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Dec 20, 2015
Comet lucifer is a Mecha/slice of llife/Romance/Fantasy anime. You probably could cram in a few more genre's. At only 12 episodes, this obviously results in problems.
story: 4/10
writers essentially said "let's make it up as we go along." That pretty much sums it up. Then they noticed it was almost over and crammed in an ending. And added the final villain because the show kept hinting but never showed one. Who started getting development halfway through the last episode.
Art 8/10 Unique and pretty good.
Sound 7/10 Decent but not very memorable. It was just "there".
Character 4/10 very cliche and forgettable. Mostly consistent though.
6/10 overall
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Sep 25, 2014
In Short: A slightly above average (I've seen some really bad ones) mecha anime, focusing mainly on art, music, and battle sequences. Character development is sadly not very existent, and the story is mostly predictable with a few twists (except the end...)

Story: 7. Rather predicable with a few twists. Coherent for the most part. Was best in first few episodes and the last 2. In between I kinda felt like watch someone play a RPG. You know, defeat a bad guy, oh look, there's a new one. The ending was unexpected... but feels really random. I really wonder what season 2 will be like.

Art and read more
Jun 30, 2014
So, this is my first review.
In short: a mediocre adaptation, getting worse toward the end. Premise was interesting, but the pacing was one of the worst i've seen. BTW I've kept up to date on the english translations, and rather enjoy the manga, which is the only reason I watched all 13 episodes.

Sound and art: nothing really stood out, I enjoyed the first OP, second one was...strange. And not necessary. Art wasn't bad.

Story and characters: Characters were varied yet cliche, but overall I actually thought they were ok. The thing that bugged me the most is the story, especially the horrendous pacing. It started read more