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Jul 7, 2018
Darling In the Franxx, while it wasn't the best anime it was still pretty entertaining to watch. But yeah, wasn't the best anime.

Story (5/10)

So the story occurs in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic setting where humans try to survive against giant aliens called Klaxosaurs. They fight them using giant mechas called the Franxx. Those who pilot the Franxx are teenagers, who are called Parasites.

So what's special about this anime? Basically they fly mechas in boy-girl couples in a form that resembles sex (some fan-service during the show, but it's part of the show's premise). But these teens aren't taught at all about that, and are hidden from read more
May 1, 2018
A beautiful movie about a boy who used to bully a deaf girl in elementary school, growing up and trying to make amends for it.

The animation is clean and looks incredible, and the music was sad and powerful and hit the right spots.

The best aspect of the movie is the story which was emotional and captivating, I even shed a tear in a few of these scenes because they just felt so sad.

I connected with the two main characters. I can understand Ishida's lack of confidence, I often feel like he does, alone, like he can't look people in the face, it felt real to read more
Apr 30, 2018
It's a pretty movie, with some beautiful animation, good direction, realistic plot and dialogue, sad, emotional soundtrack and overall feeling, for the simps out there.

I can appreciate some things about this movie. It's special, it's minimalistic, it doesn't fall into anime cliches, it looks really good, it tugs on your heart strings but not in a manipulative way, and it feels real.

However, a big issue I had with this movie was that there was barely any plot. If you're not an emotional person you'll most likely get bored.

I don't know enough about the characters, even though they had an hour to develop that. I know read more