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Aug 14, 2009
Kanamemo (Anime) add
Preliminary (6/13 eps)
As stated elsewhere, if you have a problem with yuri then you'll probably want to avoid Kanamemo. If you don't, however, while at times the comedy can be very crude and "slapsticky" the series is very much in the style of ARIA. The humor is truly funny but is never hurtful, the characters may chastise, criticize, and scold but you never get the feeling they don't genuinely care about each other. To me there's an aura of kindness about the series and a respect by the production staff for both the characters and the viewers.
Aug 14, 2009
Yurumates (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
A series of short vignettes, each basically an animated version of a 4-koma comic strip, I don't wonder if this isn't a collection of pieces that aired individually but were put together to form this single piece. The humor is very dry of the "Oh, I get it" variety, once again pointing to its print origins. It's been my experience that the drier humor becomes the harder it is to translate (even some British humor is beyond most Americans and vice verse and they, theoretically, speak the same language) and this seems to be what's happening here - to western tastes it's just not that ...
Jun 16, 2009
Air Master (Anime) add
Preliminary (8/27 eps)
"Air Master" is a satire and since a lot of folks don't "get" satire they gave it a "1". And those folks, by their reasoning, would be correct:
- the story is non-existent
- the art is all over the place
- the animation sucks
- the character design, well, the lead (except in flashback) is a hulking sort of Amazon; there's a "psycho supporter" lesbian who wears a bra with a cup size so large only Dr. Seuss could come up with a letter designation for it; a dwarfish creature that appears to have escaped from "Spirited Away" or, more likely, was exiled; and there's also "those ...
Mar 10, 2009
Hyakko (Anime) add
You could call this series "The Melancholy of Torako Kageyama" and not be far off. If you like Kyon, Mikuru, Yuki and Haruhi you'll probably enjoy Tatsuki, Ayumi, Suzume and Torako almost equally. Normally, Torako would be the the character in charge of slapstick comedy - loud, boisterous, and embarassing like Tomo, Himeko or Kana but here she shines. But Hyakko revolves around Torako no less than MoHS is centered on Haruhi, as a matter of fact if Haruhi were a "normal" human she'd probably be Torako Kageyama. In Torako's world there's too much to do and too many chances for fun and entertainment to ...
Jan 6, 2009
Rocket Girls (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Add two points to the score if you're a girl between 10 and 13. The first half of this is series is pretty enjoyable; after episode five I'd have given it at least a 8. The story is far fetched but the characters are fun and the writing is crisp but after that the story goes from far fetched to ridiculous to absurd. Major characters vanish from sight, others are introduced but add nothing and the lead character turns into just another plucky girl adventurer. It's rare to see a series self destruct as quickly as this. Rocket Girls is to science fiction as Scooby ...
Jan 1, 2009
If repetition is the soul of comedy Dokuro-chan would be very soulful I just found it tedious. Watch Dai Mahou Touge instead a much smarter, funnier send-up of the magical girl genre.
Nov 25, 2008
There's kind of a weird juxtaposition needed to fully enjoy the series of 8 12 minute segments arranged in four episodes. To find it really funny you have to be pretty familiar with magical girl anime but, at the same time, you have to really dislike magical girl anime. If, as I do, you fit this category, you're really gonna like this one. Or, if you're a fan of Hayate no Gotoku you'll probably get a kick out of this one, also.
Nov 24, 2008
I thought the first half of the series was quite enjoyable. In the tradition of "George of the Jungle", "Beverly Hills Ninja" etc, it's the story of a guy who's strong on heart but weak on execution. The twist of having the standard adventure types of warrior, thief and holyperson portrayed by competent women works well and the series never descends into a harem comedy although it hovers close every once in awhile. The situations are strong and the humor fast paced. Unfortunately after the about the 11th episode it falls apart rather quickly - like the creative team wanted to move on to other ...
Nov 19, 2008
Baccano! (Anime) add
"Baccano" has 6 (by my count) main relationship/story arcs that weave in and out of each other and bounce back and forth through almost continuous flashbacks. Because of this it is totally non-linear, if you like a story that goes from A to B to C with only a few detours forget "Baccano"; rather than watching it you are probably better off just experiencing it at the moment and puzzling it out afterward. All the stories make sense in the end and the characters and their voices are exceptional as is the music. I gave the story a 7 because there is a really ...
Nov 3, 2008
Aria the Animation is a series of beautifully gentle science fiction tales - some are whimsical, some are strange, some are mystical and none are scary - combined with the most consistently spectacular art I've ever seen; and the music is right behind it. If you are a male under 25 years of age odds are you won't like Aria the Animation. If, on the other hand, you like sitting on a pier on a beautiful day and watching the world go by you'll probably love it.

The central character is Akari who has come to the water world of Aqua to be an apprenticed gondolier ...