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Days: 98.4
Mean Score: 5.86
  • Total Entries3,029
  • Rewatched56
  • Episodes6,122
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Koutetsujou no Kabaneri
Koutetsujou no Kabaneri
Jun 2, 10:20 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 4
Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi
Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi
May 30, 4:33 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 1
Dorei-ku The Animation
Dorei-ku The Animation
May 26, 8:25 PM
Watching -/12 · Scored -
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Days: 39.4
Mean Score: 6.39
  • Total Entries1,679
  • Reread0
  • Chapters6,645
  • Volumes615
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Apr 7, 2:22 PM
Reading -/100 · Scored -
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Solo Leveling
Mar 30, 9:53 PM
Reading 145/? · Scored 9
Mar 30, 1:38 AM
Reading -/438 · Scored -


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PsychoJDM May 27, 10:39 PM
valoon May 25, 8:33 AM
Hey man, sorry real life kept me busy and i totally forgot to answer :/

And yeah the habbit thing is so true, but I still never manage to do anything productive xD Thats life I guess

I agree with that, without knowledge things would be much harder, even in our daily lives, or when talking to other people. Know your things, become a master in your fields and you will constantly reap the fruits hehe

thats pretty hardcore i think stillxD

yeah it can be bothersome sometimes for sure... But im more on the chaotic side, so its not really "organized" haha, I just do the current seasons so it will take 10 years in total, sometimes i also do random stuff from 2017 or idk, but in the end it will be sooo worth it, having a complete list of all anime series I've watched (excluding all those errors in my MAL list), and also having all the infos I need in one place, really looking forward to that :P

Besides that, I have been doing well just have to learn for exams again :/ And how did you spend the last 2 months?
valoon Mar 13, 6:30 PM
Yeah getting a habbit is hard, thats why I'm trying to gamify such tasks now and works quite alright so far...

Its easier to trick somebody than to convinvce somebody that he has been tricked

xD I wouldnt go so far to move away from it but oh well, surely we will get 77 waifus someday ;p

My anime are already planned for the next 9 years so i dont really get much time to derive from it either :/ will be sad in 9 years when I finally run out of new old anime
valoon Mar 10, 8:47 AM
Doing more with music is quite easy but yeah it can turn boring pretty fast... same with the games lol

You're right, learning is a fundamental part of life, yet many people close their eyes in front of evidence... geez

That's a good strategy, I think many students (should) do it like that. But I just rather have X topics and walk my way through all of them...

Yeah many wouldnt be able to stop for a month or even a week, so we will just enjoy it further :P

Sad, since I have virtually run out of anime to watch :(
valoon Mar 6, 8:33 AM
No all good have just been busy lol

yeah exercising is important but I sadly barely do much. Only started this week again and hope I can keep at least a bit up, but only 20 minutes... well better than nothing right?

That's a valid argument, but I'm not sure if I would play it at all haha. Just tought it looks interesting a bit, but also boring enough for me not to play it so idk lol there are way better games out there i guess

Life is truly a neverending quest of learning lol theres just so much to do, I would love to also learn how to make music someday so I could remix Openings lol
So sure, link me your music =)

Yeah thats the most important thing, enjoy the things but dont get addicted to them, I think that's the key with basically everything

Also I know you like horror so maybe you have some horror cartoon recommendation? They are so scarce, only the shivering truth was able to creep me out a bit, really recommend that
Mywifesson Mar 1, 3:57 PM
who's alt are you? why do you keep bugging me
valoon Feb 23, 2:57 PM
Workout is always nice hehe I gotta start again too

A sense of choice is better then none after all haha

xD Okay, which version of sphinx and the cursed mummy would you play?

Making art is always nice, be sure to keep it up! Someday, I might try to learn drawing as well...

Hmm I think the bigger damage to our brains is done by porn, so abstaining altogether makes this noticable. But as long as you feel better just stay that way! Either way I couldnt go a week without, Im just fine with my hedonistic lifestyle =p Even can cross out having sex during a pandemic now on my apocalypse bingo card
valoon Feb 20, 6:36 AM
xD Should train it then occassionally

Yeah true that but I still kinda like a more linear play or rather a semi linear. Like when in WW you had to choose between 2 dungeons which you would do first but in the end you have to do both. Or if you just cant reach a certain dungeon because you lack an item, stuff like that

I understand you, for me it really depends on how they do the remaster. Just upgraded graphics/controls dont change the game in itself. But when they go from a 2D classic to 3D remaster it certainly feels different so I would come back to play the old game as well. Or if they remove certain features I liked for example, but yeah its different case by case I would say
But of course old looking games have also a nice atmosphere to them hehe

Well I know that feel xD Time is limited after all, but to me living life to its fullest would just be enjoying every day, not having to work physically, not burning out mentally and eating delicious things and have nice experiences with women haha so basically just live your dreams :P
GoodMan69 Feb 18, 1:33 PM
Yo, what's your favourite anime and manga?
valoon Feb 12, 4:04 AM
Hmm yeah without anything to do things become pretty boring. Gotta keep your brain in shape as well your body after all!

Too many options are too overwhelming for me, I like it when I can choose from e.g. 3 but not much more haha
How does the GC version compare to the remaster in terms of controls and atmosphere?

Sounds like you're on the right way then!
I think I'm pretty close as well, or even already at it. Don't know how anything could become even better

It's no problem haha :P
valoon Feb 6, 8:17 PM
Why is that, too boring otherwise?

Hmm thats strange, hope he gets around finishing it then...

That sounds interesting, especially the first one so I will give those a try!

Haha I actually like fewer items to collect so I can focus on something, kinda why I like Doom.
But yeah sometimes its really good just coming back and play older games, especially when they get remastered!

Exactly... so just make the best out of the moment and try to live life to the fullest

Also 10% of the year passed already...
valoon Feb 1, 7:48 AM
Damn sorry due to real life I didn't notice it earlier ewe This year so far has only been learning and not much chilling sadly haha

Thats a good mindset, maybe I would think that too If I had the time for it

That sounds pretty good and I never heard of it as well o_o
Kouishou Radio has been on my PTR for a while but starting something that isnt finished yet is always quite offputting for me when it comes to mangas. Do you know if it is in hiatus or publishes regularely?

Also if you have any other horror recommendations I will gladly take them haha, there's just more to explore than I could do alone =p

Hope you rested well then! How's it been going for the rest of the month?

Well the state of the world... we will have to see if that can improve but since theres nothing we can do we should just enjoy things until then
valoon Jan 12, 10:51 PM
Yeah its a good one but defenitely not the best... Its hard for a game to be actually so good that I have to play it myself, it's rare...
Really terrified? Probably not yet, even if sometimes the atmosphere becomes really creepy.
Which game made you feel that way?

No problems, me too, but that time will be over as well and then we will watch great anime
valoon Jan 1, 10:01 AM
Yeah I gotta haha

Yeah a 6 sounds fair, its a nice horror game but defenitely not the best haha
And yeah the free sections are the hardest ones xD

Happy new year =p
valoon Dec 25, 2020 11:40 AM
Ah I'm just trying to finish those 1990 anime and such things haha so I can move on to the next season ewe

Personally I liked Outlast, its story was convincing enough and the gameplay was also pretty nice, having to hide all the time haha hope you like it as well.

Also merry christmas!