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Jan 5, 2013
The daily trials of a student is no stranger to the animé world; it's been constantly the focus of many titles that have gone by. Whether extracurricular activities (like a certain light music club) or high school crushes (like a certain girl with delinquent tendencies)--almost the entire spectrum of student life has been animated in one way or another. Yes, even the worries of a student approaching graduation has been in constant focus; the protagonist always searches for himself, wondering what he should do for the future after he leaves his high school. What should he aspire for? Will he succeed? Is it the right read more
Dec 2, 2012
The joys of reading light novels is that you can basically just read it like you would any normal book. You can engage in reading while on the subway, or while it's break time in school, or even as you go to sleep. It's really the closest you can get to taking your favorite characters anywhere you go. It just so happens that in Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu, not only would you read in public; you'll look like an idiot at the same time, simply because you're laughing way too much just for reading some blocks of text. To be precise, you'll feel like read more
May 27, 2012
For the past ten years, Oh! Great (Ogure Ito) has created one of the most bizarre pieces to ever hit the shelves: Air Gear. To be blunt, it's bizarre because you just can't seem to figure out what Air Gear is trying to be. Is it a sports manga that's over the top? Is it a battle manga with the most peculiar choice of weapons? Is it a harem manga of sorts? Is it actually a comedy manga with ridiculous amounts of fanservice? The manga jumbles its focus on these genres as it goes on, and does so until its final chapter.

Nevertheless, I finished reading read more
Apr 21, 2012
Here's the deal: I have a dream animé. It's a show that's primarily mecha, with the robots piloted by humans and function like body armors rather than bigass robots that tower over the skyline (Zero--and pretty much all the other Maverick Hunters--from the Megaman X franchise inspired this). I wanted a little romance on the side, and awesome fights here and there, with possibly a few moments of comic relief. Character designs should be clean and crisp, with detail in the eyes and the mecha suits. Fanservice is not desired, but allowable to an extent. A male or a female lead would be fine, so read more
Apr 5, 2012
How "human" are we?

I've been asking myself this very question after watching Eve no Jikan. I'll go ahead and save you some minutes of reading: watch Eve no Jikan. It's intriguing, it's engaging, and above all else it's entertaining. For those interested as to knowing why, I'll explain below.

I just came across Eve no Jikan by accident one day in someone's list, and I gave it a shot. I guess I'm just the type of person who can't say no to shows that tackle androids. However, I was expecting some tacky storyline with androids as human partners and all that. Eve no Jikan, however, defied read more
Apr 4, 2012
I just came across Toshokan Sensou by browsing through some animé lists here. I'm not Japanese, nor am I knowledgeable in the language, so I didn't really know what "Toshokan Sensou" meant until I read the translations: "Library War."

My initial reaction was "...what?" simply because it's a combination of two words you'd least expect to be together in a sentence, never mind a title. I also saw it was tagged as a romance animé, and I'm a sucker for shows with a little bit of romance (think of Ed and Winry's scenes amidst all the twists and turns of the Brotherhood storyline) Then again, here read more
Mar 11, 2012
After 9 years, 38 volumes, and 355 chapters, Mahou Sensei Negima finally ends. Hereafter shortened to Negima!, this series is close to my heart because it's one of the very first titles I've ever read. I spend my first chapters of Negima! figuring out how the heck do non-Japanese readers manage to read from right to left. And now, nine years later, I've read several other titles. Every week or so, I eagerly await the coming of the next chapter of this series. I get impatient when Ken Akamatsu takes "research breaks," or when it's a holiday in Japan (but I don't hold it against read more
Feb 5, 2012

I was exclaiming the phrase over and over in my head as I watched episode after episode of Bakemonogatari. This show marks my first attempt at watching a show that involves the supernatural, since I'm not really into ghosts and all that.

I am pleased to say, however, that I was pleasantly surprised at what Bakemonogatari brought to me, and I definitely won't regret choosing this show as my first animé about the supernatural.

The first thing that I noticed about Bakemonogatari was its art style. I'm new to the animé scene, and my completed list certainly pales read more
Jan 6, 2012
I might sound lame, but I just watched Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion last October 2011. Most of my fellow animé enthusiast friends tell me this same line in a surprised tone: "What? You're just watching it now?" Personally, I don't get why they're so surprised that I was just about to watch Code Geass. I just started in the whole animé thing at that time, after all.

Then I watched Code Geass. Then I figured out why they were so surprised at me. Code Geass doesn't just pass as some standard animé title; Code Geass is a story of epic proportions, with a lead read more
Jan 4, 2012
There are times when you watch TV. (Well, you're bound to get sick of using the desktop PC, right?) It's during these moments when you suddenly watch TV commercials of some shows that are "coming soon." The trailer got you because it showed pretty cool fight scenes and flashy awesome spellcasting. Then, it says that it's a rendition of a PS2 game. It doesn't faze you, and you watch it anyway.

Tales of the Abyss, hereby shortened to TA for convenience, was introduced to me this way. I never played the game (I was more of the handheld fanatic, really), but I wanted to see it read more