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Apr 30, 2017
Did anyone ever count the number of bath scenes in this anime? I think I'm up to 15 on episode 12. Yes, there's at least one per episode excluding the last episode (that's less of a disappointment and more of a congratulations). The episode 10 bath scene just kept going, by the way. Even when they're shooting up the bath scene, the bath scene still continued...

Cough, this show is very straight forward: backstory sequence of what world they'll now fix (how a certain character met the alpha driver more or less), fighting/fixing that world (lasting one or two episodes), read more
Mar 29, 2017
I'm quite surprised that this is rated as well rated as it is on MAL. Ahem, this ONA series tells a story about a couple, Reo and Mai, and their regular time together. The story is pretty linear, and of course, there's no filler (it's an ONA about a visual novel and only 6 to 10-ish minutes each episode). The linearity of the story made me enjoy the series a lot more than if it wasn't. As for characters, Reo's a little generically shy/tsundere, but Mai's teasing of Reo is great especially in the later episodes. Some major bad things read more