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Sep 20, 2009
The story is simple and short (6 OVA epi only) but meaningful. It resolve around a guy (Kintaro) who continues to study something about life, but of course in a funny way. Through the episodes, it seems similar but is not repetitive so its very enjoyable.
This anime is NOT for minors as shown at the anime's cover picture.

It has good art, sound, and character for comedic purposes.

It's been long since I've laughed so hard :]
I recommend this to all even though some will avoid this as it contains explicit images. It however, does not contain 'category III' scenes so dont worry too much and read more
Sep 18, 2009
2. The story is quite straightforward. A person who chases his dreams and obstacles he faced. It is also quite factual about the life of a musician, Eg needs luck.

The art is normal but the sound is great for the music played. It is quite clear and they are able to execute the minor mistakes of music done by the characters (Noticed by the sharp ears of main char or professionals). However, they did not use any background music to enhance the atmosphere of story which makes it a bit dull.

The enjoyment is ok as it is unique. It's comedy scenes are not usually read more
Sep 15, 2009
I gave this anime a 4/10 not because it was bad, but simply not my kind.

This anime was recommended by my fren, TBH when I told him I want to have a comedy series after failing to find one which suits me.

The first episode did'nt get my attention but I continued on as I see high ratings from site and also since it was recommended by fren.

I only start to enjoy a little more on episode 6 but it is only episode 6. Other episodes remains the same style. Frankly Im really bored throughout the series but pushed myself to end this just so read more