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link9us Dec 25, 2009 8:08 PM
link9us Dec 22, 2009 11:22 PM
Omg choco, your almost at one of the best parts in the series that i have encounter so far. The jaya arc introduced so many new characters, it was awesome. Btw i am watching the show again, your almost cought up with me lol. I'm at like 156 right now so your like 10 episodes away from me.
link9us Dec 21, 2009 4:30 AM
OMFG 0_0....



I am sorry, i got a little carried away there but i just have something so amazing to say. An interview stated with ODA said that he is following up a MID conclusion to the series one piece. It won't be the final conclusion but according to him, there going to wrap up alot of the story and close up alot of plot points that were left unanswers. He is giving this the title "Mid conclusion" meaning that the show is deffinitly not over. But the mid conclusion is going to be at episode 450. So now we know there is some what a conclusion coming up. So i just had to look at the current arc and i was like 0_0.. OMG!!! I shouldn't of looked but oh well i couldn't resist. I had to see what ODA was referring to. So that means the series is at 431 right now. at 450 is the concluding arc. That is so awesome, that means you definitely took the perfect time to watch the anime cause by the time you catch up you will see the killer ending "mid conclusion" arc. That is some good news for any one such as my self still currently watching the anime. Who knows what the last stages of one peice will be like but at least we know he is bringing a mid conclusion to the show.
link9us Dec 20, 2009 4:41 AM
Hey hows it going? I try to chat to most of my friends but recently i have made quite a few so its hard to keep track with everyone's comments, just letting you know. If you want to stay in touch with me, send me a comment from time to time lol.

Speaking of one piece, i think i just encountered my favorite episode so far in the series, damn! It just keeps getting better.
link9us Dec 17, 2009 12:24 AM
Wow 131? Damn your blazing through that series lol. Your going to be caught up to me in like another 25 episodes or so lol. You already saw one of my favorite one piece moments so far in the series. Where luffy kicks the crap out of Croc and Vivi is shouting at everyone to stop the fighting, then finnaly when Vivi says her final fairwells to luffy's crew, all the crew members stick up there hands and show the X marks. That was just sooo awesome! Definitely my favorite moment in one piece. Your going to see something else real soon that introduces a ton of new characters, that was another great moment of one piece and one scene is forshadowed way back from the start of the series and its shown through luffy's eyes this time. You will see what i mean when you get there. That is after you pass those 3 filler arcs lol. The post arabasta arc is probably the worst ive seen for fillers. I liked the first one where they were showing nami drawing maps but the rest sucked lol. The next fillers are not that bad though.
link9us Dec 12, 2009 3:18 PM
So how you liking One piece? getting better? I just finished an AMAZING episode, not to give any spoilers but they introduced like 20 new characters with bounties higher then luffy, it was intense.
link9us Dec 8, 2009 9:12 PM
You are so in for a surprise once you hit arabasta arc. I just finished it and it had the most amazing ending. But im going to take a break for now, watch some other series i want to finish then i'll pick up on one piece again. I truly LOVE this series though. If your in the drum arc, thats a pretty good one, they meet a new nakama and he's cute. Once you get to arabasta though, things definitely get serous.
link9us Dec 8, 2009 3:47 AM
omfg that was fcking awesome!! NOW were talking!! I love the Japanese voices they are soo full of emotion. I don’t know why anyone would EVER watch English dialogue. Im uploading a video just for the hell of it, that was pure epic! I wont show you though since your not that far, but lets just say i just finished the arabasta arc :P.. Best episode ive yet seen in one piece.
link9us Dec 6, 2009 1:15 AM
Are you referring to the blue haired girl Vivi. Yes she is a princess of the kingdom of arabasta. But her role in that arc is way more important. She isn't made to be a useless female character, that is always in need of saving. Orhime's character was horrible, i don't know what the writer was thinking bout. But she has like no character background what so ever and even if she does over the 200+ episodes, it still hasn't been explained yet. Up till now in that series her only purpose was to flee from every battle, be captured from every villain ( A Damsil in distress pretty much) So yeah i can see how you feel bout that. Vivi on the other hand has a much more important role. She has to try and stop a rebellion from starting and a huge war that is about to commence. I wont spoil anything you will just have to see. Also if it makes you happy lol she is not actually central to the plot. Her role is only temporally. After at around episode 120 or so she leaves luffy's crew. The series actually grows to become much deeper and more important characters will be revealed. The writer just took his time to develop all the character arcs individually so the viewer can fully understand there pasts and how it will affect them later on. Some of the animation on the characters may seem strange and totally just weird, but don't let that stop you from watching it. The true wonder of the series is in its character depth and story telling. Unlike naruto or bleach which had very little to no character development after the soul society arc it was just meaningless battles after another. Its almost as if the writer was not planning anything and just came up with ideas as he wrote the chapters.
link9us Dec 5, 2009 6:05 PM
Sorry for all the typo's lol
i typed that real early in the morning and i was tired as hell.
link9us Dec 5, 2009 11:49 AM
All i have to say is get to arabasta before you decide to drop it. It gets way way better. Also in the next arc you will meet another nakama. The first part of one piece sort of develops slowly because the writers takes his time to tell you the different stories about the characters that luffy meets on his quest. You will soon find out though that all these small arcs are necessary later on and don't have meaning towards the central plot unlike bleach and naruto. The real first big arc is when you hit arabasta, You will encounter newer enimes and more characters related to the central plot of the series but the entire borogue saga is actually part of little garden and drum arc as well which thats where your at now. Also you did watch a filler arc if you saw that small arc where he had to resue a princess lol. That was a filler. So far you've only been to one filler. Your next filler won't be till like 135 or so. You can skip the fillers but there is not alot. You look at this list and see where your at. Pretty much after arabasta, not including the fillers, the series doesn't have that many small filler arcs, but it develops into larger arcs that have to do with the main plot more. It's completely your call though, you can still drop it if you like, other wise i recommend you hold out until the arabasta arc. You will like the drum island arc also because you meet a new character that joins luffy's crew and also another sad past like nami's. The writer is forshadowing devolopments in one piece showing you how all the characters evolve. that small 2 episdoes arc of buggy may of been kind of strange and necessary, but it was to tell you how buggy got back to his normal self and is now heading to arabsta. Also there is an episode relating to smoker and his gang as well where they are also heading to arabasta. The story follows that route as everyone is heading to arabasta, so you can kind of pick that something big is going to go down when you get there. I don't particular mind all the smaller arcs though, i think adventurous, not really filelr, they reach new world that have there own unique look they meet lots of new characters and new nakama. But the story really takes shape once you hit like ep 90 or so.

