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About Me

Been watching anime/reading manga on/off since around 2005-ish
Name: Pixie
Age: 21
Occupation: Full time college student / Part-time tutor
Likes: Vocaloid, Visual Kei, old numetal/rock, goth/lolita/gyaru fashion, horror,
Fav Anime: Ergo Proxy
Fav Manga: Battle Angel Alita (Gunnm)
Hobby: Cooking, reading, digital art, non-anime books and movies (recs welcome)
Extra: I'm busy between work and school, so I might not read messages for a few days. Thank you for understanding <3

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say0rikinn1e Mar 20, 7:41 PM
RIGHT! I often talk to people who think anime is stupid, but there’s something for everyone so if they’d open their mind they could find something amazing. Anyway, when I say legal, I mean like detectives and police and workplace dramas. It’s all interesting to me. I watched Ace Attorney and I liked it but it obviously had so many legal inaccuracies. Regardless, some animes that depict the legal genre I’m talking about a little bit better are Deathnote and Bungo Stray Dogs. Not to hate on Ace Attorney!! I love it. It’s one of the first animes I got into. Yes I did drop it for years after only watching two episodes, but now it makes me feel all young and nostalgic :)) And speaking of library books, I just had to do some reading for class. We had to read a set amount whenever the teacher told us, it was awful. I mean, the book was wonderful but I take annotating way too seriously so it was such a drag 😭
Asj_ Mar 19, 9:12 AM
Ohhh right, it sounds like Aria and YKK vibes so I'll prolly enjoy it a lot, been a long time since I watched something similar. Gonna give it a try as soon as I'm feeling like watching it without dropping it lol.
In that case I recommend Aria, Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou and maybe Akage No Anne since it's another sweet SOL, I think you'll enjoy those shows.
Asj_ Mar 18, 2:18 PM
Yeahh, but like i said you def need to check Vinland S1, it's really good.

Same, I have so much animes that i need to watch, I need to pick up some tho, like Macross.
Btw, do you recommend Mushishi? Seems like another great SOL ngl, I'm curious about it.
Asj_ Mar 17, 8:27 PM
That Nier anime seems cool, I'm prolly gonna start it tmrrw. Tbh I'd say the first anime is great so you'd watch that instead and if you like it then go for the manga, just an advice that after the 1st season the story goes downhill in general in terms of quality, but i still recommend it.

Good to hear that:), last BB season is a roller coaster def, it has a lot of action and shit going on.
Niceeee, if you watch Chernobyl lmk how it went!

Yeah, so I changed my opinion about the series in general, is still decent but a bit hyped IMO, both movies have some issues but in general they're good, so yeah, I think you'll like it so i def recommend it!
say0rikinn1e Mar 12, 5:12 PM
i actually watched Canaan because I heard it was a good gl lmao, it has some romantic subtext and I liked the plot. I also like animes from 2010-2019!! i got into anime by accident in elementary school, and it’s been like a friend for me since then. i probably sound like a dork..
I liked Future Diary decently, the plot was super awesome, the characters were cool, my problem is that I really liked the mc’s romantic partner and she’s a little much, to say the least. I also watched blue period because I thought it was a bl 😭😭 I’m not even a big fan of bl I was just trying to expand my horizons, it ended up not being what I thought it was and I still love it a lot!
For genres I like, based on MAL tags, those would have to be legal, gore, adult cast, child care, slice of life and…you guessed it…girls love :)
Thank you for the recs!! I’ll definitely check out the manga because I’ve been meaning to reignite my passion for reading
Asj_ Mar 12, 10:53 AM
I heard good things about Trigun, I'll give it a try in a near future. I definitely need to watch to some seasonal anime like Vinland S2 or that Nier anime (Not Inukai san's dog which is awful lmfao) and yeah Takt had some cool visuals but rather than that it was generic and bland imo.
Gl with Breaking Bad, are you liking it so far? Is not one of my fav tv shows but def a solid one, I highly recommend the Chernobyl tv show (HBO one), it's great, def worth watching.

