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Mar 12, 2012
kimiiro Focus

"A picture is worth a thousand words" is classic saying that shows that pictures can express emotions, thoughts, any many more things that are equal to those of words(can be interpreted in many ways, but this is what I think). For me photography is a way to capture a moment that I found enjoyable or simply wanting to keep for ever. so when I heard about a manga with romance and photography as the base for it, i just had to read it.

Art- 9 (thought I'd start with this since I think its the best part)

Now for this i gave it a high read more
Mar 6, 2012
"Nozoki Ana" a story about a hole, a boy, a girl and a perverted secret.

Nozoki Ana or a peeping hole is one of those stories that are borderline hentai. so if your not of super ecchi manga this might not be to your liking. but this ones a good one with an actual story and with plenty of beautiful women to fit your liking.

story:- 9

*This might be somewhat of a spoiler but if your read like the first 1-4 chapters you'll pretty much get the same.*

"curiosity killed the cat" could pretty much summaries the basic plot of the story. we get one read more