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Kamisama ni Natta Hi
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Kimi no Koto ga Daidaidaidaidaisuki na 100-nin no Kanojo
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ENCH4NTR1X Feb 9, 11:35 AM
Hi again how is the situation going with the unrest and I-net (we don´t hear much about it in the news anymore)?

I have been at the Akiba-Pass festival in Berlin 2 weeks ago and was in the Cinema from morning til dawn with a friend.^^
There we watched Saekano the movie (Is a series y might enjoy i think), wonderland, Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl (also a series for y i think), children of the sea, and Cencoroll connect. From these i recommend to you the first, third and last^^.
Especially cencoroll connect was pretty cool and had great action scenes as well as a very interesting premise over all. Also great fighting scenes. If y should decide to watch it btw y should know that cencoroll the first movie is included in the second movie (didn´t know that so we watched it the night before the festival just to notice that we already knew the first 25min of the second movie xD). I am also totally shipping Tetsu and Kaname btw^^.

Reading stuff:
I´m still following a few stories on royalroad and have started a sci-fi story (non japan related) which started about 1990 and is still continuing. It is pretty great and features a spaceship captain rising through the positions with achivements battles and so on. It also doesn´t feel rushed like many recent works i have read over all and i think atm it has about 35 volumes or so.

In terms of manga etc. i recommend y "solo-leveling" it is a webtoon and pretty cool altogether.

Overall i get the feeling y are gathering far too many things y obsess over in these novels, which will slowly continue to exclude pretty much almost everything y could even read (just saying) maybe y should try jumping into a few series blind and see if it works out?
(By that i mean just look up some novel or series which gets good reviews and maybe look up the genre but aside from that just start reading and don´t spoil yourself most of the story through forums etc.^^)

anime series

Somehow I feel myself being less excited about the announced adaption of mushoku tensei after my disappointment what turned out of the good story of arifureta....
I have watched the alicization arc of sao (at least whats released til now which has almost caught up to the novel being the start of volume 17 or so i think) and the adaption was pretty good imo though no masterpiece or sth. like that.
I can only recommend Dr. Stone and Firefighters to you especially Firefighters because here we have the rare case of the anime being better than the manga (large part are the great fighting scenes and visuals that work much better in motion than from page to page).

To clear up for y what i understand of fate grand order: The timeline is outside the usual timeline and the overall story is about a mageking trying to mess up history via the grail wars. He does that through 7 anomalys. 3 of the 7 are set over the course of the known timelines just with a few tweaks that change history. The heroes here are part of chaldea an organization which tries to fight the mage king and fix the anomalys/disruptions in history the mageking causes. The anime atm focuses on only 1 of these diruptions being somewhere around the 5th-7th i think. This one is set in uruk at the dawn of mankind. So following that it is not that Rin merges with ishtar (because rin isn´t even born yet) but just another random girl looking exactly like her. Following this time line logically sakura and emiya are also nowhere to be seen in this part of the story for the same reason as rin.

Yeah cannonbuster is partly a crazy mecha anime which pretty rich colors.
The mc of honzuki is female. All in all they did an ok job with the adaption imo, though I haven´t finished the anime yet.

I am mostly only managing to follow 4 series atm ( Darwins Game, To aru Kagaku III, Haykuu S4 and Boku no hero academia) and I´m currently saving up (magia record which is an spin off of madoka magica).
Aside from anime I recently finished the 7th season of RWBY, which still remains totally cool and exciting.....the wait for S8 is killing me already even though S7 just ended^^.

other stuff:
What did your beginner computer training entail actually?
Programming and stuff or just how to use some office programms etc.?

All in all considering I yet again needed over a month to reply y can feel my timeconstraints caused by my job I guess. Though it is pretty interesting overall and I´m still learning quite a bit. only 3 weeks remaining then i have arrived at half a year which is the trail period for my job. After that it is set formally though i am pretty sure I will keep my job even after trial^^

ENCH4NTR1X Oct 13, 2019 6:14 AM
Hey there it has been a while so now I have started my job for 1 1/2 months and well it is literally a new experience every day (and also eats more of my free time then I would have ever guessed).^^
And no I doubt I´m gonna spend more in that direction because of that :P.

One example for that is that I actually got surprised by the start of the new anime season, like normally i would already look up all the upcoming shows and plan exactly which ones I was gonna try and stuff, but this time I checked the nwe episodes for the week and then suddenly I saw several new anime it only realised then that a new season had started xD.

concerning adult VN or VN in general I had a short period when i was at least a bit invested in the "normal" VN, but now I don´t think I will get the time to play any aside from my interest in them also wanning for quite some time. I don´t know about free good VN, but well you can always get most one way or another without paying if y search enough. Good ones are for example Steins;Gate, If my heart had wings (need the uncensored version here) and the fruit of grisaia. If y want sth. similar I could also recommend you the game "magical diary" (is also on steam) which is also a short kinda magic school/dating sim with quite a bit replayability. I don´t rly know what y mean by interactive it that you can meaningfully change the story with your choices or do y mean that it has multiple mini-games and stuff inside the gameflow? The ones I recommended have the first one...I don´t know about the second because I never played them til the end.

>One Piece
I am out of the story flow of the series atm so it is quite hard for me to make guesses how it is gonna turn out when it is getting hard for me already to understand what exactly is going on xD

>anime season

I haven´t continued kono yo no hate and I don´t plan on in the near future.
Arifureta was pretty much a dissappointment in almost every way and the character interactions made me cringe internally quite frequently. Also the worst of all is that the cut so much content that large parts of the story are missing almost all of their context which made it great in the novel -.- .
From the last season I watch Dr. Stone and firefighters and also have some lying around where i´m at about halfway through and still have to finish them. Also at the end I binge watched cop craft (which was much better than its ratings would lead y to asume) and also i will give cannon busters a try because of how non standard the show is with its setting and art style.

