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Feb 27, 2020
This is getting very high scores so i thought i'd take the time to toss my opinion out there.

This is a fast paced show that assumes you are an idiot.

Well, maybe not...but boy does it beat a point to death! It isn't terrible...and the beginning had me there for a good few will find yourself feeling "ohh, wait so thats where we are go---oop. nope we aren't okay"......or those super cringe moments where you suck on your teeth and hope the scene fades.

I guess I just couldn't believe the characters. I understand this show doesn't need to be realistic....i actually am read more
Feb 15, 2020
I am writing this review after watching 6 episodes and I will update it in the future but for now i want to take the time to review this because i am a little disappointed.

I am just going on hop in here and get on with the review. I will try not to write any spoilers and everything I will be talking about here will relate to the first or second episode.

Darwins Game started out strong in my opinion. I loved the idea, and I have not read the manga so I actually looked foreward to each episode. Darwins Game is a mobile read more
Feb 12, 2020
Pet (Anime) add (All reviews)
I don't always write the best reviews here, but i'll do my best to be direct and avoid spoilers.

The first episode kicks off with a lot of great things. Fantastic music, great art, mysterious story, and the story picks up and takes off. However, near the end of the first episode, for me at least, this all fell apart.

For whatever reason i thought this would be a sort of team of misfits...a unique story with maybe some philosophy thrown in on how human memory is so relied on but so unreliable. Nope. 100% got smacked in the face with character default A read more
Jan 3, 2020
Babylon (Anime) add (All reviews)
Since the proper way to write a review is to explain why i liked or disliked this show I will only explain why i disliked it.
This show seems like it is trying to do many things at once which in the end comes off distracting and frustrating. If you are a fan of the genre this series pretends to be you will likely dislike this show. However, if you are generally a fan of supernatural harem, ecchi, and mystery fantasy with action scenes that only exist for sexy angles then this show is right up your alley.

I am struggling to write this read more
Dec 2, 2019
I am a big fan of the Psycho-pass series and manga.

I figued it would be best to clearly state this in the beginning instead of casually bringing it up at the end.

This series is not over, but I plan to come back to this review and add to it once it is over seeing as I am posting this now at a halfway point.

Psycho-pass three is much better than psycho-pass two in the sense that if you have not watched the first season you might not fully understand the vocabulary or specifics...but you'll be able to fully understand what is happening in read more
Jun 11, 2019
I didn't hate it, but I guess I didn't feel interested. IT like much like watching a childs video...the power of friendship, family, love, and happiness, gets kind of old. I remember a specific scene where a girl isn't overpowered by someone she is related to because blood relatives don't hold as much power as a true friend (or something. not a spoiler because it is probably not exact)
But pretty sure the type and hate is a PR stunt. I don't care its an average shounen if you like this genre. IT is like JoJo where everything is being explaiend like we have no idea read more
May 27, 2019
No.6 (Anime) add (All reviews)
The art is fantastic, the story starts out excellent along with the characters, but thenn it falls flat on its face. Unless you are a fan of strictly romance anime that revolves around boys love....this will be disapointing .

The show starts out with what myself and many others were excited to see. A story about utopia world where the elite of society live in a blissful ignorance. There's even a hit of some human game type aspects in the first episode.

There's no mystery because there's nothing we don't know, and you don't feel excited for the next episode because there is an read more
May 26, 2019
Not great, because it was pointless. I will agree with some other posters, I think this was created in hopes of giving viewers what they want...but the problem seems to be lack of creativity. Regardless of where the story comes from, when you create it as a visual show or becomes something of its own.

I think Koutetsujou no Kabaneri is a great example of a show being created in hopes of being a success...not that all shows shouldn't strive for success...but they should strive to recreate a vision of some sort. I mean, balance is good in everything. For example, having a very read more
Apr 22, 2019
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure in general is an interesting show because I don't like it for a very specific reason. I dislike Jojo because I cannot ignore the fact people explain the plot or fight moves while standing by spectating. Yes, sometimes the show will poke fun at itself with Jojo saying "Why are you just standing there" (or something to that effect) but I just can't. It reminds me of shows where suddenly the hero gains some ridiculous power or strength because love, friendship, or intense emotional states. Bleh.

Like "Oh my god, look! He isn't digging in the ground, he's building up forceful energy read more
Nov 17, 2018
I'll get to the point. This is an entertaining show that I personally find to be okay because of its philisophical aspects and sort of a parody of the typical 'i want to save the weak!' kinda guys who go on to do heroic things with strong background music, lighting, and facial expressions of onlookers that all point torwards the 'right thing to do'. But in my opinion, it points out something comedians have poked fun at since superheros started becoming mainstream. When a villian attacks a town...SO many people die. When a hero tries to save people, sometimes 5+ people get cut in half. read more