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Jun 3, 2015
What do I write about this anime?
Story?aweseome.The leveling of the story as the episodes go by is something else.First,you have your main character who is some ordinary boy going to school helps other people too much you would say and knows nathing about fighting but as the story develops you see him willing to fight for others trying hard to protect everyone he loves.

Fights?Amazing.The battles are just too intense that keep you stuck till the end.Variety of fighting styles of the characters which makes the anime even more interesting.

Art?The art is great considering the year its released(2004).It isn't brightly colored so u think its too read more
Dec 8, 2014
A mystery anime starring Yakushiji Ryouko a rich lawyer and her assistant.The two of them face some very mysterious cases on daily basis and with her strong attitude plus her assistant's help also they manage to solve every single one of them.

I like how though the storyline is simple,it manages to keep you watching it through the effort they put to solve these unnatural cases.Lively art plus realistic are some of the great parts of this anime.It also shows you how two totally different characters,a sparkling beautiful and powerful woman and a calm shy but strong man,can understand each and help each other flawlessly.