Now to this new season: I have started Fate grand order, Sword art online alicization II, honzuki.... and I will also start psycho-pass III and maybe some other stuff. Wel in the end I will see how many of them will survive til the end of the season with me :P

>reading stuff

I have read the newest sword art online progressive novel some time ago, but that was literally all in terms of light novels for me since last time.
Aside from that I have mostly been following quite a few webnovels on royalroad and also a few mangas.

In concern to my recommendation the translation and the novel haven´t continued much so I doubt I will be able to answer your question about the brocon girl for quite some time. The translation is at volume 10 atm if I remember right and I have finished vol.9.

>shinsekai Yori

Its true that for me also some characters were a bit on the weak side, but what was the enticing point for me about the series was mostly the interesting setting in the future and the worldbuilding. So I wish they would do another series in the same universe so we get to see more of the rest of the world and stuff. Also liked the art style quite a bit btw.

So now that was quite some stuff from have the 2 months or so (I think) gone for y?

PS. About your addition afterwards I don´t rly get what y like about that soundtrack....not even talking about the setting here.
ENCH4NTR1X Jul 7, 2019 8:02 AM
The operation went well luckily and he is getting better so the hard and risky part is done (although it still isn´t completely finished).

Also I will be moving soon because I will be starting my first job at the start of september so that means that from september onward for at least a few months I will have far less time for hobbys and stuff so I don´t think my backlog on games, anime and stuff will be progressing much in the coming months.^^

Well you shouldn´t invest that much time in Shadowverse if you don´t even have fun playing anymore imo and 7-8 hours in front of the screen just for 1 tournament is pretty hardcore. I mean even an mmorpg doesn´t involve that much screentime without breaks (well at least most of them) especially staring at a small phone screen isn´t rly healthy. I have played similar things in the past too and i get that sometimes y just feel y have kinda an obligation or sth. like that to get as much out of the game as possible, but over time these things start to feel tedious and honestly at that point when the fun is completely gone too then moving on from that game might be the best option and use your time for sth. that still interests you be it anime/manga/novels/games or maybe trying some time away from the screen and try some light sports whatever is fun to try out.

I only watched the anime of shinmai maou no testament and honestly just like highschool dxd it was just so full of just fanservice that after watching it I dropped dxd just after a few episodes.^^

Well I must admit I didn´t search for an NTR realtion in my username quite that literal xD.

>One piece

I am following the manga, but haven´t watched the anime for quite some time. I think I stopped watching around the mermaid island arc. So in effect you can´t rly spoiler anything for me there^^.
As far as I have understood the backstory of the celestial Dragons is that they are the descendants of the founders of the world government. So this is just my guess after hearing it but maybe the founders of the government and the marine may have been quite the decent people, but being priviliged by their status their decendents may have degenerated further and further until the state y can see now. I mean you can also find these kind of people in our modern society in a way.

>anime season

Kimetsu no Yaiba doesn´t have any romance whatsoever (so no incest til now as i´m reading the manga too), but the action and story part as well as the design is pretty amazing in itself. The atmosphere in the anime makes me think back to akame ga kill kinda and is a bit dark but also really cool. Well there is also some comedy at some points it could have done without but oh well the good parts of this series far outshadow its bad parts in my opinion. If i relate the manga to the anime both have their strengths imo.....the anime is better in terms of getting the atmosphere right while the manga suceeds better in getting the intricate story across and dampening the bad comedy parts.
Haven´t continued anything else either btw so fairy gone could take a while before i think about finishing it.

>reading stuff

I will spoiler that much that Kei isn´t rly in a relation and it is just a kind of cover without real romance in it (from both sides), but y will have to find out the rest by reading it :P
Btw how can y know if the romance is to your liking if y don´t read it? Just hearing other people talk about their impressions isn´t gonna always be true for your impressions.

I have started a new original web novel btw which is the nr.1 rated web novel on topwebfiction.

Well the main character is a girl so I don´t know if y will read it, but just as with worm I can only try to convince y to try it out as it is rly good.
The girl is also kinda badass and the series is kinda action and war focused in a way so there is some light romance but nothing rly deep til were i´ve read. At least y find a damsel in distress with the female protags i have recommended y here.

The rly good part about shinsekai yori is for one the growing process of their characters and the later part with them grown up i think...well and the universe it is set in is also quite interesting. The homo episode made many people drop it saddly and I can´t rly say it is good or even necessary, though at least they had an explanation for it (didn´t save much in the end did it? :D).

Patema had such amazing story setting and visuals. Also the characters were rly likeable imo.

Well there are good reasons we don´t want to remember the bad examples.^^

I haven´t continued kono yo no hate btw.
ENCH4NTR1X May 21, 2019 8:35 AM
Hey there sorry I am quite late once again had a few situations happening on my side like a relative in the hospital for instance.

MTG Arena is quite new as a good possibility of playing MTG online (theres also MTG online which is quite old but also pretty cluncy and badly optimised while also quite expensive). The game MTG (Magic the Gathering) has actually been around since 1993 and is pretty much the oldest, biggest and most played trading card game worldwide and is for the most part the ancestor of most modern TCG like heartstone for example.

So how did your tournament go?

One piece does have realtionship drama quite a bit (though not love-relationship drama to be precise) like for example Zorros childhood friend dying in an accident or Namis mother dying when she was just a child (don´t think that should be described as action-drama or do y?^^).

The comparison between the celestial dragons and the Alba from 86 is actually pretty accurate I must say though only in their attitudes, because the big difference is how they arrived at that kind of behaviour/worldview. The Alba are just denying/running from the hard reality while the celestial Dragons do have quite a bit of organisational power behind them and through that don´t have to fear almost anything in the world.

