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Aug 1, 2008
It's hard to rate this after viewing once, but I would say this movie is epic: a fateful love story with magnificent CGI.

They reorganized the five volumes of the original novels except for the ending. This change in the end of the story was unexpected for me, so I'm still trying to understand what Director Oshii wanted to say from it. The theme of the movie was "the meaning of living a plain life." So he might want tell us that there should be something new in our lives even if we think they're featureless.

The dog fight scenes were breathtaking works. I choose The Sky read more
Jul 31, 2008
They introduced a topnotch 3D CGI tech to the legendary anime, so there's no question about its quality. But viewers may feel uncomfortable with the discontinuity between the new full 3D CG and the original 2D scenes.

It's basically the same as the original one, but the change of Puppet Master's sex brought about slight changes in the voice actings and the atmosphere. Batou didn't show so much jealousy over the relationship between Motoko and the Puppet Master, and the fusion of the two gave a pure impression rather than a sexual association.

There are two full read more
May 12, 2008
This is quite a unique military love story ended with a heartbreaking scene. The story was described only from the main character's point of view and nothing was told about whom and why they were fighting. The romance of Kannami and Kusanagi was unusual. It's one of the driest and most tragic love stories I've ever read.

Killdre (kill+children?) are ever-young and immortal pilots unless they are shot down. So they don't persist in their lives and never be afraid of death. They regard the sky as their true place for living and take the lives on the ground as "the read more
Apr 19, 2008
The overall framework of this novel is a love comedy and it has some military gun action spices and lots of political claims for the freedom of speech and writing.

The balance of the comedy and serious part is maintained well throughout the pages. Especially the straight forward and passionate character of Kasahara Iku makes the serious plot mild and funny.

The background setting where two public organizations keep on fighting with guns in the middle of the city sounds too eccentric, but I feel the plot close to real because the topics of discussions of this novel are taken from the up-to-date controversy. In read more
Mar 8, 2008
The Koukoku world is quite a "fantasy"; it has dragons, telepathy and saver tigers, but its "reallity" of war and soldiers struck me so much that I choose this title as the BEST military manga for decades.

The technique background of this manga is equivalent to that in 18-19th century: the main gun arms are matchlocks and the cavalry charge is the strongest attack in the close combat. This restrictied background makes the battle tactically exciting. Shinjo wisely takes advantage of the telepathy soldiers and saver tigers and fights against Teikoku army 50 times larger than his ballation. The situation of the Shinjo's battalion is desperately read more
Feb 6, 2008
Some readers may be puzzled by this manga if they are unfamiliar with the "Oshii-izm". You can find his deep attachment to the image of dogs and the legend of "Tachigui-shi" throughout the episodes. Nonetheless the thrilling gun actions and the complex political strifes are really exciting and surely satisfy the manga fans.

The movie "Jin-roh" was based on this "Kenroh Densetsu" but the director had to reassemble the stories of this omnibus manga and created a new main character Fuse. So some episodes were omitted from the movie. I will focus this review on them.

The existence of read more
Feb 4, 2008
Taking a lone lunch is not a quiet and boring thing. As Goro does, we talk to ourselves and pay attention to the other customers. Especially when we drop by an unfamiliar cheap restaurant, we a bit worries about if there are any kinds of "customs" that we should obey. We are half nervous and half curious about what they gonna serve us. This manga makes me realize that "eating out" is full of fun.

    While reading this manga, I find myself nodding to each line of Goro's monologue. He says "When I eat, read more