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Oct 11, 2018
A low score for most probably the wrong reasons.
This anime is 100% not a masterpiece. It does not delve into a deep political setting, it does not bring some never seen before plot, and it certainly does not create some complex characters that will remain with you for the rest of your life. No, but it gives life to ideals without crossing the border between logic and stupidity. It does not try to force everything unto you, it does not stick to the same old rules where ideals need to be manifested as extremities. This anime has some sort of balance in the world of read more
Jul 31, 2018
A short review for those that are new to this anime.
The second season of the highly appreciated anime 3-gatsu no Lion does not continue its former legacy, instead starts a new quest where most of the things you may have enjoyed in the first season are left aside only for the story to advance to a more social feeling.
While the first season brought us face to face with the protagonist inner demons and allowed us to see how he faced them while dealing with the problems of a pro shogi player, in the second season everything starts recycling itself through a side character, read more
Sep 10, 2015
Welcome to the most hated anime! But why? Because this is the general opinion. You know how all Android users hate Apple users because they pay more just to have something that is NOT as special as their android right? This goes mostly the same. People hate it because they don't want it to gain more popularity. Now some people may think that I actually say that SAO doesn't have bad points. No no no, it has bad points. But it also has good points. But most people only see the bad ones because they are bored to see how much attention it receives. I'd read more
Mar 30, 2015
The last episode came, many people watched it and at the end one thought was strongly resonating in their brain: "Why did we underestimate this anime so much?". The beginning of this anime may be the biggest hoax in the anime history. Not only it made no sense, but it was like in the middle of night while you were sleeping someone blew up your roof, killed your family and then told you that it was your fault and you should be punished. No sense right? Still, slowly but surely this anime showed that it was a lot more than that. Sometimes surprising read more
Dec 30, 2014
Sadly, as many others have already said, I wonder ... how great it would have been if the entire series relied on the relationship between Kirito and Sinon rather than the always lovely couple KiritoXAsuna? An anime that started so promising only to disappoint so hard is a rarity among rarities. Well, lets get down to business.
Story - 6 The first part had its flaws ( I mean the first 14 episodes), like how Kirito was given an avatar that looks way to much like a woman. Until then the always frail Kirito was acceptable, but now its to much of a stretch. Still, the read more