>anime season

For the last month I barely watched anything because I was largely lacking the motivation.
I am only following Kimatsu no Yaiba consistently atm.
I watched the first 3-4 episodes of Fairy gone and I would say it is kinda mediocre alltogether. While the scenario could have been really cool actually the execution of the characters and their interaction leaves me kind of wanting. The larger picturer of the story still makes it kinda interesting so I might finish it someday. As much as I have seen of cross ange they are kinda similar in feel so if y enjoyed one you might enjoy the other too.
I will also continue Dororo soon I guess after I have stored up some more eps.
Lastly I have been watching magis grandson as a mindless cliche series (sometimes I just need sth. like that too :P), which is neither rly good nor bad.
Btw had almost forgotten about Gunjou no magmel by now. xD

>reading stuff

Part of the kinda harem are Airi and Kei atm with potentially the brocon girl joining in the long run maybe. I have read all volumes that have finished translating til now and it continues to be thrilling^^. Havent´t seen any of the elements you so passionately hate til now so go ahead and read ;)

Otherwise I have mostly been following quite a few of the better series on royalroad. Savage Divinity and Metaworld chronicles are pretty good reads and the later also has finally published his first volume with edits and stuff although the grammatics were fine before too.

Concerning good and bad executed female protagonists:

I mostly don´t especially think a series is good because the gender of the MC but because of how the character was executed and in many cases y could also say that a similar execution could have also worked for a character of the other gender so in the end the examples I bring up will not always be well executed female mcs emphasizing the female part but more the character as a whole in the story.

good examples anime/manga:
Princess Mononoke; Angel beats - Yuri; Spice and Wolf - Horo; Anthem of the Heart - Naruse,Jun ; Shinsekai Yori - Saki; Song of the long march - Li, Chang Ge; Patema inverted - Patema; Kimi no na wa

good examples novels:
worm - Taylor;

bad examples anime/manga:
Sky Wizards Academy - Whitale, Misora; Valkyrie Romanze - Kisaki, Mio; Saikin Kono Sekai wa Watashi dake no Mono ni Narimashita...... - (forgot her name :P)

Well it is always easier to name good then bad ones because I tend to not watch/ forget the bad examples pretty fast. Especially with novels I stop reading sth. pretty fast if I don´t enjoy it and following that remember it even less after just a few days^^. Also I only named the ones where the female mc was rly memorable on its own so even if I enjoy the story I won´t put the female mc there in most cases (because they´re good, but not that good xD)


I haven´t watched neither of the two, but I actually came quite close to watching pancreas funnily because it was running on an anime festival near me some time ago (decided last minute not to go because all my friends bailed out on me.... ).

Wow I have the feeling I wrote quite chaotic this time lol :D

ENCH4NTR1X Apr 7, 2019 2:52 PM
Well naturally it takes time to get good at a specific card game so only time will tell I mean I have played Magic the Gathering now for maybe over 15 years (well with some time on and off in between) casual for the most part and I still can´t rly say I´m too good at it.^^
Even knowing most of the strong cards and deck strategies in Magic is pretty much impossible I mean there are probably about 30k unique cards by now in total. Well shadowverse may not be that big yet and there may be far less strategies and individual decks yet but always staying up to date in a cardgame is pretty hard speaking from experience and paring that with also playing competetive can be pretty time-consuming so I get were you´re coming from. Anyway good luck with that ;)

Btw y still haven´t told me what kind of NTR-link you thought to have found in my username I´m interested to be honest^^

>Shield hero

I can totally understand that considering how much I still remember about that series (which is pretty llittle) it was quite underwhelming and I think more and more that I won´t watch the anime either.
Well One piece is neither a drama nor a romance for the most part so many points about characters that y usually tend to hate on aren´t included there due to what kind of series it is. I mean also most of the other members of the crew are characters that don´t have much stuff to hate them for. (I admit zorro is pretty cool although he was totally put into the background for most of the recent story. Loved the story about his childhood btw)

>Winter season anime

I never read the LN for Date a Life....
I can´t rly get myself excited for this setting of go toubon anymore to be honest so I don´t know when or if I will ever continue it. I have the same problem for Bokutachi wa Benkyo in the new spring season which has a pretty similar setting only with a few less candidates starting off and no mystery element.

> Other reading stuff

Well funny thing is the cause behind the sucubus stuff is kinda revealed in the rewrite of until death?! Spoiler*(after Ascathon puts Myrms soul through the shredder at the beginning with both of them dying Seria puts Myrms soul back together as mcu h as possible. For that she merges it with the Soul of the Sucubus queen from the previous story, which was one of ascathons sexual partners in his previous incarnation).
Well at least we cleared up you criteria of acceptance for virgins and non virgins with this xD

Btw I´m reading the LN of atm and I think this could be sth. for y. I mean first of it has a male MC, has a school setting kinda like kakegurui only less excentric and has very well developed characters (at least in the LN). Also I can´t be sure how it will end up in the end but there is quite a few romance elements there, which only time will show how the author will resolve them (so harem or singular relationship is still on the board here).

Lastly I´m quite sad to hear that only reading in the intro that it has a female MC means a series is a no go to read for y already. That scratches quite many amazing series from your radar altogether. I mean doesn´t it always depend on the execution of the character? I mean not all female MCs are whiny bitch characters automatically just as male MCs aren´t always dense, perverse or emotionally dead. Just because it has a female MC it doesn´t even remotely have to have elements of feminist ideology!

>Spring season:

I must admit initially I had a pretty hard time finding even 1 series this season to get excited about. Well now after a few first impressions and a bit of digging through information I am most excited about "Kimetsu no Yaiba" because the dark themed story and the amazing visual execution by ufotable made the first ep already very awe inspiring to watch.
I will also keep an eye out for "Kono Yo no Hate" , "Gunjou no Magmel" and " fairy gone".
One punch man S2 and bungou stray dogs S3 are also on my radar but I still have to watch the previous seasons sometime to be honest.

I also thought about watching senryu shoujo, but am now reconsidering reading the manga instead because I read the anime isn´t nearly turning out as good (was thinking of reading it already before that).
ENCH4NTR1X Mar 30, 2019 5:26 PM
Ah btw do y know the novel Worm by wildbow? I read it over the course of the last 2-3 weeks and it was just so amazing. The setting is on a parallel Earth kinda similar to My Hero Academia but more realistic and darker in it´s content. It was an amazing ride to read it I tell y (and also a pretty long one with an approximate length of about 22 normal sized books^^).
ENCH4NTR1X Feb 25, 2019 2:09 PM
Hey there sry it took some time was in my gaming phase for the last month (stardew valley first and then Assassins Creed Odyssey).
How has the last month gone on your end?

