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Mar 22, 2022
Non Non Biyori is always great at eliciting a range of bittersweet emotions along with an incredible sense of calm and just enough humor to keep things fresh and unsentimental. This OVA is no different, and my only disappointment is that we may never get any more stories from this incredible little country town.

The first part of the OVA is devoted to homework, and the second to Nattsun's desire to start a badminton club. When you find out why she was inspired to do this, it's an especially sweet moment...but then again that entire half of the OVA is packed with great material. read more
Jan 29, 2022
This was not a good show.


If you want to watch a bunch of annoying children and a cultist handle some low stakes adventures on a space station, feel free. There are two absolutely intolerable social media influencers, a kid who's also some kind of secret agent, a bunch of useless adults...and a comet. Just wait until you find out about that!

The plot, such as it is, involves throwing random situations up in the air and hoping they land. There's no sense of real danger and everything is played out as comedy. I'll give the writing credit for addressing realistic situations that read more
Jan 20, 2022
This is a manly anime about a very masculine private detective who likes boxing, women, drinking, betting on the ponies, and other things that make a man a real man. Yeah, it's pretty ridiculous. If you want to watch a somewhat entertaining Japanese anime take on old American hardboiled detective stories then please feel free to check this out. It's lacking in story quality and the animation is...rudimentary...but they do get the atmosphere right. It's a decent adventure through late night bars, shady meetings with sketchy clients, some solid male bonding accomplished through violence, and a bit of casual sex on the side. As long read more
Dec 4, 2021
My primary purpose in writing this review is to convince you that Bouken Shite mo Ii Koro is a waste of your time. Don't bother watching this junk. While it's billed as a comedy, the OVA series is basically a hentai. It's poorly animated, dreadfully written, and relies on sexual assault, coerced sex, and rape for titillation. All of this is presented in a light-hearted manner as if it's the most normal, healthy thing in the world.What's unfortunate is that, in the hands of anyone with a modicum of talent, things could have been very different. A sex comedy about an underdog porn studio trying read more
Sep 11, 2021
Junk Head is an extraordinary achievement of stop-motion animation. Its influences range from art cinema to B-grade horror films and post-apocalyptic video games, but there's nothing quite like it out there. Created almost entirely by one man, Takahide Hori, Junk Head is a journey through a nightmarish underground landscape of ruins, caverns, and decaying industrial infrastructure inhabited by grotesque sentient humanoids and even more twisted and repulsive predators who lurk in the dark.

The story is fairly simple, involving the extremely perilous adventures of a future "human" who volunteers for a dangerous mission into the unknown, His travels deep underneath the Earth's surface reveal a read more
Jun 19, 2021
This is just a nice, short comedic interlude that's not essential viewing...but it is a lot of fun. In short, Tanya and her unit are stationed in the middle of the desert, Water is scarce and their diet is monotonous. So, in a brilliantly stupid way to improve morale and vary their combat rations, the military high command ships in an incalculable quantity of dried pasta. The rest of the story involves the crazy lengths to which Tanya and her mages go to make said pasta tasty. Mayhem ensues.

If you like Youjo Senki then this is a nice treat while we all wait for the read more
Mar 3, 2021
Why am I giving such a low score to a movie that so many people love? It's pretty simple: If you have't already read the source material this whole thing is going to be incoherent. Very little is fleshed out or explained, there's a huge time skip, and no relationships are defined at all. I'm syre that this is satisfying fan service for those who read the series, but if you're judging it as a stand-alone anime project it fails completely.

The animation is nice enough and everything else is of good quality, but I can't recommend this if you're anime only like me. It's just read more
Jul 11, 2020
There's little horror to be seen in this anthology of three short stories involving ineffectual male characters and their interactions with a mysterious woman named Mumako who grants their wishes...with a twist.

The animation style is pedestrian at best, and drawn more like a gag comedy anime than horror. The stories are not in the least bit scary, offering at best a vague surprise in the end, but prepare to be unimpressed.

Basically this is a waste of your time. It's dull, not scary, and the art and music are barely doing the minimum. There are plenty of actually decent one-shot horror releases from the read more
Mar 23, 2020
Eizouken is a blast of 100% DIY, punk rock energy in anime form. Once the first notes of “Easy Breezy” play, you know you’re in for something genuinely different, and things just get better from there. The three high school girls of Eizouken, determined to make anime at any cost, embody in every line of their animated existence an irrepressible energy that can’t help but translate into an emotionally moving and compulsively watchable journey for anyone willing to jump on board for the crazy ride.

And a wild ride exactly what you get. While Eizouken doesn’t wave away the details that go into making animation, it’s read more
Mar 12, 2020
While Ziggy isn't exactly good, it deserves attention from those who have a taste for the kind of wild, anything goes type of anime that was easily available in the 80s/early 90s OVA scene. The plot's absurd, the characters are barely developed, and the animation is mediocre, but who cares? You get to watch a Japanese hair metal band run around London, play bad songs, and clear themselves of murder charges! The film contains some unintentional comedy at its finest and deserves a viewing (preferably after a few drinks).

There are a lot of great moments in Ziggy just waiting for well-deserved mockery, like the band read more