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Aug 9, 2019
The preliminary of this story is really interesting, but I think the way it is developed is just poor.
The characters are very flat, I can't tell anything about them except than Senku's smart, Taiju's always screaming and the obligatory love interest and obligatory enemy with really terrible motives to be a "villain".
The first two episodes were really good and nice to watch, the science touch made it different from other stories that can be similar, but the deductions of the characters get lazier and lazier with every episode.
Art and music are really good, you can see that there's a lot of money put read more
Oct 2, 2018
I wish My Anime List let me make shorter reviews because I would only use a word: Cheap. This anime is terrible, boring, and extremely generic. My first thought was "Oh, this is AnoHana meets SAO" and after three episodes I feel like it's a (very) cheap knock off of the first one.
The characters are very generic and boring, they try to introduce a romantic triangle or harem vibes but it just doesn't work because the character development is non-existent. The character design and animation are just meh. The music... Is there even music? Cause I can't remember anything.
I honestly don't think this is read more
Jun 29, 2018
(This review contains light spoilers)

This anime could have been good, but it came out to be slow and rushed, at the same time.
Slow because the development of the relationship of the characters was lacking, but magically at episode 9 or 10 they have to (expressly) tell us that they're in love, obviously something that could have been said by the story itself if it was well written.
And rushed because the last 2 episodes are SO dramatic, but in a bad way, they barely express anything in 11 episodes and suddenly BOOM everything in your face. The element of Ijuin being a "comedy relief" doesn't read more
May 8, 2018
Maybe I'm failing to understand what's the point behind this anime, in three episodes there's no character development whatsoever except from stupid gags trying to make something funny when two seconds before the atmosphere was dark and "mysterious", between quotation marks cause I don't sense the mistery, neither anything that makes me want to see where this goes.
All in all, I sense something like "we failed to make this serious so instead we'll give you this fat guy who pretends to be a cute loli and hope that makes the series good enough for you".
The music is quite nice, and the animation is not... that read more
May 8, 2018
As someone who has read the manga of this show, I think this adaptation is just terrible.
They fail to stablish the relationships between the girls, that is a good point in the manga, but aside of that, in the anime by itself it just doesn't work.
The story in general is a little rushed, and even considering that, they managed to make it really boring to watch. It's just... nothing happening. You have to guess most of the time what is going on because the bond is so poorly that the motivations for the characters just seem stupid.
The animation is not terrible, but for read more
Feb 26, 2018
The first 2 episodes or so were kinda interesting, but with the story moving on we get new characters all the time with no development or explanation whatsoever, and also episodes where you feel that nothing is happening.
The art is not terrible, but the animation gets really shitty at episode 4/5.
The character development of the two protagonist is really poor and you get nothing else from "Hi, I'm a tsundere" from Lin after episode 3.
So, for me this is a 4, a 5 in a good day, but I would not recommend this read more