How has my username NTR in it? It wasn´t intended at least.^^

Well I don´t know if enjoying is rly the right word for it....for example over the years we have talked you most likely noticed that I also like to read pretty black/ugly/gory stories,series and manga at times. In my case it is not that I enjoy watching it in that sense or would like it done to myself or others, but it is rather the curiosity on my part how people are lead to commit these things and what are they thinking when they do it. Also how do the victims feel when they experience it. All in all y could say I´m a bit interested in psychology though not in the professional sense, but just the process of empathizing with others.
Naturally other people might have other reasons for reading/watching stuff like that (maybe due to the adrenaline in case of horror movies).


I have recently finished Volume 3 btw and my guess was correct with Volume 2 and 3 covering the timeframe between the end of Volume 1 and its epilogue. Going by the descriptions in Volume 3 the great Wall of the republic was broken through by the railgun, but the republic was still actively fighting back even after that (though some areas may have fallen already). In essence a big part of the population was and is still alive, though I wouldn´t say most of the population of the "white pigs" learned anything from that, because it was so much easier for them blaming everything bad happening to them on others.
Well the official translation will sadly take quite a while until it arrives at vol 4. I saw on amazon that vol.2 is supposed to be released in July of this year so I exspect vol.4 not before summer next year. Well thats how it goes most of the time with the official translations which are in many cases worse than the fan translations on top of it :(

>Shield Hero

First of I read the web novel version and it seems that especially in the later half of the story there are some distinct differences between the versions and also some new characters that weren´t mentioned in the web novel especially after vol 16. Secondly I don´t remember much of the events from Volume 16 onward even in the web novel. Though I can confirm that Atla lived on as a ghost which only naofumi could see and supported him til the end. If I remember right the Hero of the whip in volume 16 named Tact was somehow able to steal the weapons from other heroes which he also did to naofumi and pretty much had the character similar to the hero of the sword (viewing the world like a video game) but much more childlike in a bad sense (everyone was for him to play around with and stuff). Well if I remember right bitch/trash latched onto him as he was pretty overpowered an all and was in the end killed along with him when they won against him later (also I think he was build up to be so powerful by someone else and was in a way an unknowing puppet). So in short trash was never redeemed.
All in all you maybe noticed that I don´t remember many parts of the story anymore so take everything I told you/spoilered y here with a grain of salt ;)

>Winter season anime

I don´t hate date a live (don´t know how y got that idea). It was a pretty solid series imo and I think I will watch season 3 at some point though I admit I still haven´t started it (have it on my pc though).
The manga of Go-toubun was pretty solid, although I haven´t continued it for some time. My favorites where Miku and Itsuki and if y ask me the girl from his memories is most likely Itsuki so I think there are two possible endings here. either its the harem ending or he ends up with itsuki/the girl from his memories.
For Kaguya-sama I don´t think I will be watching it because of many things y also raged about. As far as I got the theme right the main part of the story are the two leads with strong personalities and the many misunderstandings in the interactions between the two of them which are made into a comedy and an occuring theme here.

I started the first chapters of shougakusei but somehow it doesn´t get me to continue reading.
Haven´t tried the second one yet.

>Other reading stuff

I have read the rewritten version of andurs until death which is now at chapter 28 and I can say it is pretty much the same stuff as the original version. The events are pretty much the same and aside from it being longer than the original I haven´t even noticed any differences yet (most likely he further described some situations and clarified some things. The only change I have noticed is that the male mc got a cat/razortooth cat familiar now which he hadn´t in the original I believe. All in all the rewritten version isn´t worse than the original though not much better either. In short y most likely won´t miss much by not reading it.
ENCH4NTR1X Jan 11, 2019 9:04 AM
> Sao

Ok I checked and he licked/tasted the tears in her eyes and licked her ear but that counts as licking the face doesn´t it.....and yes he ripped part of her scantly clothing though i´m not sure anymore if he felt her breasts too. I better not comment your bipolar fetish xD


Did the juggernaut in 86 have wheels? I thought they were Spider like with a cannon on the back and their slim spider legs wore down pretty fast because of their own weight and were pretty fragile altogether. So in the code geass side story akito was piloting the european knight frame which had a battlemode in which it was running on 4 legs with mounted cannons on its back. Try watching the first ep of the side story and y may get why the fight there made me think of the one in 86. The epilogue of vol 1 said that the Republic was almost destroyed (walls were already breached by the enemy railguns) and Lena (new moniker "Blood queen" I think) mobilised all the remaining 86 to save as many as she could by making a breach in the enemys forces and escaping through there. Then they ran into the Forces of the country which emerged from the old empire (forget the name^^) which saved them and drove back the Legion forces. After that the last scene is depicted with Lena joining the military of the other country being put in charge as the operator of a new squad consisting of the former 86 like Shin and the others. And so they are reunited though in the later volumes the story may continue from there. The volumes 2 and most likely 3 now focus on the time in between the last chapter of volume 1 and the epilogue. All former 86 of shins squad which fled with him in the end survived/were still alive there as far as I know.
Thanks for notifying me about vol.3 btw hadn´t checked for sometime so I will start reading it soon I think.^^

>shield Hero

Ok I admit I forgot about Sadina. In the end Shield Hero was bearable as a series but I can´t say it was one of the best in my the end I was also forcing myself to finish it if I remember correctly. Though just saying there are far worse series out there thats why I said it was still bearable and was even kinda good until about half of the series or so. The 3 Heroes weren´t completely redeemed I think because in the end they were all broken in some way though maybe I remember it wrong cause first it has been very long since I read the series and second I read the web novel ersion and not the edited light novel version. I was counting the harem members as Atlas, Firo and Raphtalia though Firo and Atlas are a big ? for one being dead and the other being a bird and more like a little girl (in human form). I don´t know too much about Glass anymore but i guess Sadina would count at least even if it is onesided from her.

