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Sep 25, 2023
Mixed Feelings
I liked the characters, they are all socially awkward and imperfect. That makes them relatable to me and human. There's a depth to these characters that makes the tragedy of Miyo's life all the more heartbreaking. The story is complex with twists and turns that keep the viewer guessing. I like that because predictable stories make something not worth watching. It is hard provide examples how such, as it'll create spoilers that would ruin the series. What I can say is that Miyo's constant Self-deprecation will resonate with some viewers who can relate to being made to feel worthless and unneeded. Kudo is a ...
Aug 23, 2023
Mixed Feelings
While there are some good things here: The characters well rounded particularly Yoko and Dark Schneider. Yoko has her moments where she has to be a tough fierce leader and her moments of soft vulnerability. And DS has a soft loving side underneath his cocky exterior. The characters are diverse in representation and design; Arshes & Gara having darker skin and hair and using fashion styles and fighting styles unique from the other characters. I truly believe they react to situations in a realistic way given the setting and world building. But I shouldn't have to sing the praises of characters, setting and world building ...
Apr 24, 2023
Mixed Feelings
It’s ten years old and a remake, spoilers are natural. It looks great despite being ten years old. The soundtrack and use of sound add depth to the gorgeous visuals. What works is all the new and original ideals. Shinji’s isolation by his friends and his return to his “cage”. What doesn’t work is the events we already know are gonna happen; e.g. Nagisa, Kaworu. If you watched the original series, then you already know the fate of Kaworu. And it’s a long boring slog to reach that moment. Also this plan seems entirely dependent on no one in WILLE telling Shinji the truth about ...
Apr 3, 2023
Mou Ippon! (Anime) add
I'm not one for sports anime, but this one works.
I liked the action scenes, this series showed how you can depict dramatic fights without a need for characters to fight as money saving blurs. Simply having shorter fights with clearly defined rules and stakes makes it more dramatic. That enthralled me because I've always wanted to see an anime show this and this series does with great effect.
The characters and their design are average, as was the soundtrack
I didn't like the pacing, it took too long to establish things we already knew were going to happen; i.e. the formation of the five woman ...
Jan 3, 2023
Chainsaw Man (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
I liked Denji, he’s a simple man with simple motivations and powers. I liked most of the characters as well, but I found their design a bit lacking. We couldn’t do better than black suit and tie? The art and animation are on par with its peers but do not exceed them. The story was well paced and driven. I loved the different endings and themes and the op was cool and memorable; this bumped it up to a seven. Before I continue I wanna get something out of the way. I do not like Power, I get the character but she is not for ...
Dec 1, 2022
Every other isekai is better than this. Everything in this series is subpar, the characters (design and story), are all generic and bland. Cardboard cur outs, disposable. Easily replacable by characters from better series, even from different genres. Completely unmemorable. The animation seems cheap, like the went over budget for the first two episodes. The plot lacks any sort of drama because by the half way mark he's so rich and powerful he has no rivals. I feel this was worse than Isekai Cheat Magician. In that series they didn't suddenly "earn" their powers. Nor did they coincidence their way into a harem. But they ...
Aug 24, 2022
Mixed Feelings
First I want to say the animation quality is top tier. The bits that look lackluster in the trailers is pretty much all there is to that. They spent the money where it matters. It's fun and funny while being true to the source material. Examples include but are not limited to Gamma 2's antics and Bulma's reasons for wanting the dragon balls. I won't spoil her motives but if you saw DBS: Broly, then you already know the answer. What I didn't like is the lack of blood. I get it about this era and the movie's target audience, but I remember the raw ...
Jun 21, 2022
Mixed Feelings
We can do better than this. It starts with an interesting and clever premise. I liked the character interactions. Each character is given depth to their motives, personality and shortcomings. Also the twist is nice but it makes the whole story predictable. What I disliked? Nothing really. My dissatisfaction comes from that being it. What i praised above, is all there is to praise. I've seen better story, art, sound, characters, and enjoyed other shows more this season than this. Skeleton Knight in Another World, while another OP isekai, explores the world and leaves the door open for greater challenges. I'm Quitting Heroing had the ...
Jun 3, 2022
This went from anime of the year to meh in five episodes. Let's start with what I liked. The art and setting is gorgeous. I really go the look and feel of the world they live in the vibrant use of dull color palettes makes you feel the setting. I loved the use of music as part of the plot device. I do knock it though for having background music where I felt there shouldn't be. Music shouldn't play behind characters ignorant of it. The story is good despite the shallow predictable ending.
The thing I didn't like is the characters. Everyone is so one ...
Nov 24, 2021
Mixed Feelings
First let me say a lot of the characters are yelling throughout the motion picture and that was an instant turn off for me. While the foreground visuals are great, the background are is one dark blue mess or a train car interior. The concept of what their individual psyches was interesting, but also vague. Outside the song by LiSA, this isn't good. Primary problem number one, I know the four primary heroes survive this as the show got a second season.
The main issue is, the primary antagonist is too powerful for the happy ending. 200 people in at least eight train cars and ...

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