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Nov 9, 2019
So far this anime is doing its job greatly. It step-by-step follows the original game's storyline and presents it with smooth animation, decent art and nostalgic music.

As an FGO game player, I sincerely know how this singularity is very outstanding, even when compared to the old Fate classics. But I'm afraid the anime may ruin it, like how the anime of Fate/Extra is being butchered. I'm glad they don't.

With 21 episodes, there is no doubt the story will not be scrammed. Not much detail is waived, so even anime-only watchers should (or eventually will) understand what's going on. What's better is that each episode read more
Jul 6, 2019
The train wreck has finally reached its end. Or did it?

One Punch Man 2 has gained quite some discussion since the PV was out, for its worrying production quality. Yes, it is not as well done as the first season, but that's not the topic I want to review here.

Instead I want to review the story part of season 2.

This season has mainly 2 story arcs: Garou arc and Tournament arc. Let's talk about Garou first. Garou is an interesting anti-hero with his own principle and goals, and as the anime goes on more and more of his character is digged out. As we can read more
Mar 28, 2019
I'm so glad that this anime did not fall into the usual Japanese style "using loli as a medium of fanservice" trap. Instead they captured the naivety of primary school kids and make the experience comfortable.

Like the title suggest, this anime is about how the kids, like angels, "descend" around Miyako, a university student with social disorder. With the help of Hinata, Hana and Noa, Miyako's life brightened and coloured, filled with the love of kids.

It's arguable whether this show is a trashy fantasy show for otakus to dream that their weird acts can be accepted by the surroundings (especially the lolis living nearby). Well, read more
Jan 1, 2019
Look how far we have gone. The 18+ Hentai Game has grown a lot and gradually forms a big franchise. But why should we watch the numerous Fate series where people die because they are killed? Emiya-san Chi no Kyou no Gohan is the true answer to the Fate series: everyone should stop fighting at each other for that dirty little cup; relax, sit down, and enjoy Shirou's meal today.

Story: 8/10
The story starts with Emiya Shirou cooking today's dinner, and Saber and others have the meal with a blessed smile on their faces. That's it. Despite having nearly zero plot movement at all, like most read more
Nov 4, 2018
Black Bullet was a mistake. It starts with an interesting AoT-like apocalypse setting with sci-fi elements, and enjoys good soundtrack and decent production, but turns out to be a mediocre shounen loli-harem-doing-cute-things fan-servicing show that has zero plot progression and expands the range of world too far that not many foreshadowings are actually revealed within the anime.

The story starts with our beloved Kaji Yuki VA character that acts cool and cold-blooded. He works a loli partner, who is actually a demi-monster and risks her life in fighting those monsters. So as I was guessing the anime were gonna show the brutality of demi-monsters struggling in read more