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Jul 14, 2018
RG Veda (Manga) add (All reviews)
First, I have to mention that I read it on my laptop so the quality of the art and the narrative is lost in the screen, but it still can be appreciated.

The Art and the narrative is good, but is the later that suffers the most. The fights scenes can be confusing to follow the action and know what’s going on, this as well happens in some flashbacks where there are no texts and this can be worsen by the character design, something that I think is one of the biggest flaws in all of CLAMP’s work.

The Story is good as well, it is read more
Jan 5, 2017
This is a little conflictive, I'm a fan of the whole Saint Seiya franchise in general, but I have to be honest.
Well the story it isn’t so complicate, like the original series but in this case it's all big saga, The Holy War. the war start in the second or first volume, being only Tenma, Alone and Sasha (this last one not so much) with a decent background history, introducing the supporting character along the story, thing that could work but it doesn’t'.
The problem is that characters like Yato and Yuzuriha are presented as the principal supporting characters but they don't act as that, they read more