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Sep 10, 2017
Zegapain has incredibly good potential story and world setting wise, but it all comes tumbling down. This is one of the massive wasted potential animes, I'd say poster child and warning example of such creations.

Story flips many conventions of now popular "other world" and virtual realities genre on their head in a good, very exciting way. It is a show that is best watched without knowing anything about it, since surprises you don't except keep happening. Starting out as yet another shonen mecha fantasy, it becomes different to everything else within few episodes. It is also good how the mystery of situation is only slowly read more
Feb 23, 2016
When it comes to cute girls doing cute things (CGDCT) metagenre, Yuru Yuri is one of the tops. Story, as usual, is pretty much nothing. It's just bunch of cute girls going on about their daily lives. But Yuru Yuri is not failure of enterntainment like almost all others in this metagenre, since it is so funny. One of the very few animes that make me literally laugh out loud every single episode multiple times, it's just golden. Production values are very good, so it is not failing on execution aspect either. As always in this metagenre, characters are the deciding factor since show is read more
Dec 27, 2015
Bikini Warriors is one of the more socially conscious series. In words of Dr. Martin Luther King, "People want to be free, for freedom is the essence of human being". Bikini Warriors provides unique take on this ultimatum, examining society as a snapshot frozen in space and time, taking and shaking it out of all the absurdies, until they are laughable. Mahatma Gandhi once stated, that "first they laugh, then they fight, then we win". By raising the stakes of laughter in this cerebral adventure only matched by Neon Genesis Evangelion in depth and Kantian examination of subject datum as is, we are in for read more
Mar 29, 2015
STORY & CHARACTERS (8/10 and 9/10)
This is a story about rebellion, growing up, friendship, love... and dragons, magic, mad scientists, science fantasy, princess and parallel universes with mecha action! You won't get bored with this one. Certainly quite unique mix. Surprisingly, story works and is actually good and really hard to not spoil it by telling about it, which just underscores my point. Notably, story works so well because characters develop so well. Which is what really surprised me. And by well I mean they grow to new situations and surroundings like, well, normal non-mental people would do.

Story also takes tragic turns and characters read more
Mar 4, 2014
This review is spoiler-free and based on all three parts which combine to form the complete story of Mardock Scramble. I decided to insert review on first part, because that's what people look at first. Too late to regret wasted time by the end of the third or even second installment.

STORY 3/10
Story of Mardock Scramble is a mess to put it lightly. I do enjoy my anime raw and leaving a lot for viewer interpretion. I'm fascinated by works like Ergo Proxy, Haibane Renmei and Serial Experiments Lain. That line is hard to walk: doing it just a bit wrong leads to horrible train read more
Jan 12, 2013
ART 7/10
Iblard Jikan is a slide show of pretty background pictures, with occasional movement featuring unnamed and completely irrelevant characters which are animated in visibly different style, breaking whatever illusion Iblard Jikan tried to achieve with its oil paintingish backgrounds. Iblard is a fantastic looking place with floating rocks and all kinds of random thingies.

STORY 1/10
There is none.

SOUND 2/10
A dull unimaginative elevator music plays through the entire slideshow.

There were none.

If you enjoy looking at your computers screensaver for long periods of time, this show is for you. However, I don't find pleasure in that kind of leisure at all.

This is not entertainment read more
Jun 11, 2012
Gyo (Anime) add (All reviews)
Gyo is a waking nightmare. Some people think it's just plain disgusting, or it doesn't have a decent plot, or it doesn't explain anything in detail, or lack of character developement. Neither do nightmares, and this is why Gyo is so great. It is there and fills your screen with grotesque imagery and your head with a fitting landscape. That is what it does, and does it brilliantly. The atmosphere in Gyo is just right for a nightmare. Everything is a bit off and out of place in this piece of bizarre horror.

Bad things first: my biggest complaints are not the characters, as for read more
Apr 19, 2012
First things first: I'm not a moeblob fanatic and generally dismiss slice-of-life shows, but I like Ichigo Mashimaro very much, because despite the characters being impossibly cute and the show never having anything important going on, this show is first and foremost a piece of comedic brilliance delivered by cast of awesome characters and even better character synergy. This is already well evident in first minutes of the first episodes, when Nobue greets the viewer with cheery voice and tells she's a 16-year-old high-school student, only to correct her statement a moment later admitting in laconic voice that she's actually 20 and then proceeds to read more
Feb 20, 2012
When I first finished this anime, I gave it 8. But I wasn't entirely honest with myself. This anime is possibly the anime I've subjectively enjoyed the most. As a pure episodic comedy, it won't be as deep as Erog Proxy or other mature anime, and there was my mistake: I was trying to compare a comedy to dark toned artsy series with deep plots. Then I raised the number to 9, thinking it had some shortcomings, but today after I yet again rewatched some of my favourite scenes I decided to give it a straght 10 and write a review. For me, Nichijou represents read more
Dec 9, 2011
Hands down the most enjoyable anime of winter 2011... if you just can shut down your higher level brain activity for 24 minutes. Loaded with fanservice, appealing stereotypes, and so thick harem lead that he makes yeast look like an expert in reading human emotions, this is truly entertainment at its purest form.

No story to speak of, this anime follows interactions between socially awkward stereotypes, more of those later.

I really like the art direction on this one. It's like crossover of Mayoi Neko Overrun and Denpa Onna, both actually animes with similar characteristics to this one.

Very good. Seiyuus are top-notch in their roles, read more