also different impression.
Best thing is script. Interval is exquisite, and matches Animation. At first, I feel like something against Animation though, I got used to it in no time. Of course, itself is high quality. That's the stuff, Kyoani.
Other characters turn is a little except Mizore and Nozomi. Even Kumiko and Reina. Well, It's natural.
Soundtrack is good as same as Koe no Katachi. Kensuke Ushio did great job as usual. Sound effects also amazing. Not to mention, Musical sounds were awesome.
As a Hibike! Euphonium fan, this adaptation is so satisfied. I already admit Naoko Yamada. She is a genius director. I'm looking forward to other Hibike! Euphonium animes even more now :)
SrClone Apr 18, 12:10 PM
Muito obrigado por aceitar o pedido de amizade! Mas me diz ai você domina o evangelho do novo ou antigo testamento kkkkkkkkkk. Depois dessa piada horrível, vou pedir algumas recomendações, percebi que você assistiu muitos animes, deve ter um boas indicações!
Teria algum anime de ação com romance, aventura com romance, fantasia com romance (principalmente aqueles que o casal casa ou namora) para me recomendar? Qualquer recomendação ou se você achou algum anime na minha lista e queria saber mais só perguntar! Qual gênero você gosta?