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Jul 14, 2021
For the record there is nothing wrong with jiu-jitsu Kaizen, it's actually a fine Shonen battle series. I definitely see the appeal, and it deserves all the praise it gets, especially compared to its contemporaries. This review is to quantify the reasons I felt the show was not great. So if I don't mention it from this point onwards it is safe to assume I thought those aspects of this show were good and of quality with its peers.
My first issue with this show is I cannot relate to any of the characters. I'm a 42 year old alpha male. High School's a long read more
Jun 16, 2021
Every once in a while an anime speaks directly to you. This is one of those anime for me. A 40 year old who had to abandon his dream to satisfy societal and familial obligations. I wanted to be a writer coming out of high school, but life doesn't work out that way sometimes. The acceptance of that is what we're taught is growing up. And this series reminds me of the flaw in that system. Then a high school falls in love with him, and he has to handle it like any adult should. It's wholesome and that's the appeal. Anime and movies take read more
Nov 18, 2020
The first time I watched Endless Waltz I hadn’t seen WING yet. And while I enjoyed it, something was missing. Now that I have endured WING and rewatched Endless Waltz I know why I felt that way. Endless Waltz provides the history and motivations of the characters, providing the substance WING lacked. It allows me to empathize with the characters, providing an emotional connection to them. It’s very pretty to look at and the animation is crisp and fluid after all these years. My issues with this OVA start with the Gundams designed to sell toys, again. Cool as they look (and they are read more
Apr 20, 2019
Let me first start off by saying I felt that the animation, sound and music were on par for the era; those hold up with time. I also need to add that this was not the first Gundam series I watched (that honor belongs to 0083). But the bottom line is I did not enjoy this series despite how much I enjoy Gundam and mecha in general. Most of the reason stem from the fact that I'm from the future, but we’ll get into that later. The first thing I wish to mention is my disdain for the the designs of these Gundams. It’s almost read more
Sep 4, 2018
Let’s get right to it. I liked how this show showcased the bickering and symbiosis of boys and girls living together. I liked how both pistil and stamen were needed to operate a FRANXXX. I liked the we need to peacefully coexist if we’re to survive vibe. Also it’s beautiful to look at. The use of color is amazing.
What I didn’t like was the whole second act. New characters are introduced and then ignored. There’s a little world building and what we got is ignored after the episode it appears in. It’s as if one studio made the first eight episodes then handed the read more
Sep 4, 2018
First I want to say I’m torn between reviewing this objectively or subjectively. It’s a sequel to a reimaging, yet one of many alternative stories of the original. So here’s what I liked. i liked the fact there was action in nearly every episode, and that’s what i watched it for; hot mech on mech action. And it was gorgeous, though I watched the HD remaster. I liked the character progression in Athrun and I liked some of the songs.
My issues start with the amount of scenes used over and over and over again. How much screen time does the Impulse Gundam's transformation get? Every read more
Aug 31, 2018
What I didn’t like about the show is the characters. Aoki, Yoshifumi is one dimensional, in his romantic pursuit of Kiriyama, Yui. That is the only aspects of his character explored. Yui is fleshed out and rounded but given her secret it’s vexing to see her associate with Aoki in any capacity. Nagase, Iori is an okay character but her angst was childish and tiresome to watch after the first arc. But I can have that opinion as a grown man who long ago came to terms with his angst. Yaegashi, Taichi has the ‘dive in head first to save others’ personality that ensures events read more
May 6, 2018
How do you know if you’re cool? If you have to ask then you’re not cool. Cowboy Bebop is cool. Not just because we all say it is, but it just is. That’s its natural state of being; cool.
Cowboy Bebop came out at a time when the anime industry was trying to find that next Pokemon, flooding the market with kiddie stuff that alienated those of us from the OVA era. Where’s the adult oriented stuff that made us fall in love with this subgenre? We thought anime was dead. Then comes Cowboy Bebop and faith is restored.
Cowboy Bebop is the story read more
Apr 1, 2018
The good news is it's more DBZ than it is DBGT, so if you love DBZ and want more stop reading this review and just watch it already. There's no need to sing it praises so let's get into why I couldn't give it a five. Remember kids, before you hate on this review I love this series for the most part; but I gotta be fair and objective.
Starting with if you saw the last two DBZ movies (Battle of Gods & Resurrection F) then you've seen the first two arcs of DBS. Yes there are subtle differences between the two versions but not read more
Apr 1, 2018
Every once in a while an anime speaks to you on a philosophical level. Shimoneta is that anime for me. Nevermind the fact that it's hilarious; or that it’s even made more hilarious because of the censorship/editing. The only thing I love about this anime is I 100% support S0X. I don’t wish to live in a world devoid of dirty jokes, I abhor the thought of the most prudish of prudes setting policy on our behalf. But more than that, it showcases what a lack of comprehensive sex education can do to people. That’s also what makes it funny. The ideal that a simple read more