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Oct 24, 2015
After finishing this anime, I am left thinking two things... "What the actual hell did I just watch?" and "Why did I waste my time on this?" Not worth the watch for the hentai, not worth the watch for the disturbed druggy crap.

The story line is an embarrassment. Absolutely terrible. It was impossible to follow, especially the final two episodes. The "drugs" concept was translated very poorly and was very corny. I can't imagine how this story line could have been worse... well, maybe if their heads blew up with scat and if they added Larry King and the Nesquik bunny.

The sound wasn't terrible, just read more
Oct 23, 2015
If you like really f***ing hardcore BDSM, then you will enjoy Bondage Game.

The story for this anime had high potential, but lacked execution. I wish there were more details on the women's past lives. All of them were very likable, especially Yuu and Kaname. I believe the worst thing about the story is the ending. It felt unsatisfying and forced, which is a total bummer. I was left with many questions. This OVA would have greatly benefited from a third episode.

The art style is really ugly, but consistent. If anything, it improves as the show progresses. The character designs are fair. Some of the hentai read more