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Total Recommendations: 3

If you liked
Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?
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Mayo Chiki!

Both about a physically resilient main character, dealing with various girls with somewhat typical anime personalities. Both anime don't really take themselves too seriously, and this makes them easy to watch, and very enjoyable, just don't expect a story that makes complete sense.

Plenty of laughs to be had indeed...

If you liked
...then you might like
HenSemi (TV)

Both animes are about a character joining a group, and learning about themselves in the process.

Both are very funny, and deal with some of the more extreme aspects of society (extreme fetishes, extreme otaku(ism))

If you liked
Ergo Proxy
...then you might like
Deadman Wonderland

Both are works by Manglobe, and feature young male leads that are the center of a strange conspiracy in which they are blamed for crimes they did not commit. (Vincent and Ganta)

Also both feature strange little girls that are both adorable and creepy in their emotionlessness. (Pino and Shiro)