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Jul 18, 2014
Alternate review (Spoilers and Realism ahead):

The short version, it's a homage to it's production "parent" Gurren Lagann; with a mainly female cast because just having one woman provide all the fan-service was not good enough for the next step.

Before I write the long version, I cannot take credit for some of this interpretation (read elsewhere, sorry I cannot source); but I agreed with it and will repeat it here.

The story can also be seen as an allegory for a femininity in the teenage years, disguised in familiar Shonen tropes so that the male audience don't feel like they are watching The View. Her outfit read more
Jul 18, 2014
Naruto (Anime) add (All reviews)
Alternate viewpoint review: (SPOILERS and REALISM follows)

Naruto is a young boy being raised in a Dystopian society where young children are trained to become assassins.

The nations of the world sponsor shinobi villages where the self-ran villages each train a significant portion of the populace to become shinobi in the interest of securing income for that village.

Naruto grows up in the Village Hidden in the Leaves, the first of the villages founded; and based upon the "Will of Fire" philosophy that puts village and the next generation ahead of the individual.
They are certainly the "good guys" compared to the Mist Village where the children once ritualistically read more
Mar 28, 2011
It's a tribute to the original manga's author, Ken Akamatsu, that he took a commissioned work like this and made it so compelling.
On the surface it's Harry Potter in a harem anime; and it could have went there an stayed there.
Instead we have a continuing evolving plot-line involving a regular cast consisting of over 30 characters; all of whom drive the plot with complex motivations and backgrounds..
This series roughly follows the manga for the first 21 episodes, then veers off into an original emotional rollercoaster finale that allows for a satisfying end of the anime.

Story: The story starts out simple enough. Orphan boy read more
Apr 4, 2009
Dracula, calling himself Alucard for those with delicate sensibilities, has been "tamed" by the descendants of Abraham Van Hellsing and is tasked with hunting down other vampires. It's 1999 and the Hellsing organization finds itself facing an foe it thought destroyed, the Third Reich's Last Battalion and it's insane leader The Major.
That's the short take, watch it if you want the whole story.

Story: This is not the same as the TV series though you will notice similarities. That's because there were only 2 out of 10 volumes of the manga out when they did the TV series. This OVA will eventually encompass read more
Apr 2, 2009
I'm writing this review about episode 1-13 of the original OVAs.
The last 7 episodes were written in order to accomodate the GXP storyline and were created over 10 years later, so I personally consider them almost a separate series.
This is my favorite anime...period. I know I'm not in the majority on this, but it succeeds on every level. It is the definitive "harem" anime, while maintaining a great plot and fascinating universe/backstory. The fact that each of the women have complex and fascinating pasts and facets to their character is something unique to this genre. It's heartwarming, romantic, raunchy, read more
Apr 2, 2009
I recently rewatched this anime so it's a great time to write a review on it while it's still fresh in my memory.
First thing to explain, this is anime manages the razor's edge of being both serious and a satire. It is a rather biting satire of space animes and particularly the gundam series of anime. This is all done subtle however, in the background while a (mostly) serious plot continues and the Earth's protectors fight against other worldly invasion.
The effort succeeds greatly and this anime was a great hit in Japan when it was released but didn't enjoy much success read more
Mar 29, 2009
The series brings some new things, and repeats some old weaknesses to the storytelling. I'm assuming that anyone reading this has seen at least some of the original series, so please do so if you have not before reading this.

Story: Just as there was a timeskip and gap between series in the anime, the author took a slight break between the two series too. Which places the studio in an awkward position of when to start releasing the anime series and what pace to set. Afterall, the reason for almost 100 filler episodes in the original series was to give the read more
Mar 29, 2009
If I were to rate this like a hollywood film, I'd say it's a popcorn action movie.
It stands as an interesting followup to the Gundam Seed premise (the plots are in no way or form linked) and as a solid stand-alone work. It explores more fully the ideas expressed in the last two Gundam series, the idea of fighting to end war.

Story: Doesn't really add many twists to say the least.
A little background on the world in this series. It's the first Gundam series that takes place in the AD time continuum, the beginning of the 24th century. The majority read more
Oct 3, 2008
It's hard to review this one, but the standard I will use is not to treat it as part of the franchise it belongs to, but as a wholly separate entity.

Story:The Tenchi Muyo OVA's are marked by having an unusually strong plotline despite being a "harem" anime. GxP however, takes a step away from that. Directed by the frequently manic Watanabe Shinichi (aka Nabeshin, aka the guy who dropped Excel Saga and Puni Puni Poemi upon an unsuspecting world) the maestro himself jumps from plot-point to plot-point with reckless abandon. While obviously having some respect for the original material, he takes read more
Oct 3, 2008
I won't write a traditional review of DBZ, because I feel that since it defines a large genre of anime it's kinda hard to compare it to what it helped create.

Started as a comedic take on Journey to the West (see Saiyuki) it quickly grew into a martial arts anime and grew into something bigger. From the humble beginnings of Goku, a young child with exceptional strength and a tail, and his quest to find dragonballs (wish granting orbs); all the way to the Buu Saga where the characters have god-like strength and abilities.
The consistent themes are that Goku triumphs through hard-work, quick read more