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Sep 11, 2019
This anime has an interesting synopsis at first and a pleasant development in its beginnings with the story of Allison and Will, has a good soundtrack and they make you want to know that it awaits them as the chapters progress, it seems to me the end of the story of Allison it's a bit abrupt as is its final saga but it was definitely the first half that made this anime interesting.
The second half is unfortunately an exact copy of Allison's story and while i liked the dynamic between Treize and Lillia unfortunately steer ousting themselves generating a first saga of fighter jets, a read more
Aug 19, 2019
I find it always pleasant a story centered on the "edo" and samurai-like history, but the anime as it develops is losing charm in both plot and shonen's approach. I think it wastes the opportunity to give us a good leading group and develop it a little more since.
I think that the protagonists of this series do not have a bad basis but not counting tsukishima the others stay a little behind in all aspects.
In addition to the time of conflict and battles there are two great problems when it comes to watching this series:
First is that there are times when the animation is not read more