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Feb 25, 2013
Honestly I began watching the anime of after having read and fell in love with the manga. And I think it because of the order of them, that I couldn't't give the anime a higher mark than a 7. I began watching in December but after 18 eps I felt as if I was forcing to watch each I found these ones quite repetitive and found myself being easily distracted by other thing and I left it for over 2 months before telling myself I had to finish the rest. And I was hooked! 26 eps in under a day and yes I went read more
Feb 23, 2013
First time I ever watched this, I had to stop at episode 3 go to the nearest shop and by buns and cakes :/ but that totally off the point. I really did love the art work on this anime and alongside the characters I found this anime to be enjoyable, addictive and something I just finding myself going back to - just like cakes :) totally worth the watch but make sure to have something sweet on hand throughout (This totally has to become a written warning at the beginning of the anime)