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Sep 7, 2010
Uzumaki (Manga) add
An ancient curse reawakens in a small town in Japan...


Uzumaki is a rather fascinating little manga that revolves around the human psyche. This manga succeeds in changing something that wouldn't usually be considered scary, a simple spiral, into an object of horror. The story becomes progressively gory and disturbed throughout the later chapters. Everyone in the town becomes more and more twisted and psychologically insane. I won't spoil anything, but the ending to this manga is extremely depressing and sad. This manga is all about how people deal with the unnatural and how they try to keep their sanity or completely lose it.

A lot of ...
Aug 17, 2010
Heartwarming, Addictive, Classic...

Yu Yu Hakusho remains one of the most cherished animes I have watched in my entire life. From beginning to end, I always find it hard to stop watching Yu Yu Hakusho, from the intense battles to the great character development. There are 112 episodes and I have managed to actually watch this series 3 entire times and I own all 4 seasons on DVD. This is one of my favorite shows and I hope this review can convince you to watch Yu Yu Hakusho if you haven't already.


I'm going to review the story not as a whole, but instead by giving my ...
Aug 16, 2010
Tokkou (Anime) add
Preliminary (8/13 eps)
Dreadful, boring, plot goes absolutely nowhere...

Man, FUCK this show!

Tokko is an anime that seemed to have a lot going for it, at first at least. Too bad Tokko was too busy fucking itself. Truthfully, I was not able to finish the entire series; I only watched 8 out of the 13 episodes. Honestly I do not even care to finish the rest of the show, even if Tokko happens to have an amazing ending, which I highly doubt. I bet the ending sucks as much bullshit as what I saw. The 8 episodes I watched sucked dirty asshole and wasted my time.


The premise may sound ...
Aug 15, 2010
The anime version of Gantz is split into two seasons, and I'm reviewing the second season; Gantz - Second Stage. Check my earlier reviews as I have already reviewed the first season of Gantz and the manga version of Gantz.

Gantz - Second Stage is a mixed bag since it contains one of the best missions that Gantz has to offer (the Buddha mission), but also contains a lackluster ending to the anime that makes people scratch their heads.

The Buddha mission continues where the first season left off, and is highly addictive and kick-ass to watch. It contains everything I love about Gantz; the unpredictability ...
Aug 14, 2010
Gantz (Anime) add
Original. Provoking. Gory. A Masterpiece.


Once your life ends, your new one begins inside a small room with a large black ball. Inside the ball is a creature named Gantz who sends copies of people who died to battle against various alien creatures.

Gantz is split into two seasons, and I'm reviewing the first one. The first season consists of only two of the many missions in Gantz.


A blend of science fiction and pure grotesque horror is what you will find when watching Gantz. This show succeeds at stretching the limits to what can be shown on the television, so expect tons of profanity and body ...
Aug 10, 2010
Juu Ou Sei (Anime) add
Left me speechless...


Jyu-Oh-Sei: Planet of the Beast King, is a relatively short science fiction anime about two twins whose parents are murdered and are abandoned on a deadly planet where criminals are sent to die known as Chimera. Vicious plants rule this planet, and tribes of humans are forced to fight each other, until a hero is granted the title of Beast King.

Nothing though, is what it seems, as proved in the final episodes of this grand show. Jyu-Oh-Sei is an unique and epic masterpiece, and tells an unforgettable story. The ending amazed and shocked me due to its sad nature. Go into Jyu-Oh-Sei expecting ...
Aug 7, 2010
What seemed at first to be a typical smut manga, where the seductive male lead seduces the female, turned out differently than I expected.


Private Prince focuses more on the troubles that Prince Wilfred and Miyako have to overcome before they can both truly love each other. It is deeper than most romance manga plots and had me hooked throughout the entire read. Expect a lot of drama while reading Private Prince.


Well, the art is pretty well done, but isn't too distinctive. It does get the job done though and the characters sometimes look pretty well done.

Aug 6, 2010

At first I was misled by the beginning of the show into thinking that it wasn't going to be that good. Fuck, was I wrong...

Detroit Metal City is one of the funniest and brilliant shows ever created and is the best metal parody I have ever seen.


Detroit Metal City doesn't consist of one main story, but is broken into different segments. For this kind of show, this was a good choice.

Each individual story is hilarious, consisting of bizarre situations the characters find themselves in, and full of raunchy jokes which involve raping the Tokyo Tower, masochism, spitting into people's ...
Aug 3, 2010
Remember watching/reading Elfen Lied or Gantz and being shocked by the nudity and gore. Both of these animes pushed the boundaries of mature content to the extreme, or so I thought...

Yume no Omocha Koujo, the title that just rolls off your tongue contains some of the most sick, necrophiliac, psychopathic material with tons of fucked up guro images and defecation as well as mutilated sex.

I have a pretty high tolerance to this kind of shit, but Yume no Omocha Koujo pushed it. I can't even believe I just read this manga.

Most of the stories are pretty retarded and are quickly put together for the ...
Jul 28, 2010
Darker than Black is one of those shows that make me appreciate anime. This original, smart, and fast-paced show is able to create a believable world, full of special powered assassins who roam the streets of Japan called Contractors.


Instead of trying to explain the whole story to you, Darker than Black takes the viewer right into the action. As the story progresses, you learn more and more about the world occupied by these assassins, such as what Heaven and Hell's Gate are.

The first half of the series is split up into 2 episode segments where the infamous contractor BK-201, otherwise known as Hei, ...