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valoon Dec 9, 12:52 PM
Yeah it's about time that it gets a good adaption!
valoon Dec 8, 11:23 PM
Haha well, maybe Uzumaki will be the best horror anime we will ever get

valoon Dec 8, 8:08 AM
Yeah but that wouldn't sell haha

It's my favourite dementia anime (given I don't really like dementia)
valoon Dec 7, 7:26 AM
Psychological Horror is pretty awesome, but it's also a hard genre and not many anime manage to do that.
Dementia is pretty well, uh, creepy haha so maybe you'll like
valoon Dec 6, 3:22 PM
Hmm that's a hard question as I've enjoyed anime from every genre so far, but I would probably say Dark Fantasy, wbu?
valoon Dec 4, 8:17 AM
Lol yeah I remember that muchxD
valoon Dec 3, 12:38 PM
Woah really? guess I should really play the VN someday lol
why has it to be so long tho x.x
valoon Dec 3, 10:07 AM
Yeah I have also partially read it, so I'm even more excited for the parts I don't know yet haha

haha no, I only started the VN a few times but didnt actually go through with it and don't know if I ever will, wbu?
valoon Dec 3, 8:24 AM
nice to see you like it as much as well haha, yeah we should expect a masterpice to come out of it!
valoon Dec 2, 1:33 PM
Lol don't worry, it takes a long time for that haha
Yeah we are blessed with many more continuations nowadays hehe
I love Attack on Titan and have been following it since it came out back in 2013, it was a no brainer to me that it would become famous. I really liked the first season but the wait on the 2nd one was so fucking long lol so I went ahead and read the manga back then until that Historia arc which bored me so much I stopped reading. After the anime finished that arc it was new waters for me, it was so nice to see this whole stuff animated. The final season better be fucking awesome!

Yeah people are kinda retarded sometimes, not gonna lie haha
However thats normal I think, there will always be anime people don't like, there are many popular anime I don't like either after all
valoon Dec 1, 5:19 PM
Yep exactly

Haha no problem! Yeah I agree, it would be quite sad if we dont get new big franchises tho...
However I wouldn't say that we have less finished anime nowadays. In fact I would say we have even more finished stuff nowadays. Like Hero Academy, Dr. Stone and Neverland especially pushing for a full adaption. Then we also have Attack on Titan, Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, the list goes on... On the other side, in the 90s and such things werent always finished, take Ranma for example it got never fully animated. Or Inuyasha was also left unfinished until it received it's condensed final. But those are big ones, the smaller ones have it even harder back then, because back then there normally was no such thing as international audience. Nowadays they stream every seasonal so it's quite easy to see which show does how good overseas. But back then, only a handful of shows was (fan)subbed and the most popular ones like Full metal Panic, Haruhi Suzumiya etc all got sequels sooner or later. But this is not true for shows that werent licensed back then and only go noticed by people who search for older stuff.
The anime I'm currently subbing, Tanken Driland, is a great example. The anime itself is quite nice and I'm sure it wouldn't have done worse than some shows this season. However, it was in 2012 when it was released and that time was the transition phase to simulcasts. So this was still a time, when fansubs were alive and simulcasts were sparse, of course such a show had no chance of getting licensed. Also it released in the same season as Sword Art Online, so it was very overshadowed by the new seasonal (even though most people didnt watch seasons at this point yet)
Also it was just when Fairy Tail's first run had ended and they got their time slot, there was a big backlash by the fairy tail community "they canceled fairy tail for this shit!" So of course most people didnt want to watch an unlicensed show that was hated by the whole community lol
valoon Dec 1, 1:19 PM
Well makes sense too, with Manga you can basically read in your own pace making it relaxing too haha

Haha that's a tricky question and I'm not sure if I can answer it yet since I have very big gaps especially in the 2000's and 90's.
However I would agree that 1990s was the start of much better anime. Not very surprising though.
80's had quite good anime, it was a good start into the decade for anime, many new investors, etc. leading to very obscure anime like Tenshi no Tamago, one of my favourites. It was also around that time when the bubble burst and studios went bankrupt.
Just look at 1984, there have been around 30 new TV anime including popular shows like Hokuto no Ken, a few popular Mechas as well as the famous Glass no Kamen adaption and a new Lupin series. Compare to today we have around 60 shows per season, so they recovered quite good lol
But yeah the 80's had the start of so many famous anime like Dragon ball, touch, ranma (89 tho), Saint Seiya, etc.
But that's exactly it. Big and popular manga were adapted because they were more or less a guaranteed success, experimenting not much and giving us more long runners than seasonal shows.
In the 90's this changed and we got more experimental and shorter stuff. Of course successful mangas got longer shows again, like Sailor Moon.
As you know this also continued into the 2000s with Inuyasha, Bleach, etc. and it even continued in the 2010's with Fairy Tail, Black Clover (and Hero Academy) but also the infamously Aikatsu franchise which has over 400 episodes by now i think lol
For 2020 it is unsure wheter we will get new big franchises, as the tides turned for more seasonal and short stuff, but we can still hope.

Either way, I would consider the 90's as the real start since we got so many more good shorter anime like Cowboy Bebop, Serial Experiments Lain and etc. Which would have been much harder in the 80's due to the fear of failure and sticking to just adapting successful manga
valoon Dec 1, 9:23 AM
Lol yeah, we could have never imagined!
Well my favourites would be Anime > Manga > Light Novels what about you? I just love things animated, wheter it is anime or cartoon, I don't really like reading if I can just sit back...

Yeah that's also a strategy I guess, but that wouldn't work for me since there would be the possibility to miss out on hidden gems

Well 1969 so its something lol, there aren't that many good shows from the 60's, but they exist.

Sure I can send them you via PM
valoon Nov 30, 9:07 AM
Lol yeah true... Just yesterday I started making a list for cartoon movies, I finished it right now so now I have a complete list of all cartoon movies that were ever produced which I have to watch... Will do a similar one for cartoon series too and after that maybe one for Live action series and such, there's still a lot to do... not to forget books and videogames ewe

Haha that's a pretty good start! Guess you have been swallowed by seasonals in the beginning already xD

Yeah it's not a bad show actually, I had to watch it raw last time so I'm looking forward to my rewatch of it with eng subs haha
It's also one of the 60's anime with colour which is kinda interesting.

What I love to do once I finish a passage of anime (like the current season), I make a video featuring the best Openings. I have one for the 60's, 70's and recently I finished the 2019 one. So if you wanna check it out I can give you some links
My goal is to have such videos for every year in the end, then I will be able to watch all after another and remember all good anime in one day lol
valoon Nov 30, 7:27 AM
Yeah guess we will never be done then lol

Yeah they certainly are! I just started recently as celebration of me watching anime for 10 years, I rewatched my very first anime and right now I'm rewatching my 2nd anime. Gonna rewatch one every season now and after ~9 years the anime totally feels fresh since I have forgotten most of it!

Hmm I'm not sure as most of it is in German, but my most rare thing would probably be a video disk of Kurenai Sanshiro (which got recently subbed, you might want to check it out)