>winter season....

mob psycho...well I haven´t watched s1 and I think it just isn´t my cup of tea; date a live 3 I will watch it and it may be the only series this season i´m even a little bit interested in; shield Hero like I said in the previous paragraph; go-toubun already spoiled myself by reading the manga til chapter 80-100 or somewhere along these; Kakegurui also spoiled through manga; Kaguya sama....don´t know; Boogiepop might be interesting although first it doesn´t have a good rating and I remember reading the first few chapter of the manga years ago which also wasn´t too great.

Is conception that bad? I must admit I only skimmed the synopsis and didn´t read too closely. It sounded like the 0815 fantasy different world setting which is neither good nor bad. Well I most likely won´t get to watch it anyway because I have many series on the plan to watch which are definitly better anyway.^^

>>other stuff

Stardew valley isn´t available for android yet only for IOS although the developer said in oktober 2018 that an android version is on the way and already mostly finished so I don´t think y will have to wait too long for it.
Well I have already magic arena running as a card game so I will most likely never come to try shadowverse.....

Btw the link y posted doesn´t work for me and I can´t even identify the supposed name of the recommended series from it :/
ENCH4NTR1X Jan 6, 2019 4:55 AM
Hey there I wish y a happy new year (although a bit late^^)

>concerning Sao

on another note I don´t rly understand the outcry of the community at this time because the scenes between Sugou and Asuna in Season 1 where he was licking all over her face and stuff was pretty disgusting as well. I agree though that they didn´t rly need such a fleshed out adult content in a show with its genre and target community. If all he needed that scene for was make the reader/viewer hate on the nobles and feel for the girls then there would have been countless other less extreme possibilities. Like the laughing coffin spy in the knights of the blood guild in Sao was also pretty hateful without any sexuall/borderline adult content.

>Attack on Titan

honestly I don´t have any character in that whole Series I rly like so my interest in it has also dulled quite a bit. Just good animation and action scenes aren´t enough apparently to get me through it xD

Well I haven´t continued Irozuku yet but well it is an ok series but no masterpiece or anything and it isn´t bad or anything.

>Reading stuff - 86
Well when are reasons for discrimination ever not sth. stupid?^^
You know at least the robot fighting and their design etc. remembered me of Code Geass:Boukoku no Akito could be a coincidence though.
Concerning the end.....I thought y read at least through vol.1 then y should know the answer to most of these questions if y read the epilogue of vol.1. And yes the family of the mc formerly was a noble bloodline in the old empire, but y will know more about that if y read vol.2.

>" - shield hero..

Well y can´t rly call it a harem because I think only Rapthalia leans a bit in that direction and the rest are less of romantic interest though I don´t know how to describe their relationship in the end. If y count a ghost there are 3 females for him in the end. I don´t remember what happened to the other 3 in the end except that they were still alive i believe. Although the spear Guy was still into fiorials in the end xD

I´m sure I won´t watch gakkou juliet ever, but conception maybe but it isn´t high up on my list.
Whats your opinion to the new winter seasons? Honestly I´m having difficulties even finding 1 series (except the continueing ones) that I´m rly interested in.

>Ghost in the shell

Concerning the order I already told y most of what I know in my last message....
1.Ghost in the shell movie 1
2.Ghost in the shell stand alone complex
3.Ghost in the Shell movie 2 - Innocence
4.Ghost in the Shell stand alone complex 2nd
5.Ghost in the shell movie 3 - solid state society

Alternative Story(no idea about the order and haven´t watched most of it):
Ghost in the shell arise Movie 1- 6, Ghost in the shell arise series

>other stuff
Have started playing Stardew Valley recently btw its sth. similar to harvest moon for nintendo (farming game with many details and beautiful atmosphere)^^
ENCH4NTR1X Dec 23, 2018 5:38 AM
Well part of why I liked Andur Novels and Isekai so much was most likely because I would like to believe in a reincarnation-cycle (in case y meant that by the opposite).

So yeah better skip the religious themes as long as they don´t have anything to do with a story we´re discussing.^^

>.....but then again if he really loves minori he'd never fall for taiga, probably just a crush or something....

I would also agree that Ryuujis feelings for Minori were more of a crush....otherwise one just doesn´t jump ship that suddenly after all lol.

Converning Sao:
I think they unneccessarily cranked up that near rape scene honestly.
I sometimes read some articles on a german site though it is mostly in german so it won´t be of much help to you except you want to start learning german too xD.

> You read Attack on Titan manga? Can you give me spoiler?

Well most of what I read is by now adapted in the season 2 of AoT etc. in Essence they notice that most of the more dangerous Titans like the one that destroyed the wall in the beginning are just humans that can turn into giants like Eren and also over the story they find out that there is a conspiracy inside the leadership of the city so the scouts end up fighting against the guards. I stopped reading at the point were they had almost won against the guards though.

> Why the hell does she need to travel to the past to heal her psychological scar and how the hell she exist then when she is only a teen now? And the most important question how is the romance any clues about it?

Well she gets transported to 2018 and lives with her family (also her grandmother being her age) and interestingly tells most of her friends and family there that she is from 60 years in the future (though strangely they don´t have much of a reaction to it and just say stuff like "nothing changes that you´re our friend/family"). I just assumed she has an emotional scar which is also the source why she is a mage that hates magic, because it certainly shouldn´t be normal to see the world in only black and white.
well the romance flags are there with a boy that likes to draw pictures which are strangely the only thing colored normally for her.

