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Dec 26, 2017
Prison School is the funniest manga I've ever read. It has great comedic buildup, serious characters getting into ridiculous situations, and stupid humor matched with realistic art. The characters are likable and the ships are good but I think its the art style that really set this series apart

It was quality entertainment up until around 200 chapters in when it got sidetracked and started to drag. It went downhill after that. The series just wasn't the same as the early chapters. They brought the romance up front and set the comedy aside.

The last half of the series have been nothing but a drag, I read more
Sep 7, 2017
Homunculus has a very interesting synopsis but it turned out to be a big disappointment. It just botched the potential it had. At most, it was just scratching the surface. It tried to make a giant out of something small.

A lot of panels are recycled, we know the MC gets drilled in the head but why do we have to get the same treatment. It was just so messy. The whole time, it felt like the author was forcefully and repetitively drilling my skull with his psychological musings and tried to convince me it was "deep" and "smart". It wasn't, it's just bad writing

It read more
Aug 3, 2017
This is more of like a gift from the author to those who wanted more. It gave a feeling of making amends, saying sorry, doing things right for the second time.

I thought this sequel weakened the story a bit. It has more scenes from when they were kids, which gave some answers but at the same time also raised a few more questions.

It also shows a bit of how the relationships between the characters evolved from when they were kids to now that they are older. Even Yukari and Kenji are hinted at being more than friends, after all this time.

I still feel like the read more