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Aug 8, 2016
I was really pumped when I heard there was a decent, cute BL anime movie coming out. I was a little disappointed. Not because it was bad, because by any means it's a decent flick, but because it was only merely okay.

I want to start off by saying I'm a (bi) girl, and I didn't check to see if this BL is aimed at girls or boys, but I think that all genders would be able to enjoy the movie.

The pacing seemed really off. It moved too slow and too fast at different moments, and I think it's because it's a movie instead of an read more
Apr 12, 2016
So far this manga is really cute!

Tbh, the creepiest thing about this manga is the whole imouto thing. The author puts in these scenes that involve the main character's brother's friends talking about how they'd love to be incestuous if they had sisters and how lucky the character's brother is to have such a cute little sister. That's really creepy, and the main character even plays to this fantasy sometimes! It's 100% the only thing about this manga that puts me super off.
It's really weird, is what I'm saying.

Otherwise the story is great. It's about a fashionable first year girl who is lonely in high read more
Apr 12, 2016
If you're anything like me, you have kind of a routine when you want to be happy. For me, it's either playing Katamari Damacy or Kingdom Hearts 2 on my ps2, playing any Kirby game or that one Pokemon tetris attack rip off on my 3ds, or I sit down to watch one of my favorite anime with some snacks and my pets (who usually settle in to watch with me on my back. You ever have a great pyranees, a toy yorkie, and a fat cat on your back? It's a great cuddle pile for sure).

This is the anime I default to when I read more
Apr 12, 2016
I saw a post on Tumblr about this OVA and I thought the concept was really cute! So I watched it.
It's short and sweet (only 5 minutes long) so you could give it a try and not really be wasting time. It's about a cat and it's owner. Although I highly doubt my cat has this much love for me, I thought it was very touching. I can't really complain too much, since it was short OVA, but the art left a little to be desired, as did the sound.

Either way, try it. It's short and about a cat. What harm could it do?
Apr 4, 2016
Aiura (Anime) add (All reviews)
Aiura is a short anime series. It's around ~4 minutes tops.

Half of that is the opening and ending, which I think is ridiculous and kinda cheap. It's already super short, the music cuts that in half. The songs aren't unique or anything, just standard high school slice of life stuff, which makes it even more frustrating.

That said, Aiura is really cute. I definitely think this show panders to some demographic I'm not a part of, because it's overly sweet. Nevertheless, I like it for being cute. I'd like it more if it weren't ONLY cute. The characters have no depth, so if you were looking read more
Feb 18, 2016
I couldn't make it past episode 9. I came into this anime knowing that it was a typical shoujo romance and still left disappointed.
The story is typical. Aloof girl meets handsome guy and they fall in love. Some people try to come between them, true love prevails. Typical shoujo stuff.
The art is okay. It's nothing to really recommend to people on the merits of good art. It's typical shoujo romance fair.
The character is what really gets to me. Mei is, to me, completely unlikable. I hate to, and rarely use this word, describe her as pathetic but that's what she comes off as. She's read more