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Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
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AnimeCreed 8 hours ago
Imao i don't every family member every week maybe once a month or twice depending on the event/b-day etc. Yea i should did it in the beginning but i did went to community college to get my prereq done and save some money even though i waste a year....
Nice nice you get meet new people and everything. Well i don't live in dorm i live in an apartment near campus so i have 2 roomates atm but since the semster is over for me, i'm moving back home this weekend so yay its great experience for me ^^

LOL yeah my parent not paying for med school lol so gotta get jobs and see scholarship opportunities. I meant your cousins since they nurses xD
Awesome great to hear that :)
Any plans for break?

Yes night owl ftw ;3 Imao awesome usually i'm on during night.....found another one *high five*
LOL i get that no one tbh
Sorry for late reply i was busy cramming for finals this week ;_;
Hope you're doing well :)
EnigmaticJasmine Yesterday, 5:05 AM
I don't watch a whole lot of movies but I love Disney films!
I know it's a bit childish but I love happy endings for everyone.
KanaAoi Dec 12, 10:10 PM
Yes, dropping out of uni. But it still doesn't explain the huge amount they have to pay as a fine. It's funny how my government is pretty cheapskate when it comes to returning funds and stuff like that but they won't force students pay fines if they drop out (considering that they are the ones funding the state universities).
I guess it's obvious you would have liked him too. No one would dislike such teacher. But...there were actually some people who badmouthed him (other teachers even), I guess that's unavoidable. There's always someone to do that.

I watch various things on youtube but I don't subscribe to them. There are youtubers who make anime reviews and I really don't see the point of it. Like if I already watched an anime, I'm not interested in a review and I wouldn't watch one beforehand because I'd be spoiled. So yes, what's the point of them? I see you really loved to read. I wonder how many books you actually read. I'm curious if my mystery story would have intrigued you. Maybe I'll tell you about it sometimes. I am pretty sure most writers are never satisfied with their current level and always aim for higher grounds. That's pretty normal for any field I guess. That's how you get better. There aren't many to call their works "perfect".

Ah, so it's just as I imagined it would be. So unless you write something appealing, you won't get many readers. And even something good wouldn't guarantee that. But not doing anything is worse than that. So yes, I should really give it a try.
EnigmaticJasmine Dec 12, 10:08 AM
I'm glad to hear that, we all got into anime one way or the other.

I don't really have much interest in anything else I'm afraid, I am rather quite the normie.
KanaAoi Dec 11, 11:06 PM
I think you're able to change majors within the same university but if you want to drop out, you can't. It's surprising how many students either drop out or change majors. At first, many choose something out of a whim (myself included).
Of course teachers with a sense of humor are great. My favorite teacher of all time was my high school physics teacher. He not only joked often but what made him special was he'd often tell us interesting facts and stories, physics applications in life to make his subject more appealing, lessons about life and much more. I've never met any other teachers like him. I wonder if he's still teaching.

So you watch that kind of channels? The only channel I like following is one about fun facts (I always loved that stuff for some reason). I realized that too, fantasy is the easiest to write about because you create everything on your own, while writing about the real world requires a lot of research. I want to write a mystery but it's troublesome because of this thing alone. I have many ideas for stories but I doubt I'd get the chance to write them down. Well, writing itself can be a piece of cake, any idiot can do it. But writing something appealing is not. And not to mention to keep the same quality. There are numerous books that seem interesting at first but they go downhill at some point. And there are numerous writers that have like a successful book but they can't write another book as good as their first. So in short, anyone can write but not everyone can be successful. This line reminds me of that animated movie "Ratatouille" if you know it haha. "Anyone can cook!".

But how exactly do people get to read stuff? Let's say I post a chapter, how will people start reading it? Maybe there are notification to let people know something new was posted but wouldn't that get buried fast? Before worrying whether my story is good or not, I wonder how to get more people read it. I keep hesitating but I should really give it a try someday.
KanaAoi Dec 11, 10:15 PM
I guess it's different everywhere, from uni to uni, from country to country. An Indian girl told me how her uni (medicine) has this policy, if you want to drop out, you are forced to pay a fine so that's why no one would drop. That's pretty stupid if you ask me.
I always considered that the most important thing about an educational institution is the teachers. That's what make a high school or an university good. Teaching is definitely not easy and it's probably getting boring after a while, doing the same thing over and over again. But I have met some amazing teachers (just a few though).