I recently rewatched Patlabor 2, before the rewatch i had it on favs and shit but i changed my opinion after the rewatch, still good don't get me wrong but not as good as i remembered it.
say0rikinn1e Mar 10, 7:19 PM
I mean…I don’t read too much manga, mostly just gl 💀💀
For animes, it seems like you like things that are a little bit older so Deathnote, Nichijou, Canaan and Future Diary might suit you. I also have a thing for girls in slice of life animes…BanG Dream is a pretty good choice because it has its own rhythm game connected to it if that’s something you’re interested in. Teekyuu is also a shorty gag comedy anime that I like to watch in between classes or while the teacher is getting ready. Blue Period is about a student trying to get into an art college because he doesn’t know exactly what he wants to do with his life, maybe you’ll relate. After School Dice Club is literally just cute girls playing new board games every episode. Fire Force and Sonny Boy do really well in world building, but you should be careful to pay attention or else the entire show will seem like a ridiculous fever dream.
Sorry it’s a lot, you sealed your fate by asking me for recommendations :))
Asj_ Mar 10, 4:14 PM
Glad to hear that you like Haibane too :D
Tysm, you have some great taste too!

Anything good that you've watched recently?
say0rikinn1e Mar 9, 1:07 PM
I totally recommend AOT and LWA!! Little Witch Academia is a pretty cutesy anime. I really enjoy it and I think it secretly has a lot of depth, but whenever I talk to someone about it they never seem to enjoy it. So while I do recommend it, I think you’d have to watch a little bit and determine if you want to carry on for yourself. For AOT, I really like the manga! I dropped it but it’s just because I don’t have much free time and if I do, Im watching something, not reading. There are a number of things the anime cut out, like there’s a lot of characterization in the manga that’s missed in the anime. Don’t get me wrong, I think both are works of art still! And I’ve been thinking about watching nana for the longest time, just that the length seems daunting. But I’m a student so I’ll probably pick it up during the summer when I have nothing else to do :D
say0rikinn1e Mar 8, 6:51 PM
Hello!! My watch list is actually so long because I’ve been having a one-sided competition with my friend. Basically, I wanna watch more anime than them - it’s like a race :) Some animes that I’m really hardcore about ig would be Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer and Little Witch Academia. I love them to pieces! They’re not to everyone’s liking but they comforted me and kept me occupied through a hard time so they’re even dearer to me. What about you?! Touhou girls are so freaking cute!! And sometimes they’re so secretly dark it’s like a punch to the gut. I haven’t played many games, sadly my attention span hasn’t allowed me to :/
say0rikinn1e Mar 5, 5:10 PM
hey no problem!! your bio was so cool I couldn’t help myself ;)
sadly I’m not as cultured as you, I just recently got into anime and I’ve been kinda hardcore about it
let’s be good friends!!! hopefully I’ll catch up to you..
Neb63 Feb 23, 2:17 PM
Thanks for saying so! I’ve played every Pokémon game except some of the spin offs. Gen 5 is my favorite, but 4 will always be up there because of nostalgia and the excellent soundtrack. The recently released Scarlet and Violet are glitchy, but they’re surprisingly fun. Do you have a favorite Pokémon from what you’ve played?
deafnote Nov 20, 2022 7:20 AM
eh yes, though i'm not even sure they're still working on new stuff now. the only reason i don't follow vkei like i used to is the constant disbanding lol. totally blows

and yeah i love blasting sigure's noisy punk shit too. but i don't know any gangster style anime outside of gangsta, which is worth watching just to hear kenjirou tsuda voice a deaf guy
deafnote Oct 25, 2022 4:35 PM
i've been a jrock/visual kei fan for as long as i can remember. i think i appreciate the fashion just as much as the music. both had a really big impact on me. too many faves to list at the moment, but yes to everyone you mentioned. i like alice nine, vivid, royz, just to namedrop a few. umm it's easier to say who i don't like, ha. ever give mejibray a chance? their style is everywhere and so is their sound, but that's why i love them lol. plus, tsuzuku's voice is to fucking die for

oh yea, tk. i'm an embarrassingly huge fan of his music actually. i've read interviews from him and the way he speaks is so poetic. he just seems so damn interesting as a person and you can feel such a range of emotions in his songs. really good stuff. signal is great tho, one of my fave anisongs. perfect fit for the series, which was also one of my faves when it aired
MichaelL124 Oct 25, 2022 12:09 PM
You're welcome!