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Oct 10, 2019
Oh Boy.... I really wanted to like this, but the story just kept going downhill after episode 2... Mind you, I actually like the Isekai genre but this story is just too stupid. all of the characters are so 'hollow'. no depth in any of them.
I actually quite enjoy episode 1 & 2 when the two were just summoned and those training days, but then a lot of unnecessary events kept happening.

To be honest here, the overall plot still looked like something I could enjoy but the dialogue and storytelling made it look so mediocre and as I was saying, no essence in any read more
Oct 10, 2019
This is basically a more comedic approach to Overlord and I love that lol
as people would say, "it's so bad that it's good!"
this series is exactly that. I almost lost faith watching the first two episodes but oh boy when the story progress handling the most isekai tropes in a comedic appeal I was enthralled!

Summer 2019 had a lot of lackluster isekai theme anime airing this one was a breath of fresh air.
I definitely had a lot of laugh throughout watching this!
nonetheless, I still found myself confused several times because of the lack of explanation given but I learnt to just enjoy the ride
Oct 10, 2019
honestly it's been a while I've watched an anime and ended with complete satisfaction. if I could give this 100 stars I would.
I was enchanted with with storytelling. the characters might sound and act dense at times but I think it's fine to be like that their personalities seem more real and we can see more of their character growth. the comedy relief starting from ep 8 was really enjoyable! also

I also love how this series ended! honestly they could've just ended it during the half mark of the last episode but they extended the episode to give a proper epilogue for each characters read more
Mar 13, 2019
This magic school setting is that magic is a part of studies where anyone can do certain types of magic with the right incantation. Other than the concept of magic, the world building was pretty confusing. I love the overall story but it really hasn't gone anywhere with 12 episodes. Just like a lot of other magic school themed light novels, the anime series only managed to scrape the surface of the real underlying problems. I still don't even understand what akashic records really is and it's in the title (it was only mentioned twice in the entire anime series ffs)
Mar 12, 2019
I love that the story is about two friends with opposite abilities aiming for the same goal. It's the usual shounen trope but what makes it different is that these two don't have any hostile behaviour towards the other and both are at different places but still believing in the other while continue bettering themselves healthily. There aren't any petty fights that would stronger their bond because their bond is already at peak.
My complaint though is that how bad or hard to watch some of the animations look. The mouth sync is so bad and the fights aren't flashy at all. There are even some read more
Mar 12, 2019
This series is really up my ally. It's good for those that love Isekai animes with OP character with non dragging conflicts. For starters the skill visualisation at the start of the series really captured me. It really keeps you interested. The story itself has a good flow. They really aren't skipping out on the world building so viewers aren't getting confused on what is actually happening. I started reading the manga adaptation while waiting for the new episodes and I noticed how substantially different the storytelling is compared to the anime. I gotta say the anime has done a better job at retelling the read more