Well I typically read stories visually meaning I don´t hang on the words too closely and mostly have the story vividly playing in my mind. Thats also the reason btw why I can read stories pretty fast but a very slow reading scientific or academic text. To my analysis for this story being apocalyptic should be clear because humanity numbers have dwindled and machines have taken over.
My comparison to zombie apoclypse is because the machines take the brains of dead people and mimic them so literally taking them over.
I was also interested in the psychological part of the story meaning first of the whole situation of the discrimination of the colorata people by the white haired and their behaviour (the white haired ignoring everything unpleasant in their life and blaming others for everything bad, which is an interesting part of human nature. Also the Colorata that are pushed to the brink of extinction at least in the republic and how they take that emotionally.). Though I have to admit my visiuals aren´t always completely identical to the story like imagining some additional details etc. like I mostly had the picture of it being cold there being snow everywhere because it just fit the atmosphere of the story in my opinion even though later the story said that it was spring^^.

>I'm assuming you're a Bayern Munich fan?

I was for some time in my childhood, but honestly i was never that interested in soccer games running on TV and liked playing myself more. Nowadays I only watch soccer if the worldchampionships are on again.

> Also I just started reading Tate no yuusha yesterday, was fairly enjoying, the MC though seem to crack easily under pressure, wish he had been more calm, calculating and be a bit more suspicious of people he just met the people he trust his life with. I read the character profile and found out that motoyasu has an obsession on filo and chase for her affection and attention, when does it start and which volumes does he stop chasing after her? Does it get rapey with the situation or just harmless chasing. And why did filo even bothered cheering him up when he was a dick to the MC didn't she heard about how he treated him in the past.

Tate no Yuusha doesn´t have rape or near rape anywhere though it doesn´t mean that there is no drama like some side characters dying over the story and stuff. I don´t know anymore in which volume the stuff with Motoyasu started anymore (I read the web novel version at least 2 years ago), but I still know what caused it: In the end Motoyasu was like the MC betrayed by his bitch club party, but took it far worse than the MC. Through that he viewed every woman as a pig. I don´t exactly know aymore what Firo did for him anymore just that it wasn´t anything big in review (Firo hated him form the start because she knew about that and also because of his Fixation on her and I think Motoyasu just misunderstood Firos action for his convenience). That was the catalyst which fixated Motoyasu on Firo and after he noticed he couldn´t get her to like him he even got himself 3 Fiorials of his own and tried to mold them into Firo-alikes....

Btw did you try "mushoku tensei"? Because it has a good character development and also has much romance in it with a working harem (he ends up srsly with multiple wives and children) which is pretty rare. "Sevens" would also be an option though I think the harem situation there is slightly less cleared up than Mushoku tensei, but still with children and stuff.
ENCH4NTR1X Dec 19, 2018 5:40 AM
Nah I haven´t found a job yet I´m still applying for several though.

At least I don´t believe completely in any existing religion if y mean that though if I had to decide buddhism with its reincarnation cycle would at least be close to what I like to believe. But seriously many religions today have long lost their initial good principles and succumbed to greed moneymaking and other such stuff. I mean just take most of the bigger religions for example the katholics had dozen scandals in the past the discharge-commerce in the early times or the child abuse by priests in recent years and all in all at least the church as an institiution is just hypocritical nowadays. The evangelism was initially split up from the katholics, but as one can hear recently they have similar problems as the katholics just barely not as bad. The Islam is mostly used nowadays as a breeding beet for terrorists as their justification for everything. Well Buddhism doesn´t have any scandals i´m aware of yet and has a pretty interesting concept in my opinion. Also I srsly am sick of all these religious storys that first no one can verify nowadays and are mostly interpreted by the churchs for their own convenience (I had to endure religion classes through most of my years in school).

Well the summarize yes in a way I guess I´m an atheist although I wouldn´t say I don´t believe in anything.

> Just admit it that you can't choose, and knowing what their looks are like or there past experience is, should be considered godsend, in Hindu customs they don't allow the bride and groom to meet before their wedding and very pitiful for the couple involved if it's an arranged marriage cause you won't know a single thing about the partners you're gonna spend the rest of your life with.

Well then y can most likely already guess my opinion of these Hindu customs and forced marriage and stuff right?^^

The mangaka is already over his cancer as far as I heard but is still in pretty bad health condition.

Well if y ask me over the story Ryuuji slowly realised that what he felt for minori wasn´t rly love but more fascination while the more time he spent with Taiga the his love grew until minori made him realise that (I mean normally you wouldn´t jump to a marriage-proposal that fast otherwise lol).

I´m not caught up to the Sao Alicization anime for similar reasons as Attack on Titan (already know everything that will happen which makes it slightly boring), but I can guess that y refer to the almost rape scene by these two nobles against ronye and the other girl (which was heavily criticised in the japanese media). Well in the novel it wasn´t as fleshed out as in the series with the naked jump and the visible fear of the two girls so it didn´t get to me as much on an emotional level though it sure made me hate these two even more and made one think that they deserved their fate afterwards.

Sao progressive is by far better than the original imo because it always annoyed me that they just skipped more than 2/3 of their time in Sao which formed them into the persons they were at the end. Also Progressive is much more fleshed out and in better writing imo. All in all it has all the character development and world building which was sorely missing from the original (not just 1 always screaming mc who hacks and slashes his enemies for whatever reason).

I dropped ulysess Jeane after the 1st ep and am glad I did now^^.

I´m not that exited for tokyo ghoul anymore be it the a or b worldline. I mean after they screwed up the manga/source material so hard in the end how good can an anime based on that still be? It´s a pity rly until the end of the 1st season manga and anime were rly great but from that point onward it was already going downhill imo.

I have tried out the 1st ep of irozuku today and it seems to be a story about a girl which can´t see colors (only black/white/grey) and is transported 60years into the past by her grandmother to heal her of her psychological scar or sth. like that (wasn´t mentioned what caused it yet). For now it seems interesting and I will continue it when i fell like it.

Concerning your question for tensei slime first I don´t know how the wn ended because i also stopped reading it (no motivation) a bit after he became a demonlord. The girl that looked like shizue y saw was most likely Rimuru himself or his clone inhabited by Veldora. He got that Form after he consumed Shizue (she asked him to do that and not forget about her).

