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Jun 27, 2018
This is the coziest episode of one of the coziest series in history. The first part is cute, but ultimately a throwaway story that others have summarized. The main story is the gambling. It's everything Hakumei to Mikochi does best: let these characters just do their own thing, enjoy the situations that unfold, and watch the (very low key) chaos fly.

I truly felt like I'd want to be nowhere else in a snowstorm than in that exact place, gambling, drinking, and generally having fun with exactly those four people...although I damn well wouldn't be betting money given certain individuals...*cough*

It was precisely how you'd want read more
May 25, 2018
Softenni is known as a lolicon show. The series itself was really not particularly extreme, except for some silly and predictable fanservice. (Nobody cares about seeing pantsu but whatever.)

These specials throw it all out there. Do you want to see 13-15 year-old naked anime girls? Here you go. Uncensored.

In terms of quality they're quite good. If you enjoyed the series then absolutely give these specials a watch. It's the same humor and not just throwaway trash.

But, if you are uncomfortable with the 100% nudity plus lolicon, and have concerns in that regard, I do not recommend these videos.
Nov 9, 2017
Before reading 1F, I'd seen a variety of reviews online. Thankfully I ignored several of them and read the manga anyway. It's a very detailed story of the life that workers faced (and still face) at the epicenter of an unimaginable disaster.

The value of the manga is that it doesn't attempt to diagnose or encompass the entirety of the Fukushima disaster. There are many other well-researched and compelling books that can offer readers that experience. What 1F provides is the chance to experience the daily routine that defines the perilous existence of those who have chosen to face a set of dangers that most read more
Jun 23, 2017
It's not a good sign when the most compelling scene of a new anime series occurs before the opening credits in the first episode. Clockwork Planet was pretty much all downhill from there.

I recall noticing a comment on some website or other noting that this was the ultimate chuunibyou show, and I'd say that's about right. Clockwork Planet plays out as an endless variation on weird anime-centric fetishes instead of something resembling a real story. I was initially attracted to the show because I thought it might involve some kind of steampunk aesthetic, but I was quickly disabused of that potentiality. Instead, you have read more
Mar 24, 2017
The first season of Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu was the absolute best anime of Winter, 2016, and very possibly the best anime of that entire year. It was certainly the most moving, truly adult, drama I've seen in a long time. Appropriately enough, since rakugo is the art of storytelling, the first season took the form of a story within a story, telling an incredibly moving tale of a complicated friendship, tragic choices, and the repercussions of those actions for people living in the present day. It was haunting, memorable, and it's been a very, very long year waiting for the sequel.

The second season starts read more
Mar 21, 2017
A number of others have mentioned Stella no Mahou's similarity to New Game!, and I think that's about accurate. If you needed a moe fix in the 2016 autumn cour then this was the right choice. But aside from indulging in all the typical moe tropes, there's nothing to recommend this to casual viewers. The story is nonexistent, the humor is missing in action, and the character design, overall artwork, and animation quality are just barely acceptable.

New Game! was bad. It added a good amount of panty-shots and other standard fanservice to a thoroughly boring show about working in a videogame studio. But, at the read more
Mar 20, 2017
It's always interested me that Urusei Yatsura, a wonderfully hilarious comedy manga and anime series, inspired two of the strangest and most compelling anime films ever made. The basic material of the series is hardly deep: Ataru acts like a lecherous fool, Lum electrocutes him, and then we move on to the next gag. So why, then, did anyone come up with Beautiful Dreamer, an extraordinarily moving and very funny examination of human desires, the nature of consciousness, and the basics of perceived reality? That's a question for another review, of course, but it leads directly into the total mystery that is Lum the Forever. read more
Feb 18, 2017
This is pretty much the definition of filler. I believe that the general explanation for this recap was just because there were 13 weeks in this cour where Youjo Senki had to run, so the studio used the opportunity to splice something together since they didn't have the budget, or enough story material, to make an actual episode of new content. I suppose that's better than a situation where they just ran behind schedule and had to scramble, but it's not much of an excuse even then. I like Youjo Senki a lot, but the story isn't all that complex, and the animation isn't that read more
Dec 31, 2016
Bernard-jou Iwaku has no right to be as good as it is. It's just a set of very quick gag shorts that proceed at lightning pace, shoving a ton of book references and witty book-nerd rants into just a few seconds of decent, but ultimately uninspired, animation. So...blah, right?

Well, no. I admit that I was drawn to this short because I love books and I couldn't resist the premise. I kept watching because the antics of Machida Sawako, the laziest reader of all time, were hilarious. And I just couldn't get enough of her hilarious trolling that inevitably led to regular meltdowns on the part read more
Jun 30, 2016
Flying Witch is possibly the best iyashikei (healing) anime ever made. If you love Aria, Non Non Biyori, and the Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou OVAs, then this is a must-see series. Flying Witch stands out because it makes even Aria look action-packed. Every moment of every episode unfolds naturally and organically; there's a very subtle but unmistakable message that humans (witch or otherwise) are truly inseparable from the earth, plants, wind, and sky. There's no overt conflict, no overly energetic comedy bits, and really no plot. I have no idea how an entire episode dedicated to the coming of spring, taking a few walks, and picking read more