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Jun 8, 2017
This story starts with the first manga volume I bought, Tenjho Tenge, I loved it and got the second volume then learned of an anime adaptation and set aside the manga to get the anime. I bought the first two disks episodes one through seven and still loved it. But I never got around to finishing the series until now. And it feels like a total utter let down after all these years. Don't get me wrong the cast of Maya, Aya, Masataka, Bob & Souichiro are interesting and unique and are what make this series fun and sexy and action packed virtually everything one read more
Jun 8, 2017
Rokka starts off as fate selects six warriors to mount a quest to defeat some ancient demon king. And it devolves into a mystery as there are seven warriors gathered. This would have been fine IF this little mystery didn't constitute the bulk of this story. And i was so simple a child could figure it out. Before we break that down I wanna mention the monsters (which take a back seat when it's mystery time) are dull and uninspired and several character designs make you question what exactly do they think people wear in combat? Okay, let's break down this mystery to showcase why read more
Jun 5, 2017
A tsundere, a chunibiyo, and a childhood friend walk into a bar…
Before I begin I need to say I only watched this based on crunchyroll’s Q review.
It’s a bright, colorful harem high school series with an interesting premise. It builds up the drama and tension while maintaining it’s comedic base. It doesn’t rub your face in it’s fanservice. It’s great IF you’re into this sort of thing. And I am not, hence the nature of this review.
Problem number one is Chiwa Harusaki. It is no secret that my most loathed thing in anime is characters who expect the object of their affection to return their read more
Jun 5, 2017
But, then season two comes along and everything that made this show stand out from the herd vanishes. Raku and Chitoge having to fake their relationship is hardly mentioned. More characters are introduced but they only serve to expand the harem. The episodes about Hana (Chitoge’s mother) were great because they served to humanize Chitoge and make Raku’s plight seem worthwhile. But the ideal that they have to perpetuate the illusion is used only as a barrier to Chitoge and Raku admitting they might actually have developed feelings for each other. Haru is presented as yet another obstacle in Raku’s path to Kosaki but because read more
Jun 5, 2017
Nisekoi (Anime) add (All reviews)
So Nisekoi is a typical high harem rom com where a guy and a girl who don’t like each other have to pretend to be a couple for reasons beyond their control. Now I know there’s not a lot to expect from a show like this but it worked. The funniest moments were when Raku and Kirisaki answered honestly when they are suppose to be convincing others they’re a couple. Also I loathe unrequited love in anime (JUST TELL THEM HOW YOU FEEL!!!) but I liked how they put a tangible obstacle between Raku and Onodera. The characters are diverse and deep enough to be read more
May 18, 2017
NOTE: If there’s source material I am unfamiliar with it and cannot be bothered to check.When I read the synopsis, I was expecting something with a little more mystery or dynamic. What I got was my third most loathed thing in anime, inexplicable poor decision making. So I’m into the idea of a guy and a girl falling in love and she vanishes on him as swiftly as she came into his life, and him following her to Tokyo. But…
Long story short my issue with this series is it doesn't explore the psychology of the characters. Why are they making these decisions that sane people read more
May 2, 2017
I think I will lead off with the fact I am ignorant of the source material but I hear it's based on a video game; and it kind of shows. The good: It looks superb! The animation is gorgeous, the colors are live and vibrant. The animation is smooth and makes the action sequences worth watching. The character designs are interesting and diverse, though a little impractical considering their line of work.The back story for this series is fascinating and makes me wish we could see a series about that and the early days. That's not enough to warrant a higher rating though.
The bad read more
May 2, 2017
So I was 247 characters into this review when i had to stop and go back and re-read my review of Bakemonogatari to confirm the two pretty much said the very same thing. This gave birth to the thought that one really REALLY should watch the first series before watching this one. Not that it's diminished without it, on the contrary; the mark of an anime as brilliant as this is that one need not have any prior information or experience with the series to enjoy either, or any of them as told from a non linear point of view as I've only watched Bakemonogatari read more
May 2, 2017
Many times I've tried the crunchyroll random button, and the fourth time I got Love Lab, another comedy about a group of... amusing middle school girls. While YuruYuri is more of a slice of life show Love Lab is more of a raunchy comedy. I don't want to use a synopsis because of the spoiler but it is funny and worth the watch. And that's coming from someone who generally doesn't seek out shows like this. It’s hard to review a comedy because humor is subjective; just because I laughed throughout doesn’t mean everyone else will. Some may find Riko unlikable. some may find this read more
May 1, 2017
Let me say right from the get go, that if you like emo teens piloting the gundam, this isn’t the series for you. If you abhor on screen death, then this isn’t the series for you. If you want a gundam series that encapsulates everything we loved about Universal Century gundam then this IS the series for you. If you're looking for an intro into this thing called gundam but don’t know where to begin, this is the series for you. IBO has everything that we love about universal century gundam without the emo teens and child friendliness of the newer, alternate universe gundam series. read more