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Nov 14, 2014
Being a novice adventurer is difficult, full of surprises, especially if you're trying to level up and become a better adventurer. However, this may deem to be awkward and embarrassing if you by chance one day are battling monsters, but get stuck into predicament, resulting in being saved by the girl you like, and then turning into a red tomato and running away. If that isn't bad enough, try being bad-mouthed and made fun of by the same girl's companions before your own eyes. Try being Bell, the protagonist of this manga.

All he wanted was to go into the dungeon, fall in love, gain read more
Sep 26, 2014
(This review may contain minor spoilers. Please continue reading at the risk of spoilers.)

As I was reading the first chapter, I was thinking, Is this just a typical seinen manga about some random person travelling to another world? But boy, was I wrong about this one. It illustrated the meaning of how it was to be downgraded by society but with the essence of fantasy in a different world.

I was captivated by the story. It started with a simple cliché, that somehow lead into something much greater that makes me love this manga so much. It demonstrated the meaning of betrayal and what it meant read more
Sep 23, 2014
(This review may contain minor spoilers on events that happen in further chapters. Please proceed reading, with the risk that there are spoilers)

Namaikizakari took most of what would be considered a sports manga and somehow made it into a shoujo-sports manga. But I`d have to say that I loved it! It had all the concepts needed to please the readers (without being so cliché); the romance (It was sweet, the way how Yuki found herself falling in love with Shou), the sports, , and the comedy (I found myself laughing at one part, looking at the screen and laughing again).

The story of Namaikizakari starts read more