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Mar 12, 2015
When my friend suggested to watch this anime I was kind of sceptical - and I don't know why - however in the end I was even amazed, how much great ideas this anime threw at me, which I could use as an inspiration for my own stories.

Yes, the story itself of this anime isn't anything worth mentioning. Everything is as described in a summary and nothing particular doesn't come back after you have watched it - slow, not particularly fabulous aftertaste. But there was something more to it, what dragged me back wanting more - some kind of enchantment!

Characters are done quite good. Everyone read more
Jul 23, 2013
I imagined this plot will be a little bit different than it turned out to be however I wasn't disappointed by that.

Characters were greatly thought through as they were with their own nice personalities which didn't show any loose points in their stories - except for the monk Bou whose motivation behind his actions wasn't quite understandable to me.
I instantly became very fond of San (aka Princess Mononoke) especially at the very beginning when she looked all wild and bloody, and fierce.

Overall I really enjoyed watching this anime as I felt like it came to me at the right point of my life events read more
Dec 20, 2008
It is very enjoying to watch this anime - it is funny as hell. From this anime I started to want to be a really nice woman with great man and supreme wedding party. I think that all girls need to know how it is to want this kind of dream because those who forget to dream about happy family life never ends with such one.
Great story about dreams, hope, friendship and love which goes through time and space. In some creepy way - very beautiful.
Dec 20, 2008
There isn't much to see just:
1)must see; 2) must see; 3)must enjoy ^_^
Then I was a teenager I used to watch this and imagined that I am that brave, strong, lissome girl. I knew all phrases when she is transforming and that was my inducement to be better and alarm-clock which woke me up every morning with smile, bravery and impulse to continue what I have started.
Story is about friendship which could be very mystical and disloyal, about love which can be beautiful but in the same made-up, bet from the start till beginning it always is truthful to yourself which teaches us to love read more
Dec 20, 2008
Ou, I was a teenager when I started to watch and be a fan of this anime. We were a group of fans which imagined that we are SailorMoon or SailorMars and so. We watched these episodes and cried with characters etc. That was real fun.
Now I think this is one of the precious animes I have ever seen because it is funny un childish in its sort kind of way, it is romantic and a little bit nude but isn't too pervert to show to children, it shows different kind of situations that could happen in real life too (mostly metaphorical of course) and read more