>Can't you tell me whether there is a difference between ghost in the shell movie and the TV version? Also is ergo proxy good?

The ghost in the shell movie 1 is the introduction into the series in the timeline after that follows the first season of Stand alone complex(S.A.C.) then the 2nd movie innocence then 2nd season of S.A.C. and then the 3rd movie solid state society. So to answer your question the movies and the series are different storyparts. Btw the new series ghost in the shell arise is a new take on the series and is a slightly new story in an alternate universe with mostly the same characters (imo it comes not even close to the original series). Also as of last year I think there is a live action movie for ghost in the shell which is supposed to be quite good though it hasn´t much in common with the original series anymore I think.

Ergo Proxy is a rly a great mystery cyberpunk series with a dark apocalyptic atmosphere with rly cool world building done. It isn´t a series for everyone and y certainly can´t exspect much of a sweet romance there although there is some slight romance as far as I remember, but I certainly enjoyed watching it.

Well at least one of us is enthusiastic about learning japanese for real xD I don´t think I can gather enough motivation nor time to actually go at it that fully. I also forgot quite a bit by now of what I learned in my course :/

Ah and I read the Volumes 1 and 2 of 86 and you were right I enjoyed reading it although what caught me the most about it was more the scenarion and the worldbuilding with the Theme of machine/zombie apocalypse and the human nature displayed in this world.^^

Ah I also love trekking I always did it in my holidays when I was little with both of my aunts. We climbed on almost all mountains near our family holiday home in Bayern (Germany).^^
ENCH4NTR1X Dec 4, 2018 9:47 AM
Hey there it has been quite a while. Sry i haven´t been in touch. After moving at the end of september I was too busy with jobhunting and stuff (well I´m still at it) though in the end i guess thats just an excuse xD
Well part of the truth is that i got pretty lazy lately and mostly forgot that i still hadn´t answered back...I haven´t even kept track of stuff i read and watched for the last 2 weeks anymore.

Read the story about No ka Likai y posted and well it is quite tragic for sure but also pretty hateful in general, because it shows what jealousy can do to people. I also read the story about the snake in the forest sometime ago, but i srsly can´t understand how such a story/myth/legend can spawn a cult of sacrificing humans.

for the case of reproduction of monsters it isn´t logically in most cases anyway i mean take all kind of golems for example and i´m sure there is many other examples. In many cases they just digress to the case "they´re being created by the world/by magic or sth. else" without caring much for the logic....welp it´s just fantasy so it seems everything goes.

Well the romance and stuff in majutsu no index is naturally more vivid in the anime (there aren´t any extra scenes and stuff as far as i know) because Index affection and misakas tsundere scenes are naturally more convincing with pictures and sounds than just on text alone.

> If you have to choose between two women one is a Virgin and the other not and they're identical twins, it's arrange marriage and you don't know anything about them and never met them before, you have to marry either one, you of course love neither of them, whom would you choose?

Well why is there no option to marry none of the two?^^ But well if I had to decide it would mostly depend on first impression, because even twins can turn out to be pretty different from each other charakterwise and it is pretty nonsensical to assume that the only information i would get about the possible future partners would be their looks and their previous sexual experiences lol. In the end even if I view the sexual experience isolated from all other factors I still don´t know how I would decide as long as it is just such a little difference between the count.

Well who knows when and if Iris Zero will be finished anyway (author is very sick and already had cancer as far as i heard) so maybe you made the better choice there....(btw concering the multiple well developed heroines i was in the same pickle with toradora concerning Taiga and Ami cause I liked Ami more but still liked Taiga very well in her characterexpression and lets be honest Taiga needed Ryuji more then Ami would although that deduction was also a bitter pill for me to swallow^^)

I have to admit with amagi brilliant park the anime smelled like far too much fanservice and nonsense for me which made me dismiss it right away.

I read the 5th volume of Sao:progressive (paperback) a few days ago and I must say the progressive series is far more enjoyable to read than the main series where it skipped almost everything after the 1st floor to floor 46 or so.

Btw have started watching some anime from the new season? My best experiences this season have been Index S3, Seishun Buta.., Sao S3, Goblin Slayer and Tensei shitara slime...
I am also saving up Irozuku Sekai no Ashita and golden kamuy.

Concerning Novels Andur finished conscripted (well it was pretty short for his standards because it was just the inbetween story from "body and soul" to "until death". And so now he is rewritting "until death" though i still don´t know how to fell about that because i quite liked until death (original).

Anyway how has it been going for y after I have neglected to ask this for almost 2 months? xD
Bphantom Nov 26, 2018 4:02 PM

Sorry for not replying to you for so long. I've written you a message with more info about it.

Long story short: I'm back now and more active on MAL again.

Like i said, there's more info in my message i wrote.
ENCH4NTR1X Aug 12, 2018 3:14 AM
Well thats a sad state of order if you already have to be thankful for "not" having a built up proper traffic infrastructure.....
But thats an eyeopener because I was never aware til now that the order in india was that bad/dangerous.

pff fake Pokemon I´m laughing....they´re miles better than the shit that Nintendo has been pumping out for most of the last few generations.

til now there hasn´t been any romance....the slime is the leader of a country and cares for his citizens and friends and some of them love him, but y can´t rly call that a proper romance can y?^^

Well if you´re paying proper attention while reading the novel y will notice that in general the situations and everything is described far more precisely than in the anime, though if y just want an easily understood (still rly awesome) story and amazing action scenes then y can just stick with the anime. I only read the novel because I couldn´t bear to wait anymore (season II aired 7 years ago). I don´t even want to imagine how long it will take after season III til they get on to the new testament story (direct sequel with all the old characters and more) with season IV.....

Btw the scientific explanations in Mahouka are a joke compared to the explanations of various magic spells in the Index novel xD.

To the topic of remembering the characters.....y can´t rly compare tokyo ghoul with index because in case of tokyo ghoul you just didn´t remember the characters anymore because the weren´t properly developed and were also pretty much shit and all. In case of Index the problem is more like there are too many properly developed and badass characters that the sheer numbers overwhelm y (and some of their names aren´t really the easiest to remember xD).

