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Dec 1, 2008
I really wanted this show to work. At the time of me watching this, I had yet to see someone try to make a mech show that has a female lead. That was the primary reason for me to watch this show. Within the first four minutes, I was interested. Tokyo Tower getting destroyed (as usual) and some psycho chick in a robot is about to kill some other chick in a robot. I got a bit confused as I was watching the show the first time. I ended up watching the show again just to see if I missed something and to do read more
Nov 25, 2008
This was a very obscure show. While I was looking up info for this show, I found out that this was originally made in English with Japanese subtitles; I immediately went to look for it after that. So, for this review I obviously can’t mention how the Japanese track was since, as far as I know, there isn’t one. I believe this was meant to be a actual series, but it seems that they never got to make anymore, which is a shame since this show was actually good.

The story is very simple. This show is suppose to be taking place during the 70s, read more
Nov 11, 2008
I would like to state this first, I am a sucker for any show that features JAM Project. The only thing I had known about this was: This is a super robot show and it has lots of fanservice. Usually, this may turn off a lot of people, but I am one of those people where fanservice doesn’t really faze me. I will admit most of the women in this show have nothing less then a D cup, but that never really got me distracted from the show. If that was the only thing that you were focusing on then, you should really get that read more