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Nov 28, 2009
Sometimes the past haunts us. Sometimes we recall memories that still linger within and it is difficult for us to move onward when a part of ourselves still remains behind. In the manga "Adventure Boys" the past comes back to haunt everyday people in strange ways.

Story: The story is different every chapter. Each segment deals with a different character and each character deals with a different memory from their childhood that still haunts them well into adulthood. The stories are unique and pleasant in their own ways and mange to subtle convey a message. Whether it is the message of forgiveness, or the read more
Nov 4, 2009
It is difficult to understand what we want in this world, and in turn, what this world wants from us. We never realize that sometimes, our own insecurities can sometimes influence the world we inhabit. Hallucination From The Womb is a manga that tackles the maze of human wanting, it sheds light on the basic human principles of longing while at the same time, illustrating how what you want can hurt what you can't see.

Story: Hallucination From the Womb breaks its story down into smaller vignettes. Stories of people and their everyday lives with small changes. The stories are all different in their own ways, read more