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Dec 19, 2015
It’s sad that the only mystery show of the year turned out to be a bit over the top and full of philosophy that most of the time seemed to be nonsensical. The Perfect Insider always played with weird philosophy, but it at least acknowledged that such philosophy was weird. The problem started right at the end of the show, just after the main mysteries (a little bit farfetched) were solved.

It also didn’t help that the anime presented main characters that were a bit annoying as well. Souhei felt to be the know-it-all of the show, the one that knew everything about the world and ...
Nov 14, 2015
Taizai greatness! This is the second time I’ve watched the show this year: once subbed and once dubbed into Spanish (thanks Netflix). I enjoyed it from the very beginning, and now that there’s a new season (or maybe a remake) coming in 2016, I just can’t wait for more of my favorite shounen. The problem is, however, how this first season ends. While the anime was almost faithful to the manga (some details all along the series were taken off during the adaptation, but it wasn’t terrible), the problem comes at the last 5 minutes, something that is indeed bad, and can put in problems ...
Oct 11, 2015
Mixed Feelings
Mirai-hen is out now, and I watched it. The result? Well, it could've been better.

It is impossible to say anything about the story because the first thing you watch is a major plot twist about the end of the anime series, and everything goes around that twist. A minor hint, though: the movie is full of Akihito and Mirai tears.

My problem with the anime series was its drama, and how it wanted to force you to feel sad or be sympathetic with its characters. That problem continues in this movie. As the movie takes itself seriously, the drama I really didn't like is everywhere. ...
Sep 20, 2015
Shimoneta is a clever show behind all the dick jokes and sexual innuendo that it presents during its 12 episodes. It is basically a dick-slap at censorship laws. It's a show that glorifies obscenities, sexual jokes, and that being liberal and being able to watch whatever you want is OK. And it is right!

However, its story could've been better done. It's divided in two different arcs. The first episodes are more for establishing the characters, what the SOX "perosisuto" organization wants, and the "main antagonists" in the figure of the government who has established the censorship/moral control laws. However the second part includes. However, most ...
Aug 30, 2015
OMG! Madoka. This series was my gateway to the anime community. This anime totally changed my mind about this industry. This anime made me watch lots of shows that have entertained me more than all the TV sitcoms and cartoons that I have seen in my entire life.

This movie is one example of how entertaining anime is. The animation, the music, the characters, the FREAKING PLOT TWISTS! Every single element of this movie was compelling and amazing.}

Starting with the setting. If you've watched Madoka Magica then you know that this isn't a common Magical Girl show. Therefore, you know that this anime is really dark ...
Aug 2, 2015
As a KyoAni show, Kyoukai no Kanata or Beyond the boundary was a strange show to me. Usually they can pull together a show were slice of life and character drama works amazing, such as Clannad or its recent Sound! Euphonium. However, this is a particular case in which the drama didn't feel in the right place.

My main problem with the series was that I couldn't take it seriously. It tried to be dramatic, it tried to pull some heartstrings, but almost none of it didn't work. Why? Because it felt rushed sometimes and mostly because it was for the most part a Slice of ...
Jul 17, 2015
Mixed Feelings

If you're a person like me who shipped Kyon and Yuki since The Disappearance movie (it's even in my nickname), then don't expect that much from this adaption, because you will only get a pretty cliché romcom. Why? Well, it has everything that would define something like it: ruined love confessions (check), misunderstandings (check), fluffy scenes between the main characters (check), an ending that doesn't round up anything thanks to some freaking fireworks (check).

I expected a good resolution from this, something that would only be read or seen in fanfictions, something that would make my "dreams come true", but the series took the easy ...
Jun 28, 2015
Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon? is the most misleading title in anime I've ever seen, and it sure was, because, with that tile, it seemed that it would be some harem/fan service show were our main character saves girls, they fall for him ans throw their boobs at his face because why not.

Well, I was 50% right at the harem/fan service part, although it is pretty different from the general harem as it was more of "I like him because of what he does and his noble intentions" and that's all, no lusty feelings (except for the "villain" of ...
May 8, 2015
Shirobako (Anime) add
You anime fan, wanna know all the process that creates your favorite show? Well, look no further for this anime, Shirobako, is the best out there that can give you a glimpse of the production of an anime.

It all starts with a typical last episode from any slice of life anime: our cute group of girls are finishing their own cute project (in this case anime) for the cultural festival. And from there, we get to see how or cute group of girls grow in their professional lifes.They all have their own problems, their own struggles, and their own dreams.

What amazed me the most ...
Mar 27, 2015
At first, I hated this series. There was too much hype around it, at least in my country. I then tried the first season, and I liked it. However, that season ended up with massive plot holes that an anime only viewer, like me, would hate. To my luck, I finished Tokyo Ghoul a week before its sequel, Tokyo Ghoul Root A, started.

"COOL", I said, "I'll get the answers I need. And as this an original story to the series, I won't need to read all the manga". I felt really happy and paradoxically hyped. However, after two months, almost none of the answers I ...