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Feb 1, 2013
I'm writing a review for this manga because I feel the need to encourage manga readers to try this manga. It's a great, great manga that deserves the top list of every manga reader.

Great plot, very focused and does not venture too much on uninteresting side stories. The plot may be a bit unrealistic but you'll surely want to go out and prove your self like the main character, Kamishiro Yuu. The story develops on an engaging phase and you won't have to wait 50 or more chapters for a single arc to finish. There's also a bit of romance so you won't get read more
Mar 12, 2012
I got across this manga while looking for something new to read and after reading the synopsis I thought it would be worth reading, maybe because of its not too mainstream plot. At first I just saved it in my bookmarks and decided to read it sometime when I have the time. It stayed there for over a few months until I was having a bad night. I opened my pc and thought I'll give the manga a try..and I realized that it was a goldmine that I took for granted.


The story is a continuous struggle for all the characters especially Sei, the main read more