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Days: 87.9
Mean Score: 7.52
  • Total Entries401
  • Rewatched1
  • Episodes5,117
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Mayo Chiki!
Mayo Chiki!
Apr 2, 10:11 PM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 8
Koe no Katachi
Koe no Katachi
Apr 2, 10:08 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 7
Manga Stats
Days: 8.9
Mean Score: 8.71
  • Total Entries10
  • Reread0
  • Chapters1,608
  • Volumes82
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Sidonia no Kishi
Sidonia no Kishi
Mar 19, 2017 10:19 PM
Completed 78/78 · Scored 10
Feb 10, 2016 2:58 AM
Reading 63/? · Scored -
Boku dake ga Inai Machi
Boku dake ga Inai Machi
Feb 10, 2016 2:58 AM
Reading 38/49 · Scored -


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Spooknami Sep 1, 2015 1:40 PM
Uh...I just quoted that post. I'm not the one who initially posted that.
Corwen Aug 30, 2015 7:25 AM
Alright, I stand corrected then. Maybe I should've put "the imouto may be alive," instead. I had hoped that she would've just been/stayed dead all the same because she's annoying as fuck - hence, my post in that thread.

Sorry for not paying attention to your favorite animu.
Pentobarbidoll Jan 27, 2014 8:34 PM
I've noticed you seem to be there to counter my based Chitoge gospel at every turn. I commend you for your devotion.
vansonbee Jul 19, 2011 9:09 AM
What up! I see your like Ichigo 100%, same here!

What your opinion on the series and the characters you like?
incisorr Jul 1, 2011 1:00 PM
its description makes me wanna watch it
incisorr Jul 1, 2011 4:30 AM
lol at the part "I rated the show a 1 because of it and I refuse to watch the last episode and I was watching it as it aired."

Im not really sure what the last episode was about anymore, i remember the show as a story but not by episode, i think watching it might fuel your hatred for her even more (which is a good thing) because its just another display of her selfishness and all.

Anyway, normally i do like tsunderes, but Taiga isn't even a tsundere, shes an annoying emo like you said and theres nothing cute about her ~~

As for people being pedo if they like her - well now, i don't think even pedos would like her since there are so many more better looking/character chicks out there, lol. And i don't have anything against people who like underage girls, as long as it just stays in "like "and they don't do anything about it >_>.
But i do agree that they are tards, shallow/close minded people who get like " +50 points on liking her just because shes main character" or something.. same with clannad, its beyond me why the hell Nagisa is so hyped considering *every other* chick is better than her, i guess just cuz Nagisa is main she gets that much love
incisorr Jul 1, 2011 4:03 AM
thats ok as long as it really is more than me.

I really have a hard time realizing why people worship her so fucking much tho, whining lil selfish bitchy character.
I also wonder what the creators thought when they made her , probably ;
"hey bro lets make her play with her friends's feelings all the time and steal her friend's money in the end to run away with the guy she stole from her best friend but then lets make her change her mind and come back with those exact same money , lets make other characters's feelings completely inferior since they are drawings anyway and because they are not the *main* none will care about them, and then lets see how many idiots are going to put her in favorite characters"

or something like that
TragicRomance Oct 17, 2010 4:17 AM
where did you watch guru guru episodes????????????????
Winged_Phantom Aug 25, 2010 8:49 AM
TJK Apr 18, 2010 7:30 PM
I totally agree with what you said in the Princess forum , nice one.

I just can't anything seriously that has medieval cannons shooting at high speed trains while said train going at full speed has people on horseback and armed with swords keeping up with it , etc.
HRinka Apr 10, 2010 11:20 PM
hahaha thanks anyway :)
HRinka Apr 10, 2010 9:42 PM
huh? X3 why?
Neji Apr 1, 2009 9:35 PM
Hey good review on Tytania. I gave it a 7, but all of your points were valid. It did have many holes but I still could enjoy it I have dropped LoGH after couple of episodes, cause it was slow and may be that's why was able to enjoy it.
weelillad Mar 21, 2009 10:39 AM
Commenting in Toradora discussion thread about how much you dislike the anime will only lower people's opinion of you, not of the anime.
ceapy Mar 21, 2009 1:39 AM
LOL dude if you hate toradora so much and find it "boring", then just drop it!.