There are tons of writers out there but only a handful are great. But the number of readers is much higher so every writer gets to have their own fans. The most respectable thing of a writer I'd consider being if they manage to make a living out of writing alone. Have you heard how hectic a mangaka's life is? For example, Detective Conan's author is writing like 20 hours a day. He's been hospitalized many times already.

Yes, I've heard of wattpad. I've actually been told to post my writing there and that way I might get motivation to continue. Like post a story chapter by chapter. I wonder if I can get any readers though. How exactly does it even work?
Aoi-Ryuuzaki Dec 11, 9:41 PM
The feeling will pass like the weather :D

Also, yessss!!! ALL THE BEST TO THE BOTH OF US!! Let's ace this semester! :D
EnigmaticJasmine Dec 11, 7:14 PM
Oh that's nice! it's rare to see a girl in this field of study unfortunately where I am....

I really liked fullmetal alchemist!, it was one of my favorite show to watch although there were a lot of episodes....
EnigmaticJasmine Dec 11, 1:47 PM
IT is Information and technology, I'm studying coding right now, there's not many girls around though :(

Well my friend told me about Death Note and I fell in love with that so I decided to watch more!
EnigmaticJasmine Dec 11, 7:20 AM
I'm doing IT right now and I can follow it pretty well so far although there aren't many girls here unfortunately :(
Thank you for the recommendations! I'll check them out when I have the free time ^_^

I got into anime because of a friend, she told me about it last year and I've been watching them casually.
KanaAoi Dec 11, 3:49 AM
There are both good and bad things about university life. Here, they often motivate students to attend classes by offering extra points to exams just because many wouldn't attend all classes. University teachers seem different, like more serious (at least some of them). But it depends on each university I guess. Private universities are more laid back because you pay them.

Well, writing as a hobby can be done anytime, anywhere. But to be a professional writer is surely not easy. Oh, and there are actually people out there who have a change of heart and change careers later in life because they had enough of a job they hated.

Every writer gets this kind of block and that happens quite often. Imagine that pros take years to write a whole novel. As a writer, you gotta note down every single idea you come up with. That's something I should do as well but I am lazy. I often have nice dreams but I completely forget about them before I have the chance to write the ideas.
WaterLord Dec 11, 3:14 AM
Hey there!! Thank you my friend! Really appreciate it :)) 👍👍
KanaAoi Dec 11, 1:27 AM
Haha, no worries. It happens sometimes. Stress often makes us anxious.

I can't speak for all universities but I noticed many students were pretty laid back those times. But...I guess that's why most of them dropped too. The difficulty is clearly higher but the uni life is different compared to high school.

Not many people get to have their dream jobs. Most of us pick something out of necessity. Well paid jobs are also mainly targeted. I often hear how many people endure stressful jobs just because the payment is good. It can't be helped but that's how reality works.

As long as you enjoy doing something, you shouldn't worry about a way out. You often hear how some people consider certain hobbies just a waste of time but in the end, everything is a waste of time. It doesn't matter how you spend your free time, as long as you enjoy it, right?
Watching anime is not a competition, you will reach that number anyway, eventually. I was never really drawn by books, even though there are so many interesting stories out there. I've only read a handful of books on my own volition. I'd rather be more interested in writing than reading. I just hope I could do it someday. I really want to do it but since I am a pessimist, I keep dragging myself down. I wrote 4 chapters back in February (a fantasy story), I want to continue but I can't find the motivation yet.
EnigmaticJasmine Dec 10, 2:42 PM
I'm doing my first year of college right now, I'm only 3 months in so it's not really all that bad.

Right now, I am not watching much anime, but I will try to watch something when I get the chance!
Do you recommend anything?
EnigmaticJasmine Dec 10, 1:47 PM
Oh good luck with that!
I don't have exams just yet but I will after the Christmas holiday....