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Oct 31, 2019
First off: I really think this show will be the best this season. From deep characters to an enrapturing story, this original has it all.

The story of Stars Align is centered around a middle school boy named Katsuragi Maki. He moves schools and gets convinced by his friend to join the school's failing soft tennis club because of his athletic ability, despite never playing soft tennis before. From there, it seems like it will become a generic sports/drama, but there is a darker side to the story which reveals itself after the ending of the first episode, and the show starts touching on conflicts read more
Apr 4, 2019
Hmm. My impressions of Ultraman are mixed. The show is definitely good enough so that I will watch a second season, though it has many, many faults.

STORY: 5/10
The story: your typical shounen story. Shinjirou's father was Ultraman, and... ta-dah! Now he has to take over in his place due to a new threat. The story is about his journey to becoming the reliable, admirable Ultraman that everybody needs. Although it is a typical shounen story, I feel that the show tries to do a bit much with it. There are plot twists, backstories, and other little tricks and gimmicks that try and make this series read more