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Feb 19, 2018
I’m gonna do something different for this review by comparing it to another anime Kiznaiver; because I saw Kiznaiver first and the comparisons were inevitable. First, I bring up Kiznaiver because it’s a deconstruction of character tropes, and Kokoro Connect is exactly what it’s deconstructing. High schoolers, who chance together despite their profound lack of commonality. Kiznaiver was right to criticize this and Kokoro Connect is guilty of it. Then, they are roped into a supernatural experience that forces them to confront their inner demons and angst. In this Kokoro Connect shines. The drama is real and tense and provides an emotional commitment on the read more
Feb 19, 2018
On one hand the “Why do we spend any time getting to know, or explore the backstories of characters who are just gonna die?” complaint will be popular. Also there’s very little world building or explanation. Conversely this show didn’t promise any of that. And it delivered on what it was selling. The characters are unique and diverse, but at the same time characters based on the zodiac (be it Eastern and/or Western) isn’t all that unique or creative. It leaves the whole series feeling rushed, like someone ordered a quick rip off of Akame Ga Kill and they came up with this. I don’t read more
Dec 16, 2017
Okay Let me say this series is of the highest production value. It had to be to justify the wait. That’s all well and good. I watched season two as though I hadn’t seen season one. And really enjoyed the first six episodes. Then I encountered the very issues I had with season one. I’m willing to forgive this series it’s sins save two. One Kamille Bidan, I mean Erin Yaeger. All he does is throw a tantrum. I enjoyed the series when he isn’t the central focus of the episode. Every other character is more interesting, fun to watch and has greater depth than read more
Nov 23, 2017
Leiji, Leiji, Leiji… How many times can you rehash the same stories and tropes over and over and when will I actually condemn you for it? I’e stated before that I’ll watch anything with that man’s name attached to it and really wanted to watch it when I first heard about it last millennium. And as Leijiverse stuff goes it’s a base line. While the animation is fluid and smooth, the character designs are of Leiji’s era (meaning old) The stories are by the book, which is okay, but Manabu Yuki’s young man pursuing the only dream he ever had thing has been done in read more
Nov 23, 2017
This one I’ll keep brief. What I liked about this show is it’s co ed, not to a Bleach degree but more so than Naruto. I liked the bonding between Benio and Rokuro, how they had to work hard to understand each other and ultimately work together. I even liked the idea of their arranged marriage. I liked the character designs (more on that in a minute) and most of the character interactions. I liked the action scenes to a point (more on that later). This show worked…
For about 20 episodes. Then they introduce the 12 most powerful exorcists alive today, without giving any reason read more
Oct 30, 2017
Why did I love Sakura Quest so much? For starters it’s very relatable. Being an adult that floundered through life I can relate to our heroines trying to find their place in a world that believes they should’ve already found it. Who am I & what do I want are profound questions each must ask his/her soul and this show understands that it’s okay not to have those answers. This is in stark contrast to say a shonen epic where the main character has a clearly defined goal from day one and every step on their journey is a step towards said goal. The second read more
Oct 22, 2017
I read a review in a magazine (OtakuUSA) that sparked my interest in this series and it delivered! I was that kid who was never afraid to talk about any dirty, deviant or perverse topic, so I really related to this series. But it's about more than that. It's about how we share the basic of human existence despite our personalities and differences. The show then introduces the supporting cast that play so well with their unique personalities. The art is bright and bubbly yet simple and plain. I'm starting to really dig these short raunchy shows. I literally have no complaints about this one. read more
Oct 22, 2017
I have no choice but to give this series a TEN out of TEN because it's so relatable. This is an accurate depiction of high school life for the awkward outcast. It's also an accurate depiction of the psyche of an eccentric otaku. The malicious thoughts, the equating real life scenarios to video games, the anti-social lifestyle. These are themes we all (well I know me, I can't and shouldn't speak for the rest of you) know. What truly makes this series gold is how Tomoko isn't portrayed for laughs in a malicious way. She has her struggles and while this leads to hilarious antics, read more
Sep 5, 2017
This was exactly what I was looking for. I wish I’d seen this when I was 11 or 12. As an American, a raunchy female led sitcom is a rarity. One set in high school is unheard of. It’s raunchy yet not in your face lewd (a la Seven mortal Sins). It breaks the mold of the most popular, sought after, athletic, highly intelligent, student council president being the central character. I humanizes the characters by grounding them in the reality that they are not school idols. It’s funny and touching, but not preachy. No life lessons learned, no PSA at the end. I should read more
Sep 1, 2017
So I was looking for something along the lines of "hot chicks with swords" and stumbled upon Blade & Soul. I wasn’t disappointed. The action was clever and exciting. The characters were well thought out and interesting. The visuals were a treat to look at. It delivered what it offered and I’m glad I watched it. But I do have one complaint I wish to address to pad this review. The character of Hazuki is poor designed and overused to virtually no effect. I feel the show could’ve done without her. Some may dislike this show because of all the T & A and that’s read more