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Oct 7, 2019
You know I've watched a lot of anime, most are recycled plot, caricature characters and major wish-fulfillment stuff. Arifureta fit this bill near perfectly, a weakling becomes the strongest and goes on an adventure collecting harem members as he goes. To be honest I don't have a problem with that if an anime's done right even a terrible plot or a lack of plot can be good. Take One Punch Man S1 it was near episodic, had no end goal, but it was well animated and wildly entertaining making it good. Arifureta literally talked over plot points, portrayed the plot in a fairly bland read more
Mar 9, 2018
Honestly I don't know how I feel about this anime, the characters are good excluding Satou who is more or less a whimsical self-insert, There is no hint of an overarching plot throughout the series, its more or less episodic, with some minor hints at a major mystery that doesn't seem like it will get solved. Despite this we have adorable character designs, and the girls tend to have better than one-dimesional personalities as we usually see, at the very least they aren't cookie cutter. The sound and art are solid enough, there are no real issues and combat scenes are animated fully, no still-clash read more
Sep 24, 2015
I gave it a lot of thought wondering about why studios always have that one anime that is like 50 others before it and while the premise and some parts are different we have a production of a generic harem story per se. Answer it isn't for the long-time anime watchers but for new people breaking into anime from the start, well that's my opinion but onto the review.

The story setting is similar to 3 maybe 4 other animes or plots I've read in my time as a watcher, it's put together differently but this is a post-world, magic, monster-threat, weapons combat, school-life series. The read more
Dec 25, 2014
Ever see power rangers, imagine that with a gender bender premise on which instead of masked hero you get a loli-girl from a student
To be honest there are 3 big points of this anime that it does well the rest are about average.
1. the idea is simple kill the baddies, and it doesn't waste time trying to gather sympathy for the enemy like naruto or bleach or any other thing, the bad guys don't have SOB stories but instead are wacky, perverted monsters and end of the day they get sliced up by girls with weapons and we feel happy about it by read more
Sep 27, 2014
You know I've been watching a hella lot of anime, many kinds, many genre. To be honest the characters suck in this anime, but that isn't what makes or breaks a story. I mean if everything else was average then this anime would have no redeeming features, but it creates a setting, background intrigue and a lattice of interrelationships on multiple levels and does it fairly well to form a story not about Tatsuya and Miyuki, but about how a world of magic doesn't just make it about saving princesses or fighting a single bad organization with one side good the other evil. Rather there read more
Sep 22, 2012
Honestly what has the resident evil movie franchise become? We must ask ourselves was Retribution really what we all wanted, I didn't have as much killing as the other resident evil movies, it didn't have much of a plot except escape the base, and it was mostly a setup movie for the next one I mean even though I left satisfied just based on that last pan out to see a horde of mutated monsters attacking a fortress of the capitol building, put a smile on my face as I left the theater.

This particular release of CG resident evil follows one of our beloved read more
Oct 5, 2011
It opens with some idiot leading the way and stop Hammertime. From the ceiling giant hammers. From there I had to watch. So it turns out that like many other animes it takes place in a school and in a ruins behind the school where a hidden power probably rests. The story itself like the name revolves around puzzles and solving them, for the first episode the action is pretty tame, but it still manages to catch my interest. (probably just me) The way things look it seems to be similar to a tower of druaga setting where main clears levels or something but it read more
Sep 13, 2011
I believe matsuri captures the essence of what baka to test to shokanjuu, comedy is about: Summon wars, comedy and mild sex appeal. Also, please watch the first season or a lot of the story will go over your head.down grading its rank to a six or seven.

1. The story is rather old F class just trying to better it's crappy situation having only art boards as desks, but it soon turns interesting with blackmail, fear and Chinese cafes. The comedy sort of touched me and it is mainly the absurdity of it all that gets me rolling

2. The art is roughly the same read more
Jul 24, 2011
Again still new to reviews so tell me how I did. You know all those mangas that beat around the bush taking 20 to 30 to 50+ chapters to get the main characters together, and afterwards they mains lose all their tension usually, and the it gets boring well this manga just hits it off right on the start screw the whole weeks wasted waiting for someone to man up and confess even if it is shorter at least my lifespan isn't wasted. The fact that Kazumi believes he is like a God makes it better, and that Tsubaki is easily startled and gets read more
Apr 1, 2011
Alright, you got the standard thing where a guy ends up in a situation where he is surrounded by girls and even more girls, that in itself would be interesting, but to top it off you get mechas that are only piloted by women and one guy, you do have to feel sorry for him. Let's see the plot is inventive on how it combines mechas with the isolated guy in a girl mob situation, yet it also spends time on each and every one of the main characters respectively, some of which are rather overused in my opinion.

Anyway, even if you hate the idea read more