link9us Nov 29, 2009 3:09 AM
Hi, i see your watching One Piece. You and I are actually watching about the same episodes right now lol. Yeah i just started it to. I don't regret it. This series by far has amazing story telling and character development. I can see how a show like this can easily surpass bleach and naruto. Everyone says its get better when you get to the grand line, and extremely good at like 200+. I'm like at episode 60 right now, just bout to enter the grand line. I love the individual character arcs though, they are pretty cool. How did you like the Alrong arc? Nami's past was so cruel :( when i heard bout that. I was hoping luffy would just kick the crap out of that Alrong guy and have sanji cook him on a silver platter. Anyways i have seen some spoilers before just cause i wanted to see what some of the battles are like. Let me tell you will NOT be disappointing, the action, suspence and battles on this show far surpass bleach and naruto in every way. THough it may not seem like it now, but this show has a pretty high level of intensity as well. More violence, more blood, more serous drama then both naruto and bleach. Hope your enjoying it like i am!
smokes Nov 28, 2009 9:57 AM
ofcourse bleach and naruto is better than onepiece at episode 43...

once you will be like 200-300 episodes, it will be your nr.1 anime)
you just wait and see XD you havent seen the real one piece yet)

btw from 54-61 there is a filler) skip it)
smokes Oct 24, 2009 8:57 AM
em you will gonna watch from 10 episode ? i mean without watching the rest ? )))
dont do this) there is character development in first episodes, like Luffys past, and the Buggys and Shanks past))
just have a little patience till episode 15-17 then the awesomeness will start
especially after 20
smokes Oct 24, 2009 3:34 AM
Once you'll start you wont stop watching XDDD
the show is really addictive ;)
more episodes means more humor,adventure, fights/action X)
you will like it for sure)
tho the first 15 ep may seem kinda slow