Why was it an NTR scene that kept y going if normally you would rage to no end about any kind of NTR in a story lol?
I have watched accel world and yes the mc is rly annoying to me with his bad/ugly design and his wimp of a character. Kuroyukihime was what barely kept me going through the series at the time.

If you´re not counting all of the anime I watched on TV when I was little (Dragonball+Z, Pokemon, Digimon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Detektive Conan, Yu-gi-oh, Kickers, One piece, Naruto, Gundam Wing, Captain Tsubasa and such) then yes at least it was one of the first series I watched over the I-net^^

Even with that avid character description I still don´t see much of a difference to the male mc.....

well who knows i as hell don´t. :)

I was just giving an extreme example.....well I wouldn´t mind previous experience in general, but it should be limited to just a few and it is in essence a case by case decision because there are also other important factors (like how she interacts with her former partners etc. at that point) to consider.

Btw I couldn´t resist the temptation and started Steins;Gate 0 and binge watched til ep 17.^^
And I can only say it is a fitting successor for the main series and just a tiny bit behind it imo and thats only because of my love for the main series and Okabe x Kurisu and their bickering ;)
But it is a great Story and in doesn´t take as long as the main series to escalate which should be a plus for many people that couldn´t bear the long wind up of the main series.

I have to admit I haven´t even read Psycome vol.5 yet and have it lying around for almost half a year i think....I don´t know why, but somehow I´m not that hyped about it anymore than i was before.

What made y so enraged about Nisekoi btw?
I mean there are many parallel features between it and benkyo... with them both being harem and so on ( at least nisekoi settled for one heroine in the end even though I admit it was dragged out by far too long because the wanted to make more money out of it)

I had my interview a few weeks ago and it was going pretty well at least imo for it being my first time, but well I will know how well it rly went when I get my reply from them.^^

I thought y had a job in a electronic shop? (thought y mentioned sth. like that a while ago)
ENCH4NTR1X Jul 22, 2018 5:50 AM
Which two races are in conflict over there?

I tried phoenix rising for a bit but its development state is still far to early and it is pretty laggy also, but it has many interesting ideas which could make it different in a good way from previous games if they are executed right.
For now I would still recommend Pokemon uranium to you because it has most of its content finished, has many completely new and great pokemon (many not copied from the original games) with beautiful sprites and most importantly it runs fluidly.^^

Tensei shitara slime isn´t rly on the harem ecchi side, but rather more comedy,slice of life because it is about a slime building a country for monsters (btw a slime is genderless^^).
The novel for To aru majutsu is great too and i already read the whole main series and am at vol 6 of the sequel series atm, but an issue of the series in my opinion is that it gets rly hard the longer it goes to remember all of the characters and even worse all of the scientific and magical concepts behind the different magics and technologies which are given in the story. All in all the anime is pretty important, because this way it gets much easier to visualize whats happening in the story......and the action scenes are naturally much more awesome and epic then when I am reading it ;)

I watched the first two eps of dorei-kun but dropped it after that because I didn´t like any of the characters or the story in general.
Well don´t know maybe i will give island a try (or maybe not) but i´m not rly motivated that much.

I read most of the manga for 7 deadly sins and it isn´t that good imo that I would feel motivated to watch the anime.

I still liked taiga quite a bit and the scene were she sends him of and realizes her love for him after was so emotional for me.....rather I thought Minori a bit weird about just handing him of to taiga even though she had already long realized that she liked him. and well that scene in the end with Ryuji chasing after taiga because minori told him that y mention it, it rly is a bit weird, but I still like the whole atmosphere of the series and all. Btw with Taiga turning up at their graduation....their graduation wasn´t that much after the happenings before that (maybe half a year at most) so I quite liked what they did there placing her in the Locker out of which the two of them met the first time. (Though I would rly liked to know what happened to them after that like marrying and children etc. but oh well)

G.O.D was kinda open ended with a second part continuing it someday. No in the beginning there is a world enchantment in place which forcibly teleports the gods to anyone praying to them (which is pretty annoying for them as y can imagine). So the managment by the gods turns more and more into a free for all xD
Well honestly I wouldn´t be that excited for a badass son by now because first the triplet with sera is already established and honestly i can´t imagine a niche of badassness that isn´t already covered by the MC, while between the female MC and Sera they both have their own exclusive character traits which make each of them special. So tell me how would the son look to you characterwise and how would he differenciate from the MC? Well sure there is always the route of just turning Sera male into 1 incarnation, but I srsly doubt y would like that with your hate for gender bender :P

First of being female doesn´t automatically mean you would want "a rod enter y" (yuri isn´t as rare as one might think) and it is also not the lone characteristic which establishes one as female xD.
Second naturally I don´t think that one would behave like a female at once if one has memories of a male, but I would think that over the years there would be several influences by the new body (and the different view of society about y) which would lead to quite a few changes in your behaviour from the time one was a male. So to answer your question no i wouldn´t be fine with it, but nobody could say what changes appear over some time in a female body.

Rakuin no monshou is more militaristic and only has a bit of romance stretched over the whole story.
Wow didn´t know you where putting that much importance on the virginity.....I mean sure I would be kinda put of if my partner told me she sleept with more than 20 guys or more than she could count, but isn´t it normal that not all relationships turn out well over several years (which isn´t always the fault of the females^^) ? I mean isn´t that a bit unfair to females? I mean they can´t rly check if a male already had sex or not so why should they be condemned for that?
Well I can´t remember that the story told us that she had slept with her last boyfriend though I admit I also would think she did. I won´t say the story is perfect, but i like the comedy and lightheartedness of it.

I got mail from the last place i applied for and have my job interview at the 31st july.

Ps. I read bokutachi was benkyou ga dekinai til chapter 27 or so but it got boring for me pretty fast with no real progress and all (remembered me of Nisekoi only with even slower development and boring characters)