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Nov 30, 2018
The sequel to my first hentai ever watched. The hentai series of my "childhood". xD

Loved the first one, and liked this one as well. The story is better in the first one,.
But other than that, everything I liked in the first one applies to this one as well, though maybe not as much as in the first one. But I liked it a lot. From the sex scenes and art, to the fact that each character is unique in its own way and behave differently from each other.

I find this still really hot to this day, even after so many years have passed. And read more
Nov 30, 2018
This was the first hentai I have ever seen. Was quite young, used to watch it careful not to get caught by my mother. xD

The story is not really that amazing, but for a hentai, it is acceptable, even alright I can say. As a kid I was quite fascinated by it to be honest, hah. The Art is something I also enjoyed at that time, and still do. Also loved the sex scenes, of course.

The characters are each unique in their way, and that's awesome for a hentai where how hot the female characters are is probably the one important thing the audience is read more